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  1. Incredible India

    I am visited more than 100 countries and probably about 20 countries through EF. This tour to India was really incredible.
    First of all, what was amazing is Indian culture, architecture, history and all sites that we visited and, of course, the most breathtaking experience is just to see Taj Mahal. Despite my many trips and seeing many wonderful places around the world I had really hard time controlling my emotions just staying in front of this really wonder of the world.
    Our hotel accommodations and meals were excellent and probably better than in any other tours that I had with EF.
    Our tour directors, one was representing EF (born in India, but lives in Europe now) and another local guide from Indian tour agency were great, very carrying and knowledgeable. We feel very safe and welcomed with them. It was probably one of the most educational tour, so much information we received from our guides, although I am teaching modern Indian history it was incredibly beneficial for my students and me personally.
    One of the most incredible experience was staying in hotel that previously was a maharaja house, visiting the village where the hotel was located, meeting local people. Another great thing was the celebration of New Year Eve that we enjoyed in Agra, it was so different, but very interesting and memorable experience.
    However, traveling to such countries as India certainly requires special selection and preparation of students for such destinations.
    My students were really well prepared and enjoyed trip because they were ready for experinces that they had in India. There are several things that makes travelling in India challenging for unexperienced travellers. For example, I would not miss Indian roads and traffic, airport in Delhi and some other small aspects of the tour, primarily associated with transportation and cultural norms of the country. But they can't change my overall great impression from the educational experience provided by EF Tours on this trip. I am certainly will come back to India travelling through EF only!
    Count / Group leader
    Saint Johnsbury, Vermont / Posted on July 22, 2010
  2. Awesome

    The EF Tour to India was awesome!! The tour manager was helpful and organized, the Indian guide was so knowledgeable, and having our own tour bus was handy and made us feel very safe. The highlights of this trip were the national monuments such as the Taj Mahal, riding an elephant, and visiting a school and farm. The variety was well planned and paced well.
    Peggy / Adult traveler
    Sanford, FL / Posted on July 22, 2010
  3. Wonderful

    My child had a great time. The local guide was very knowledgeable and it seems he had a great rapport with highschoolers. The group were well looked after and the food was good (apparently)
    catbb / Parent
    marietta ga / Posted on February 26, 2019
  4. Great Trip!

    I went on this trip with my school for Spring break and had an amazing experience. The guide was intelligent and helpful. India was beautiful and I felt safe the whole time!
    Explorer247 / Student traveler
    Posted on March 24, 2015

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