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  1. Amazing Experience...Amazing Trip

    It will be hard to find all of the words to truly share how wonderful this experience was for me. Having the opportunity to see the historical sites that our group visited was something that I never thought possible. From seeing the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel to walking through the streets of Prague, the whole trip exceeded my expectations. I am grateful to have had this experience and hope others will do the same.
    Termite / Student traveler
    North Little Rock, AR / Posted on March 25, 2019
  2. Amazing Experience

    Our trip was an incredible experience for all the students and chaperones. Being able to attend 5 countries within 10 days is really amazing. There was a mix of educational and fun activities to keep everyone interested. It was great to see the students have such an emotional response to their trips to the Sistine Chapel and Dachau Concentration Camp. They will remember these experiences for the rest of their lives. I was amazed at how well planned out and well run the entire trip was. All of the small and large details of coordinating such a large group were perfectly taken care of. I cannot say enough good things about our tour director and the great experience that she helped us to have.
    KtG23 / Adult traveler
    White Plains, NY / Posted on February 26, 2019
  3. Outstanding Learning Experience

    This tour was a great learning experience of history and how other parts of the world live. The different cultures you see open your eyes to the things in the US that we take for granted. EF did a great job of putting this together.
    4Sunflowers / Adult traveler
    Rogersville Missouri / Posted on July 21, 2018
  4. Best Trip of My Life!

    This tour was so great! Myself and my groupmates had the time of our lives! Our tour guide was amazing and funny. He was very knowledgeable about every places we visited, and he always had funny stories to tell about them. Overall, I had a great time, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
    CDA99 / Student traveler
    Anderson, SC / Posted on July 04, 2018
  5. Once in a lifetime experience

    This is honestly the best trip I’ve been on. Our tour director was amazing and so kind. My EF tour of Europe was a trip I’ll never forget. All the hotels and restaurants we had the pleasure of going to were all great. I enjoyed going on group tours but also getting to explore the different cities with my friends on our own.
    KenC18 / Student traveler
    Miami , Florida / Posted on April 03, 2018
  6. Fun & Busy!

    The trip was more than what I expected! You’re always busy which helped adjust to the time change. Our tour director was awesome & made sure we had fun!Austria & Czech Republic were my two favorite parts!
    Kstroke / Adult traveler
    Speedway, Indiana / Posted on July 13, 2019
  7. Eye opening

    The trip provided an opportunity to see things first hand that I had leaned about in courses, but had not had the opportunity to see.
    HerrJ / Group leader
    Williamsfield, OH / Posted on July 09, 2019
  8. Recommended

    ITALY, GERMANY AND PRAGUE.. Trip was amazing. Be prepared to walk A LOT!!! There is just TOO MUCH to see in a week.. the guide has to speed things up to get it all in.. there were places I wish we could have spent more time but overall, I'm glad our guide tried to squeeze in as much as possible.. I would recommend being in moderation to good shape for the amount of walking, stairs and heat..walked 5-7 miles daily, which were warned about.. would take travel fan for night if you're used to AC, fan to wear around your neck, hat, thermos or H20 bottle that keeps cool all day, small cooler pouch and one of those cool down cloths to wear around your neck.. whatever it takes to keep cool in the summer heat and in big crowds.. bring sunscreen, ibuprofen for leg cramps, neosporin and band-aids for blistering.. keep in mind that most places require knees and shoulders covered.. I'm listing all of this on my review because when on this tour, you're not going to want any reason to miss a single second.. the hotels are pretty nice and accommodative, food is good but America is so diverse now that I didn't have anything I've not before .. BUT the things you see and the places you go on this trip are breathtaking, I can't express how incredible the Vatican is AND the view in Austria makes you feel like you're in a painting, plus there are castles and cathedrals every time you turn around, even the view on the drive is nonstop incredible.. I give this trip an A+
    / Adult traveler
    NC / Posted on July 08, 2019
  9. Exhausting

    This trip was utterly exhausting. It seemed like everything that could go wrong went wrong. A major issue was transportation. Almost every flight was delayed and the layover times where so short we missed the next flight. Our buses air conditioning was broken during the heat wave and it was never fixed. The rest of the tour was fun but the only problem I had was with transportation.
    / Student traveler
    Raleigh, NC / Posted on July 04, 2019
  10. Fabulous experience

    This is the third EF tour my children have gone on. The last one prior to this India. This tour was especially important because it included Dachau which is an important part of history and very impactful.
    Jane333 / Parent
    Ny, NY / Posted on May 01, 2019

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