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  1. Outstanding Learning Experience

    This tour was a great learning experience of history and how other parts of the world live. The different cultures you see open your eyes to the things in the US that we take for granted. EF did a great job of putting this together.
    4Sunflowers / Adult traveler
    Rogersville Missouri / Posted on July 21, 2018
  2. Best Trip of My Life!

    This tour was so great! Myself and my groupmates had the time of our lives! Our tour guide was amazing and funny. He was very knowledgeable about every places we visited, and he always had funny stories to tell about them. Overall, I had a great time, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
    CDA99 / Student traveler
    Anderson, SC / Posted on July 04, 2018
  3. Once in a lifetime experience

    This is honestly the best trip I’ve been on. Our tour director was amazing and so kind. My EF tour of Europe was a trip I’ll never forget. All the hotels and restaurants we had the pleasure of going to were all great. I enjoyed going on group tours but also getting to explore the different cities with my friends on our own.
    KenC18 / Student traveler
    Miami , Florida / Posted on April 03, 2018
  4. Awesome tour

    We took a wonderful tour from Munich over Tyrol, Verona, Pisa, Florence to Rome. Unbelievable, what you can do and see in just 8 days! Our fabulous tour director made the experience didn't feel too cramped, though. There was always free time, a relaxing afternoon on a mountain lake and even the long bus rides were filled with fun activities for all.
    Definitely a great tour for students and adults who are fit enough to do a lot of walking.
    Will plan my next tour with EFTOURS for next year.
    FrauGerman / Group leader
    Pompton Lakes, USA / Posted on July 13, 2017
  5. One of the best experiences of my life!

    I just can't say enough about this tour and our tour director. Our days were filled with beauty, learning, and sunshine! We eagerly look forward to our next EF tour! Thank you so much!
    MizBean / Adult traveler
    Augusta, GA / Posted on June 20, 2017
  6. Great Intro to Europe

    Went on the Italy/Germany tour as a chaperone with my daughter's German Club. A fast paced, enjoyable experience for the whole group. Be aware there is lots of walking especially in Rome. We had almost 9 miles by the end of one day on the step counter! The guide and bus driver kept us on schedule to get in all the sites plus some extra excursions. The guide gave us some informative language lessons on the longer bus rides. Vatican with Saint Peter's Basilica & Sistene Chapel was most impressive. Neuschwanstein Castle is also one of the great places though quite the uphill hike. Horse carriages are available for an extra cost. Some of the group hiked ahead to the bridge for pictures of the castle before the guided tour. All hotels were clean & comfortable with picturesque views of the city. Enjoyed sampling the Italian & German food at the hotels for breakfast, cafes for lunch (on your own) and dinner at planned restaurants. Margherita pizza was a favorite. Definitely the trip of a lifetime!
    Europe101 / Adult traveler
    Michigan / Posted on April 13, 2017
  7. Absolutely amazing

    I had an amazing experience with EF Tour. I have been wanting to go to both Germany and Italy for a very long time. I take German at my school and being able to go the Germany and speak German with the people who live there, was unimaginable for me. I am so happy that I got the chance to go on this tour.
    That1McQueenstudent / Student traveler
    Reno, NV / Posted on March 29, 2017
  8. let down!

    For what we paid I hoped the food , hotels and the tour guides for each individual tour would have been a lot better. The tours and transportation could have been a little better. Our main tour director was excellent!
    19camaro69 / Adult traveler
    seattle wa / Posted on August 31, 2018
  9. Lackluster

    I am a big fan of EF Tours. My son had a fabulous experience 3 years ago in Italy and France. For my daughter’s recent trip, however, there were some disappointments. She would have liked to see more art in Italy (the statue of David, for example) but there was a 2-hour wait during their free time to go to the museum and they opted not to go. For such iconic artworks, this should have been a tour stop. At the end of the trip, in Munich, there was too much travel time, not enough culture. A scheduled visit to the BMW museum was a bust because it turned out the museum was closed that day!! Lunch that day was at BMW, food court style. Even worse, dinner was basically also food court food at a mall, not what I would expect for a $3000 trip. Their time in Munich was spent on a bus tour. The emphasis should be more authentic culture, more authentic food. That’s what they are there for!
    Also disappointing: the flights were not direct and the group was split up for flights with a 2-hour difference in departure and arrival times, adding up to 4 hours of unnecessary airport time and longer travel, instead of time on the tour.
    A little bit of a disappointment...hoping for a better experience for child #3!
    MammaBear / Parent
    Bergen County, NJ / Posted on July 19, 2018
  10. Moving experience

    Good variety of locations visited. The weather was nice for the end of June/beginning of July. The most moving part was the trip to Dachau. Not only do I understand historically what occurred there, but because I could have had a relative sent there. I checked the book for known family names. I had seen a PBS special on Noor Inayat Khan and to go through the camp just made the connection more real. My soul cried out for all those that endured and were lost at this place. I would recommend this tour. There were a couple concerns. In Austria, the hotel door required a key to secure the door on both sides. When inside the room, this seems like a fire hazard. In Munich our tour bus barely had room to pull off for unloading, much less to park. He had to park almost 2 miles away. Would be nice if they could park on site like at the hotel outside of Rome we stayed at or at least park in a lot immediately adjacent to the hotel in question. The train was super easy to use in Munich to go downtown and get back to the hotel before curfew. Would travel with EF Tours again.
    Kaleico / Adult traveler
    Dalton, GA / Posted on July 17, 2018

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