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  1. Headed Back in a Heartbeat!

    This was an excellent trip to take first time world travelers on. The students had an amazing time and really took the opportunity to get to know their other group members. The sights were amazing, helped along by unusually warm and sunny Irish weather. Students had the opportunity to experience both urban and countryside settings in Ireland. They particularly loved hiking along the Cliffs of Moer and the Irish Song and Dance experience. I would take kids again in a heartbeat!
    WanderingSSTeacher / Group leader
    Davenport, NY / Posted on July 20, 2018
  2. Wonderful Experience

    This was such an amazing trip. It was my first trip with students and EF Tours, but it will not be my last. Our tour guide and bus driver were simply amazing the entire week. From seen Dublin, to the Jaunting Cars in Killarney, to the shore of Cobh. Every aspect of the trip was well planned. The hotels were all very clean and comfortable. The breakfast and dinner provided were a taste of Ireland and were very delicious. My only complaint is I had to leave at the end of the week. Would definitely recommend this trip to anyone wanting to see Ireland.
    DoubleOSeven / Adult traveler
    Stanford, Kentucky / Posted on April 20, 2018
  3. Outstanding! Can't wait to go back!

    The Emerald Isles was one of the most beautiful countries I have had the pleasure of visiting. From the busy, fun streets of Dublin to the breath-taking views from the Cliffs of Moher. I got the gift of gab by kissing the Blarney Stone, saw the gorgeous beach in Waterville (Ring of Kerry) and then had a snow ball fight in Kilkenny the next day! It was the trip of lifetime. 10/10 recommend.
    Teebs / Adult traveler
    Springfield, MO / Posted on March 23, 2018
  4. Chance of a Lifetime

    This tour was completely amazing, worth every penny spent, I had made such amazing memories with people I thought I would never meet, this trip truly is a chance of a lifetime. We learned small things about Ireland that you wouldn't just get on a regular tour, we stayed in nice hotels and had amazing authentic food, I couldn't have asked for more. We saw amazing views that can only be described in person, everyone with the tour was accommodating and completely nice, we stayed on schedule and even got to do a little extra things, honestly wouldn't trade those 9 days for anything.
    SBK7 / Student traveler
    Texarkana, Texas / Posted on June 25, 2017
  5. Awesome

    We sent our daughter on this trip to Ireland not knowing what to expect as it was the first time she would be away in another country. She absolutely loved her trip. She saw so many amazing things, took endless amounts of pictures and returned to her room each night exhausted but extremely happy. She even said how she would love to go to University there. It was worth every penny and I would certainly recommend this trip and EF tours.
    Momsrule6 / Parent
    Huntington, NY / Posted on April 20, 2017
  6. Trip of a Lifetime

    This vacation was by far the most amazing experience of my life so far. My tour director was very fun and cool. He taught us so much about Ireland and their interesting history. I was amazed by the Irish culture and had an abundance of opportunities to meet people that without this trip I never would've met. I could quite literally talk about how much I loved this trip for hours straight. Anyone who has the opportunity to go on this tour most definitely should. It has inspired me to continue to submerge myself in other cultures, specifically European cultures, and to hopefully live in Ireland one day.
    / Student traveler
    Indianapolis, Indiana / Posted on July 14, 2016
  7. Ireland 2018

    I enjoyed my trip and I knew that there would be a lot of walking but I wasn't prepared for the amount of time that was spent on the bus. I learned a lot but everything was very rushed and there was little to no free time. We were told our last day would be back in Dublin so several of us put off buying things so we didn't have to carry them with us. As it turned out we didn't get back to Dublin until about 530 and didn't have time to go back into the city as we were staying outside of downtown. Again the trip was fun and I learned more than I probably would have own my own but I really would have like to have free time every afternoon not just after dinner each night.
    Augusta / Adult traveler
    Augusta, Georgia / Posted on August 14, 2018
  8. Spectacular

    This trip from start to finish was incredible! Our tour guid went above and beyond to give us one amazing experience! Our guide did everything he could to engage the kids and he exceed every expectation. Our bus driver was extreamly knowledgeable as well and made is feel safe on the bus. Which was a task as our bus was the only thing that wasn't great. I feel in love with the country, people and its incredible history. Would do this trip again in a heartbeat!
    Danielou / Adult traveler
    Janesville, WI / Posted on July 27, 2018
  9. Irish Hospitality at Every Turn!

    My husband and I had a wonderful time in Ireland with EF tours! We had visited the island four years ago on our honeymoon and did an extensive self-guided vacation then. This tour was particularly awesome for us because of our tour guide and bus driver who were more than willing to share their knowledge with us. They did a FANTASTIC job and I would definitely do another EF tour.
    BMfromWisco / Adult traveler
    Posted on July 26, 2018
  10. Beautiful Views

    It was an amazing experience to travel around Ireland and listen to the history behind certain buildings. Our tour guide definitely knew what he was talking about and was always confident in what he was saying. Though it would have been nice if we got to explore more of Ireland and weren't in such a rush all the time. We were stuck on the bus a lot of the trip and weren't able to have time to look around and truly experience Ireland.
    Talula / Student traveler
    Poplar Grove, Illinois / Posted on July 24, 2018

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