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  1. Stoning Experience

    What a great experience to share with students. I appreciate how organized, flexible and accommodating EF is. The hotels, food, experiences were all extraordinary. There is so much history in all places like the Coliseum, Vatican and La Sagrada Familia. We went for a total of 9 days and saw so much. All the places we visited were breathtaking, it was incredible to see everything in so little time. Our tour guide was epic. She was so enjoyable, up beat and organized. What a courteous guide.
    Soco / Group leader
    El Paso, Texas / Posted on March 20, 2018
  2. Awesome EF Tour to Spain and Italy

    Dear EF Tours,
    I wanted to send in a written letter to let you know how much the Spain and Italy tour meant to me. I learned so much from this study tour. I do consider it a blessing, and I am grateful as it helped shape my learning of Europe and Western Civilization. This was an opportunity of a life time.
    Beginning day one upon our arrival in Spain, we were off on an adventure that I will never forget. It has been only two weeks later and I have shared my story with all my friends and my family members encouraging them to go and take part next summer. Seeing the sights and the history has really made my understanding come alive. My history and social studies classes will never be the same. Also, as I enter my sophomore year in high school this year I will be much more enriched and grounded. I am enrolled in my third year of Spanish this upcoming fall semester, and I feel certain that what I experienced on the tour will prepare me to do well in class.
    The tour was awesome and one I will never forget. Thanks to your staff, I am a much better person and will be a better student.

    Thank you!
    CHRobison / Student traveler
    Cumming, GA / Posted on July 03, 2017
  3. Extremely Beneficial

    I absolutely loved this trip and all the architecture I saw was stunning. If I had the opportunity to come back once more I would and I would take my time to fully appreciate all the history in these two countries. The food, people, language, and art have indeed broadened my views. I have no regrets on this trip except for maybe being jet lagged.
    FlyingBunnyNinja / Student traveler
    Los Angeles, California / Posted on June 28, 2017
  4. Amazing Experience

    This tour was very educational. It gave you an abundance of knowledge, that was essential to the success of these wonderful countries. Various activities and the site seeing was beautiful. Our tour guide was awesome, would recommend this company for anyone. Awesome experience, loved every minute.
    Bull2420 / Student traveler
    Posted on June 24, 2017
  5. What An Amazing Time!!

    This was my first time flying into another country. I must say that I am happy I did it with EF Educational Tours. The access and ease of traveling was a plus (other than weather related issues with the flight) the travel went smoothly. The points of interest were better than I imagined. I would not only recommend this experience to a friend...I would travel with them again.
    Jaymanster / Student traveler
    Chicago, IL / Posted on April 20, 2017
  6. Discouraged

    I was somewhat disappointed in my trip for the following reasons
    1. We went to Madrid and only had 30 minutes to see the Prado Museum. We paid an admission fee and it was a highlight of the trip. I very much resented the limited we time we had available for such an important educational opportunity
    2. Too much time was spent traveling to our hotel! There is no reason to be so far outside each city we visited and the tour buses were in poor condition. The one tour bus did not have functioning air conditioning and we were constantly changing tour bus drivers. One evening we waiting at our meeting point for over 1 hour for him to arrive. This could have been time touring Rome!
    3. The dinner provided in the evenings were sub par. The quality of the food was poor and not a cultural experience as we told it would be. In fact, one evening we were served an apple for dessert!! The students deserved better
    4. There was way to much free time with little direction on what was available. If we were simply going to be driven to a city and dropped off to discover the city on our own, we would have put together our own tour.

    Overall, I was disappoint in the EF experience. I have traveled with other tour groups and the EF experience did not even begin to compare with the service received from other organizations.
    PIck / Adult traveler
    Brazil, Indiana / Posted on June 21, 2018
  7. Great trip

    EF tours are economical and a great introductorytrip to European travel. Hotels and food are at least above average. A lot of sight seeing and educational information is packed into a tour . The down side is that evenings tend to be as late as 10 pm with early morning starts at 6:30. That can be exhausting for the teens and anyone else traveling. A little more down time in the evenings would be nice. Overall a great experience
    Enophile / Adult traveler
    Stokes, NC / Posted on June 19, 2018
  8. Did not meet expectations

    From day one, we were "given" 2-5 hours of free time in very large, crowded, foreign cities for lunch and shopping on our own. There was very little direction given and few if any suggestions by the tour guide. For what I paid, I expected a guided tour. Our tour group was paired with another group, different ages and expectations. The two groups did not blend well. The overall size was too large, making each outing more complicated and more time consuming. I wanted to be shown the sights and taught something. I did not want hours daily of searching for a decent lunch on our own and mindless shopping in souvenir shops. The ferry boat experience was also very disappointing- small, dirty rooms with no windows. My child became very claustrophobic.
    Summer2018 / Adult traveler
    Liberty, MO / Posted on June 18, 2018
  9. Overwhelmed

    It was a fast pace experience. Dodge not get much time to take in experience on daily basis. Got in late and out very early. To much information need to spread out.
    Moreno / Adult traveler
    Porterville / Posted on June 18, 2018
  10. #eurotrip2K18

    I’ve never seen so many students 100% engaged at one time. The trip was an experience of a lifetime for my students!
    Sradivertida / Group leader
    Columbus, Ohio / Posted on June 17, 2018

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