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  1. A Bucket List Must!

    The Emerald Isle tour was unbelievable from the beginning until the end of our tour! The flights from Boston were direct and on time. The sites in Ireland are simply AMAZING and EF provided so many interesting sites that students were interested in. One place was more fabulous than the next! I loved the Cliffs and sheep herding along with the Irish Step classes the most, but everything was GREAT!
    Sheep / Group leader
    Westborough, MA / Posted on April 24, 2017
  2. Awesome

    We sent our daughter on this trip to Ireland not knowing what to expect as it was the first time she would be away in another country. She absolutely loved her trip. She saw so many amazing things, took endless amounts of pictures and returned to her room each night exhausted but extremely happy. She even said how she would love to go to University there. It was worth every penny and I would certainly recommend this trip and EF tours.
    Momsrule6 / Parent
    Huntington, NY / Posted on April 20, 2017
  3. Emerald Isle

    Absolutely fantastic, I feel like I saw the whole island of Ireland. There was a variety of lodging, some which were better than others but you have to keep an open mind and know that all lodging won't be your typical Best Western.

    The history of the country, that was provided by the tour director made this a very educational trip, the locations toured, castles, museums, and attractions were very enjoyable.

    Free time was provided which allowed us to do other things are do nothing. This is a very fast paced tour and a lot of walking but I feel that it was necessary to see all of the sights.

    Overall it was an A+ experience.
    SunnyKitty / Adult traveler
    Maple Valley, WA / Posted on April 19, 2017
  4. Great tour in Ireland

    EF did a great job on my first trip.

    It all boils down to your tour guide
    GOTTAGETUP / Adult traveler
    Maryland / Posted on October 31, 2017
  5. Amazing

    Ireland is a beautiful and historical place. The people were friendly welcoming. Johnny Cash has a song 40 Shades of Green about the country. There were never truer words. The west coast of Ireland (Ring of Kerry) was the highlight of my trip. The tour guide and driver were excellent. They were extremely kind and knowledgeable. They felt like family. My critiques are the meals and travel schedule. The group meals did not reflect Irish cuisine which was disappointing. They were full of carbs, very ltitle vegetables. Not everyone could or wanted eat cream of mushoom gravy. The travel schedule was rush, rush. It would have been helpful to this traveller to have a rest day built in perhaps in the middle of the tour. Lugging suitcases for a one night stay was not optimal. Overall I am very pleased with my experience. How pleased? I would love to live in Ireland!
    Mamaloc5 / Adult traveler
    N Chesterfield, VA / Posted on July 28, 2017
  6. The Emerald Isle - IRELAND!

    The itinerary was great; fast-paced but included all of the most important sites. As a Group Leader, I added in a stop at The Guinness Storehouse Tour, which was very well received by students/parent travelers. Our Tour Director was wonderful, as was our bus driver. They both interacted with travelers very well. The only thing I had a big problem with was one of the hotels we stayed in in Tralee. There was a very beligerent, foul-mouthed Slovanian guy who actually worked & lived in the hotel. He came in extremely drunk one night and kept swearing about American politics, and trying to engage us in a discussion. The next night there were Slovanian workers (who also lived in the hotel), who went out smoking in the alley right above our room. It sounded like they were going to have a fight, with very foul language/swearing, spitting, etc. With the windows open we heard everything, and it went on at least 3 times during the night while we were trying to sleep. I would not recommend this hotel again. One of the desk clerks actually came out to apologize to us when she saw the drunk guy being belligerent to the guests. Furthermore, Tralee closes up at 6 pm, and there was nothing for the kids to do after dinner. The only thing open were pubs, and the area was shady. I would never stay here again, and I hope EF changes hotels.
    maquigs / Group leader
    Midlothian, VA / Posted on July 27, 2017
  7. Ireland Countryside is Amazingly Beautiful!

    We will first start by saying that the countryside of Ireland was truly amazing. This above all was our most memorable trip experience. We did like that our tour covered a wide area, giving us a brief sampling of many places. We really enjoyed our bus driver who broke out his accordion at one of our stops and entertained us! Bravo! The very youthful Celtic song and dance was wonderful. Educationally the trip was a 10! We learned so much about Ireland and it's people! Our group leader’s previous travel experiences with EF were instrumental in making a positive difference in our experience. As an example, one evening we arrived at our hotel only to learn that ½ our group was staying in a decent hotel while the other half was staying at the hostel at the back of the property. This was not acceptable in so many ways not to mention that EF personally assured me that we would not be staying in any hostels on this trip! Our group leader worked with EF to eventually get our group moved to a hotel down the street (by 11:45 pm!) If she had not intervened I am not sure the EF tour director would have been able to get this done and we would have had to pay out of our own pocket to stay at a decent hotel. EF did try to make it right (most likely because of our group leaders influence) by upgrading our hotel on the last night of the trip and gave us a very nice horse drawn ride. We didn’t travel to Ireland for the food but a few Irish dishes as part of our tour meals would have been appreciated! No fish and chips or stew offered unless we bought it ourselves!
    Quija / Adult traveler
    Collierville, TN / Posted on July 10, 2017
  8. Disappointed-want my money back!

    The worst experience I have had with EF Tours. The country itself, was amazing. However, this tour was awful. Save your money.
    Started with how late our flight was booked in Phoenix (due to monsoon season and heat extremes-this company should know to book a flight before 9am. We missed a day days activities in Dublin because of flight delays and being rerouted. Baggage was lost. The tour director had his own agenda. We were supposed to stay one night in Galway and that didn't happen, we went to the tour director's home town, Limerick. We were told we were getting to eperience Limerick as the first EF Tour group, he told us he was trying to bring the tour to his home town. We were rushed throughout the entire tour and it never felt like we were able to experience any of the activities. The bus we toured on awful. The bus driver seemed not to know where he was going, didn't use GPS. No A/C during the 2nd half of our trip which happened during the middle of a heat wave. We were told there was nothing that could be done. Everyone had headaches and felt sick to their stomaches, we lost out on parts of our tour because of how miserable everyone felt. Hotels didn't have A/C, food was ok-not the best (we were told we would get to experience true Irish dishes-didn't happen). If we wanted to eat Irish food, we had to pay for it on our own during lunch. We paid so much for this tour, and I was extremely disappointed! I will never tour with EF Tours again. We talked to a couple who paid $1200 less and visited 2 counties for 11 days. The stories she told were amazing compared to ours. I felt like we were in the air or on the bus more than we were on the ground exploring Ireland. I had such high hopes because of the amazing experience we had in Costa Rica, this tour didn't even come close! I want my money back.
    TEITD / Adult traveler
    Marana, AZ / Posted on July 03, 2017
  9. Great Time

    The views were incredible, the itinerary was perfect, the tour director was brilliant, and the locals were very welcoming. You really have a chance to immerse yourself in the Irish culture. The Celtic Music and Dance excursion is well worth the time and money.
    IrelandFan / Group leader
    North Baltimore, OH / Posted on June 26, 2017
  10. Chance of a Lifetime

    This tour was completely amazing, worth every penny spent, I had made such amazing memories with people I thought I would never meet, this trip truly is a chance of a lifetime. We learned small things about Ireland that you wouldn't just get on a regular tour, we stayed in nice hotels and had amazing authentic food, I couldn't have asked for more. We saw amazing views that can only be described in person, everyone with the tour was accommodating and completely nice, we stayed on schedule and even got to do a little extra things, honestly wouldn't trade those 9 days for anything.
    SBK7 / Student traveler
    Texarkana, Texas / Posted on June 25, 2017

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