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  1. Trip of a lifetime

    My students and I had the most amazing time in Iceland. We were greeted by our Tour Director as if we were old friends. Despite flight delays, he had everything taken care of for us when we arrived. Each day we were in awe of the beauty the country offered and the knowledge that our TD shared with us. Even our bus driver was a fantastic companion to have along with us. They had us learning to pronounce challenging Icelandic names! This trip was the perfect mix of time exploring nature in the countryside and time in the city exploring Reykjavik, and we never spent too much time just sitting on the bus. The glacier hike was a MUST for an add on. This was a favorite of many! It was a remarkable experience to watch my students grow and learn outside of the classroom.
    / Group leader
    Atlanta, GA / Posted on August 03, 2017
  2. Absolutely amazing!

    I was absolutely amazing with how well EF tours handled everything! My tour group had a few hiccups with our flights being canceled TWO DAYS in a row. However, EF was very cooperative with our group leaders and helped us get to our final destination! Although our trip ended up being a few days shorter than expected, EF did a GREAT job accommodating us. They rescheduled the stuff we missed to fit into my groups shorter trip, even though other groups we did the tour with had already done them (we separated from the other group; they didn't have to do the same stuff over again), and we still got refunded for the days we missed! Our tour guide was so kind and energetic, he even waited up until 2 AM for our arrival! EF was also very accommodating for my dietary needs (I am vegetarian), preparing a separate meal for my restrictions. I had a wonderful time and was amazed with not only the places we went and things we did, but also the way EF really cared about my group and our experience abroad.
    VeryHappyCustomer / Student traveler
    Cary, North Carolina / Posted on July 30, 2017
  3. Fire and ice! A land of wonder and magic.

    I would highly recommend this tour to everyone. Iceland is the safest country in the world, and it has one of the most breathtaking examples of an active volcanic topography. The people are charming, speak perfect English, and welcome all who come to partake in their culture. Our guide was an expert in culture, history, geography, topography, and cuisine. He went above and beyond to make sure we had the very best experience. I highly, highly recommend that you visit Iceland. PS: be sure to try their food: it is delicious.
    czechfan / Group leader
    Fort Mill, SC / Posted on June 15, 2017
  4. Awesome time!

    Great tour! Excellent guide! Good hotels! Wonderful driver!

    Only negative was the folk museum. Pretty bland.
    MathMan / Adult traveler
    Sharon, MA / Posted on April 24, 2017
  5. Very cool Trip! (Literally!)

    I must say that the tour itself and Iceland were exceptional. However, I don't feel as though EF did a thorough job recommending what clothes to pack; it was just their default reccomendation, with T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, shorts, pants, and comfortable shoes. Thus, I packed these items. Not an abundance of each, and not more than the other. When I first arrived in Iceland, it was a LOT colder than what I and the other tour members expected. I think EF should cater to their packing lists better, considering what tour and what time of the year it is.

    When it came to the actual tour, I felt as though I saw many gorgeous things, including bare, flat, mossy green and brown land for the majority of the bus ride. The tour sites were very neat, and the gift shops were a very hefty price, so I felt as though I didn't bring enough cash for most of the trip. Reykjavik didn't have that bad of prices compared to tour areas far from housing or small towns.

    Although it's not able to be controlled by EF, the weather was a problem too. On most days, it rained or sleeted with overcast skies. Rarely did patches of blue sky show, even at 2 AM when the sun still shined. It was our last two days in Iceland where it was actually sunny with mild temperatures. All other days included non-stop rain and wind. This doesn't always happen on tours, but I suppose we were just unlucky with this.

    I would definitely recommend this trip for others; I learned a lot about Icelandic culture and history on this trip. There were an abundance of museums to learn about that. Educational and leisure time was balanced pretty nicely, including stunning nature walks. The best thing I can say for incoming travellers to Iceland is to pack mostly warm clothes, rain gear, thick socks, and comfortable boots. On sunny days, it may be best to wear a T-shirt and a jacket. Oh, and a bathing suit! Iceland has many pools and baths, so a big part of the trip would be missed if there was no swimming. I had a lot of fun on this trip, and it set the standard for me seeing as though it was my first international trip.
    Chanandler / Student traveler
    Tennessee / Posted on July 08, 2017
  6. Amazing Experience!

    This tour was one of the best I have ever been on! It was extremely well organized. The pace was fast and full, but yet we had time to explore on our own. A good balance of museums and outdoor/hands-on experiences. Tour guides were fun and energetic! Hotels met our needs and provided a bit of local culture in the dinners. The outdoor adventures were the best and I couldn't get enough of it! I only wish it was a few days longer to explore more of the country.
    Moogie / Adult traveler
    Bristow, VA / Posted on July 05, 2017
  7. Almost Perfect

    This was the trip of a lifetime. The Northern Lights have been on my bucket list for quite some time.We did see a small sample of them. We booked our own tour the first night at the Blue Lagoon. This is the way to experience it: a magical and mystical experience,but I should have booked a tour the last night to see the Northern Lights. Another group did this, and they saw them. We would not have gotten in until around 2 AM, and since it was the last night, I did not take the chance. I would suggest that EF reverse the order of the last day and have the Blue Lagoon at night, with free time/shopping on the last day before the airport. Then, you could return from the Blue Lagoon, already be showered and go on an excursion for the Lights, when in season. The weather was very unpredictable: it changed moment to moment, and we loved it. How can you not appreciate a white snowfall contrasting with the Black Sand Beach? Advice: take the optional glacier walk. The local guides are fabulous, and they teach about the environment. The trip to the horse farm was a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with the Icelandic horses. The waterfalls are spectacular. Our guide was the best. He did everything we could hope for and more. He as in touch before, researched and responded to specific requests we had to exceed the boundaries of the trip. I would love to go again. I would have rather had lunch at the hothouse. The food and atmosphere looked so appetizing. I wish the trip were longer, but it fit with our time on spring break.
    Criticism: the three vegetarians on the trip did not really have their dietary needs met. They ate only bread for two nights. I don't see how they could serve lasagna and not make a vegetarian version. It would have been nice to have a nonstop flight. The seats on Icelandair were narrow and uncomfortable. Six seats across with a very narrow aisle in between.
    WorldlyWoman / Group leader
    Simi Valley, California / Posted on April 20, 2017
  8. Excellent Trip!

    This trip is a fantastic mixture of culture, science, nature, and adventure. I loved that our students were kept busy for the entire day and not too much of our time was spent on the bus. I appreciated that our tour guide went out of his way to buy traditional Icelandic cuisine at the local store for our students to sample. The scenery was beautiful and it was great to see our "city kids" out hiking to the tops of waterfalls and glaciers. This is trip is great for groups seeking adventure!


    - Follow the packing list! The weather can be wet and chilly, make sure you bring warm clothes and many layers. If you're hiking the glacier wear ski appropriate gear.
    Hornet1 / Group leader
    Hoboken, NJ / Posted on April 18, 2017
  9. Iceland Was Lit

    It was a really enjoyable experience! From arrival in Reykjavik to doing my first ever Glacier Walk, my Iceland tour was life changing. On bus rides, we would see the many interesting and beautiful landscapes Iceland has to offer, as well as making stops for food, shopping, and of course, many more sights to see! Each day was jam packed with activities, so being an early bird was essential! I would say definitely try things you've never done and get out of your comfort zone. Iceland is a beautiful nation where many beautiful things can occur and it helped me look at life from a greater perspective. Thanks EF Tours for providing me with such a tour that I couldn't have received anywhere else!
    RarityS / Student traveler
    Irvington, New Jersey / Posted on April 18, 2017
  10. Awesome opportunity to see something different

    The Iceland tour was simply breathtaking and beautiful. We toured southern Iceland including the cities Reykjavik, Vik, and Hellischolar. We added in the glacier walk excursion and all of my students said this was by far their favorite part of the trip. I also had EF customize a "Northern lights tour" where they rented us a bus for 9pm one night in Reykjavik and we drove into the country to see the northern lights. Since we weren't able to see them while staying out in the country, having this excursion booked on the last night was the best idea. We did end up seeing the lights and it really ended our trip on a high note! The waterfall and geysers were amazing and the kids loved the waterfall that they could go behind, although they got soaked they loved it. We toured in April and it was pretty cold so I recommend not going any earlier than April. The kids dealt with the temperature and weather and really embraced the trip. I would say that the folk museum is something we could have done without and I would make sure you talk to your tour directors about the meals that are planned. We had no Icelandic food built into our trip but it was easily arranged with a call to our consultant. There is a hot dog stand in Reykjavik that is pretty famous for Bill Clinton's visit and we added that in one day and the kids had a blast (they have famous Icelandic hot dogs). Overall its as a great way for the kids to see something different then the traditional Caribbean vacation or Europe trip and they really appreciated that. Next, we want to customize our own tour to Northern Iceland to do some whale watching, deep sea fishing and to go into the glacier. For a first time to Iceland this tour was great and the shorter length was just enough to enjoy it but not be over exhausted with the cold temperatures.
    TravelScience / Group leader
    Somers, NY / Posted on April 17, 2017

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