• Amazing Trip!

    Every part of this experience was enjoyable and educational. We saw more than I expected us to see, and learned more than it seemed most would on an "average" tour of the sites we visited. The schedule, including all of the additional excursions, was very full and at times very tiring, but it was the best kind of tired! It was never more than we could handle. Our tour guide was not only very enjoyable to share time with, he was also very knowledgeable and accommodating to all of our needs and desires. We were taken care of for pretty much every part of the day, even with free time incorporated into our days for individual exploration. I would love to have another EF experience!
    TheAunt / Adult traveler
    Baltimore, MD / Posted on July 18, 2018
  • Great Trip

    I greatly enjoyed this trip with my friends but it was very fast paced. There was barely any time to walk around and so you got tired very fast. The overnight cruise ride that we went on was terrible. It was so boring with barely anything to do. The only thing to do was get a massage which sucked or go to a party at 12am only for teenagers which actually ended up being pretty fun. I am gluten intolerant and vegetarian and thankfully my tour guide (stays with you through the whole trip) was very understanding and helpful but without her I would have no idea what I would of done. Also, our breakfasts were always at the hotels we stayed and a lot of times that meant slices of cheese, meat, and croissants. So bring some food (I brought gf pop tarts, crackers, stuff that isn't easily perishable) if you have food allergies or restrictions. IF YOU DONT EAT DAIRY OR ARE VEGAN THIS ISNT FOR YOU - there will literally be no options for you if you don't eat dairy (what I usually do but gave up during this trip). Lastly, the add-on where you get to go to the farmers market and then cook what you got never even happened which I was sadly really looking forward to.

    I am stating the bad things, the trip was very fun and I 100% recommend doing all the add-ons, especially Toledo. Toledo, Capri, and Sorrento were the highlights of the trip and I would 100% go back to those places. Everyone was friendly and you can make friends easily. You do get some hateful looks or attitudes from locals because you are in a big tour group but I understand, I live in Hawaii so we get a lot of tourism and I'm sure those that live in such tourist central places are quite sick of it by now. It was nice to be in a group because the majority of places we went were hard to get into and had multi hour waits unless you were in a tourist group, by being in a group we could get in right away AND have a personal tour. A tip: SLEEP, sleep on the flights because the second you get off the flight you are going and not stopping. And sleep in the hotels because it is late nights and early mornings. Overall, I would recommend and potentially would go on another tour.
    Sophrrose / Student traveler
    Hawaii / Posted on July 07, 2018
  • Fun

    I found that the trip was a fun and unique experience. I don't know if I will ever have another opportunity like this, so I was glad to go when I could, and see places I would never be able see otherwise.
    Bismark / Student traveler
    Carthage, Missouri / Posted on July 07, 2018
  • Worth the money

    First let may say I would definitely do another EF tour but there were a few things I felt were disappointing. Though we had a good amount of free time, the tour seemed extremely packed and a lot of the kids (and adults) seemed over everything very early on in the trip as we were rushing here and there. It became hard to take pictures of things and I over heard a few kids talking about being too tired to take any more pictures. Also, some of the buses we used were very uncomfortable and had broken seatbelts and TV's. We had to use buses for most things and we had a few long drives that were miserable. All in all though it was a good trip and a great experience I got to have with my child.
    1980 / Adult traveler
    Posted on July 04, 2018
  • Amazing!

    Best tour and guide ever! I had a wonderful time and learned so much! I would not hesitate to recommend this tour (and tour agency) to anyone.
    TravelerJoe / Student traveler
    Posted on July 02, 2018
  • Lifetime adventure

    Super well organized trip. Very educational with several side trips. Tour guides were very knowledgeable and friendly. Our child got sick and was promptly taken care of. Down time was minimal. Food & hotel accommodations were excellent. I would recommend this trip again.
    Sinclaire / Student traveler
    Kansas City, MO / Posted on July 02, 2018
  • Self Discovering

    I truly enjoyed the experience that I received while on this trip. I had so much fun trying new foods, and experiencing the new cultures in both Spain and Italy. The hotels I stayed in were fantastic. The only complaint that I do have is that I feel I missed out on some sights due to how fast paced we went. Of course I understand that we had to rush to fit everything in, but it would have meant more to spend more time at the sights we saw. Overall, the trip was fascinating and I have already started to save up for another personal trip to foreign countries! This was by far a huge learning experience for my entire group.
    Amry / Student traveler
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania / Posted on July 01, 2018
  • Spain/Italy

    I loved the opportunity of getting to visit both Spain and Italy. I learned a lot and made new friends
    Cozmickats / Student traveler
    Bridgeport, WV / Posted on June 29, 2018
  • fun time

    it’s lots of fun. you will be very tired but the experience is entirely worth it. would go for ef again amy day of the week. Europe is amazing.
    Bdiddy23 / Student traveler
    Camarillo, California / Posted on June 29, 2018
  • Excellent experience and wonderful tour director!

    This 10-day trip to parts of Spain and Italy was amazing. Our director was knowledgeable and extremely professional and polite. We were able to access tours that other people waited hours to enter. This tour deepened my cultural experiences and made me want to return as soon as possible, I can not recommend it enough!
    TravelerJoe / Student traveler
    Posted on June 29, 2018