• Fantastic Trip!

    The experience in Iceland was one that I will never forget. Our tour director gave us a significant amount of information and immersed us in the beauty of the its culture and customs. I felt comfortable and at home in the country and the schedule, while packed with activities, was manageable and paced well.

    From beautiful snowscapes to enjoyable walks around Reykajvik, the trip had all elements of a great trip abroad. The students were always engaged and I believe their immersion in another culture was one that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Thank you for this experience!
    icelandSJ / Adult traveler
    Fords, NJ / Posted on February 27, 2017
  • Incredible

    I had the best time. I highly recommend walking on the glaciers over there.
    MJackson / Student traveler
    Posted on July 19, 2016
  • Iceland Experience

    I loved my tour of Iceland. The scenery is like nothing I have ever seen. I learned so much about geothermal energy, volcanoes, geysers, earthquakes and more. Our tour guide, Illugi was so informative about traditional Icelandic ways of life, so we learned so much more than we expected. We fell in love with this country, it's people, it's customs and way of life. Truly a trip of a lifetime!
    emchop / Student traveler
    Darien, CT / Posted on June 26, 2016
  • It was ok

    The trip to Iceland was just ok. The tour guide was not local, but was familiar with the area. He did ok, but definitely wasn't the best I've had on other trips. The first and last hotel we stayed at had no hot water and the water smelled like Sulfer. Yuck! Food they gave us was ok - you didn't get a choice of what to eat in most cases so if you are a picky eater, beware! Iceland is really pretty but overall I would not recommend this tour.
    Raleigh / Student traveler
    Raleigh, NC / Posted on June 19, 2016
  • Good trip overall

    I had a good time on my trip to Iceland. The tour guides were good and the places we visited were fun and interesting. EF tours did not choose the best flights to minimize wasted time. We arrived in New York at 10:30am for an 8:00pm flight to Iceland. EF tours did pay for our day in New York, but I would rather have left later in the day. On the way back, we arrived in NYC at 7pm. There were no return flights that evening, so we had to stay overnight in New York. The hotel where we stayed was dirty and in a terrible neighborhood. All of us were very scared. It would be nice to receive frequent flyer miles as well as choose our seats on such a long flight. I sat in a middle seat between a couple. It was very ackward.
    ENM543 / Student traveler
    Atlanta, GA / Posted on April 08, 2016
  • Iceland is Amazing

    Had an absolutely amazing time in Iceland.
    Toured Reykjavik, learned Icelandic history in Almannagja, walked among hot springs and geysers, toured a geothermal plant (where only 50 people work to produce 10% of the country's electricity), and hiked on a glacier. Petted wild horses. The scenery is beautiful and surreal. Definitely want to return to Iceland and hike for two weeks!
    Grossepointer2 / Student traveler
    Michigan / Posted on November 29, 2015
  • Let's Do It Again!

    This trip was amazing!
    / Student traveler
    Chicago, Illinois / Posted on July 04, 2013
  • The Best Time of my Life!

    Experiencing Iceland has definitely been the greatest time of my life! Looking at the beauty, the nature was something that my eyes have never encountered before. Climbing up mountains, walking up glaciers, getting wet by waterfalls, and sinking my feet in the black sand beaches were moments that I cannot relive anywhere else but Iceland. EF Tours did an amazing job preparing this trip and anybody...no, everybody should be given the chance to travel the world!
    Gen610 / Student traveler
    Chicago, IL / Posted on June 30, 2013