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  1. Stoning Experience

    What a great experience to share with students. I appreciate how organized, flexible and accommodating EF is. The hotels, food, experiences were all extraordinary. There is so much history in all places like the Coliseum, Vatican and La Sagrada Familia. We went for a total of 9 days and saw so much. All the places we visited were breathtaking, it was incredible to see everything in so little time. Our tour guide was epic. She was so enjoyable, up beat and organized. What a courteous guide.
    Soco / Group leader
    El Paso, Texas / Posted on March 20, 2018
  2. Awesome EF Tour to Spain and Italy

    Dear EF Tours,
    I wanted to send in a written letter to let you know how much the Spain and Italy tour meant to me. I learned so much from this study tour. I do consider it a blessing, and I am grateful as it helped shape my learning of Europe and Western Civilization. This was an opportunity of a life time.
    Beginning day one upon our arrival in Spain, we were off on an adventure that I will never forget. It has been only two weeks later and I have shared my story with all my friends and my family members encouraging them to go and take part next summer. Seeing the sights and the history has really made my understanding come alive. My history and social studies classes will never be the same. Also, as I enter my sophomore year in high school this year I will be much more enriched and grounded. I am enrolled in my third year of Spanish this upcoming fall semester, and I feel certain that what I experienced on the tour will prepare me to do well in class.
    The tour was awesome and one I will never forget. Thanks to your staff, I am a much better person and will be a better student.

    Thank you!
    CHRobison / Student traveler
    Cumming, GA / Posted on July 03, 2017
  3. Extremely Beneficial

    I absolutely loved this trip and all the architecture I saw was stunning. If I had the opportunity to come back once more I would and I would take my time to fully appreciate all the history in these two countries. The food, people, language, and art have indeed broadened my views. I have no regrets on this trip except for maybe being jet lagged.
    FlyingBunnyNinja / Student traveler
    Los Angeles, California / Posted on June 28, 2017
  4. Amazing Experience

    This tour was very educational. It gave you an abundance of knowledge, that was essential to the success of these wonderful countries. Various activities and the site seeing was beautiful. Our tour guide was awesome, would recommend this company for anyone. Awesome experience, loved every minute.
    Bull2420 / Student traveler
    Posted on June 24, 2017
  5. What An Amazing Time!!

    This was my first time flying into another country. I must say that I am happy I did it with EF Educational Tours. The access and ease of traveling was a plus (other than weather related issues with the flight) the travel went smoothly. The points of interest were better than I imagined. I would not only recommend this experience to a friend...I would travel with them again.
    Jaymanster / Student traveler
    Chicago, IL / Posted on April 20, 2017
  6. Amazing Experience

    It was such a great trip to be able to go on with my teenager. The schedule did seem very full so felt like were were rushing all the time but besides that it was great. We stayed in nice hotels and I for the price it was perfect. Would have never been able to do a trip like this on our own. Can't wait to do another!
    1980 / Adult traveler
    Baltimore, MD / Posted on January 25, 2019
  7. Peak life experience!

    As a first time group leader, EF and my tour director made this trip seamless! I was able to enjoy the trip knowing I had their support. Our jam packed itinerary took a lot of steps, quite literally, but each one was worth it. Some of the highlights were walking along cobblestone streets in Rome and turning a corner to what you think is another street but instead there stands a historical monument like the Pantheon or Spanish Steps! Immersing ourselves in the rich history that is Madrid, Barcelona and Rome was life changing. I really enjoyed watching my students get to practice their spanish speaking skills and asking our tour director questions about all of our activities. Overall, the trip was a an amazing experience and I am so grateful for EF for putting together and educational and fun itinerary!
    acole2 / Group leader
    Blue Springs, Missouri / Posted on August 01, 2018
  8. Some Bumps, But It All Ended With Smoothe Sailing

    My tour director was absolutely amazing. Any issue that occurred during our stay, she helped make right. Or ferry had an hour or so delay and she was able to find things to entertain us while we waited to go on the ferry. One of the hotels we stayed in had mold on the walls in the bathroom, we heard one of the other kids found mold in her sheets. The first hotel we stayed at though, was very nice, except a couple of the night workers at the bar were extremely rude and tried shooing me away when I was trying to order something from her. The morning staff at the hotel though was very nice.
    I can't stress enough how amazing our tour director was. Especially since she had been going through some personal struggles during out trip, and was still able to put in all her effort into making our tour the best experience it could possibly be.
    arc2018 / Student traveler
    Blue Springs, MO / Posted on July 25, 2018
  9. Awesome Experience!

    This trip to Spain and Italy was absolutely amazing! I really enjoyed the hotels, sightseeing, our tour guide, and trying all types of new food. I felt very immersed in the culture that surrounded me and couldn’t ask for a better beginning to traveling. I liked being able to have free time and lose ourselves in the city only to be able to find who we truly are. One thing that could have been better was choosing what we ate for breakfast and not just have hotel food everyday. Overall this trip was unbelievable and I hope everyone gets to experience the trip of a lifetime like I did!
    Lilly54474 / Student traveler
    Greenville, NC / Posted on July 23, 2018
  10. Good tour but maybe not for teenagers

    My daughter loved the experience of traveling. The guides in Spain and Italy were knowledgeable and made the experience fulfilling for her.

    What we did not know was that they were allowed to drink alcohol during the trip. Also, my daughter was forced repeatedly to stay in a room where she was treated badly, even after she brought this to the attention of the group leaders. A number of teenagers came back with tattoos and piercings. So if you are a parent who is not okay with these things, I would not recommend the tour.
    Manamana / Student traveler
    Elk Grove, CA / Posted on July 22, 2018

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