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  1. Fabulous Experience

    When my son originally told me he wanted to attend this trip to Iceland, I was very hesitant due to the higher cost than the other trips offered by his school. Now that he is home and I am looking at pictures and hearing his experience, it was worth every penny. There was no where else in the world like Iceland, and we could not have given him many of the experiences if we went as a family.
    HSworldtraveler / Student traveler
    Mooresville, NC / Posted on April 08, 2018
  2. Trip of a lifetime

    My students and I had the most amazing time in Iceland. We were greeted by our Tour Director as if we were old friends. Despite flight delays, he had everything taken care of for us when we arrived. Each day we were in awe of the beauty the country offered and the knowledge that our TD shared with us. Even our bus driver was a fantastic companion to have along with us. They had us learning to pronounce challenging Icelandic names! This trip was the perfect mix of time exploring nature in the countryside and time in the city exploring Reykjavik, and we never spent too much time just sitting on the bus. The glacier hike was a MUST for an add on. This was a favorite of many! It was a remarkable experience to watch my students grow and learn outside of the classroom.
    / Group leader
    Atlanta, GA / Posted on August 03, 2017
  3. Absolutely amazing!

    I was absolutely amazing with how well EF tours handled everything! My tour group had a few hiccups with our flights being canceled TWO DAYS in a row. However, EF was very cooperative with our group leaders and helped us get to our final destination! Although our trip ended up being a few days shorter than expected, EF did a GREAT job accommodating us. They rescheduled the stuff we missed to fit into my groups shorter trip, even though other groups we did the tour with had already done them (we separated from the other group; they didn't have to do the same stuff over again), and we still got refunded for the days we missed! Our tour guide was so kind and energetic, he even waited up until 2 AM for our arrival! EF was also very accommodating for my dietary needs (I am vegetarian), preparing a separate meal for my restrictions. I had a wonderful time and was amazed with not only the places we went and things we did, but also the way EF really cared about my group and our experience abroad.
    VeryHappyCustomer / Student traveler
    Cary, North Carolina / Posted on July 30, 2017
  4. Fire and ice! A land of wonder and magic.

    I would highly recommend this tour to everyone. Iceland is the safest country in the world, and it has one of the most breathtaking examples of an active volcanic topography. The people are charming, speak perfect English, and welcome all who come to partake in their culture. Our guide was an expert in culture, history, geography, topography, and cuisine. He went above and beyond to make sure we had the very best experience. I highly, highly recommend that you visit Iceland. PS: be sure to try their food: it is delicious.
    czechfan / Group leader
    Fort Mill, SC / Posted on June 15, 2017
  5. A Tour of a Lifetime

    This tour was fantastic. It was a great way to kick off my final summer before heading off to college. I enjoyed every moment of it including the locations we visited, the authentic food we got to try and the information our tour guide provided about everything in the tour. Whether he was telling us facts about things we passed by in our bus or filling in with great detail about each location, our guide truly enhanced the tour experience.

    The only negatives I took away from the tour were small but if changed, could make this tour so much better.

    Like I said, I loved this entire tour, but there were a few little things that bothered me. First off, our glacier walk. This was one of the highlights for the entire tour but it had one limitation. To walk on the glacier, everybody must be organized into groups of 12. The groups were partially, randomly put together and did not take into account the physical abilities of those in the group. The groups for the glacier walk NEED to be organized based on the physical ability of the people in them. Since there were a few people in my glacier walk group who had difficulties walking, I wasn't able to go as high on the glacier as other groups did although being completely capable. This was very frustrating because we only stopped where we did due to a few individuals complaining in our group. I would've had no trouble reaching the summit of the glacier, but was limited due to others in my walking group. Also, when we did reach our summit on the glacier, we weren't given much time to explore the area. I had to rush to dig out an area to try some of the glacier water and didn't even get to fill up my water bottles all the way. After a little time at our summit, we had to turn back. We maybe spent 10 minutes max at our summit. Not nearly enough time to enjoy the surroundings and get glacier water.

    Next, our 4th day of the trip was quite dry compared to all others. Each day was loaded with stuff to do, one thing after the other; except the fourth day. Since one of the places we were supposed to visit wasn't able to be reached due to excessive rainfall, we were just given free time once we got back to Reykjavík. For the amount of money I paid to go on this trip, something should've filled that gap instead of just being given free time to explore more of Reykjavik which I had already done a bit of on the first day. With everything being so expensive, I unfortunately ended up paying more money out of my own pocket for entertainment as we went around the city since we were given so much time. This made me and my group members quite angry. Luckily, we were able to make our own fun exploring and finding landmarks on our own.

    Finally, my last complaint ties into my previous one about making our own fun on the 4th day. Many of the days, we arrived to our hotel around 6-7pm and ate dinner. That then gave us the remainder of the night to ourselves from around 8-9pm onward. With Iceland always have sunlight around the clock in the summer, our group was not tired. Some of our hotels were in the middle of absolute nowhere so there was nothing to do after dinner besides hang out at the hotel. This was very bothersome, especially for a bunch of teenagers who don't go to bed until pretty late. Luckily, again, my group was adventurous to find our own stuff to do in the free time like hiking trails in the surrounding area or a stand up comedy show in Reykjavik.

    All in all this trip was something I will never forget, but with minor changes like filling gaps of time, having stuff to do near the hotels and organizing people together correctly, it could've been improved. As a high school student who paid for this trip completely on my own, I would've like to seen my money put to greater use when the original scheduled plans we had got changed.
    TheGolfer / Student traveler
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania / Posted on June 21, 2018
  6. Perfect - glaciers and geysers

    We got to see and experience everything mentioned in the tour. All of EFs promises with safety, security ... nice locations to stay and food quality were great. Our tour guide was incredibly knowledgeable, kind and fun.
    Zephsmom / Group leader
    Mission Viejo, CA / Posted on June 21, 2018
  7. Extraordinary

    The Iceland tour director was amazing, engaging, funny, knowledgable, interesting, and made the trip perfect!! The bus driver was soooo great!!!! The glacier walk was my favorite and Iceland is so beautiful and clean energy abounds!! You should make sure that every chaperone is at least 25 years old or older!!!!! Raise the age please!
    The trip is well planned and seeing sites that were breathtaking, swimming in the blue lagoon, swimming in the bath houses, just everything!!!!
    Drewy / Student traveler
    Brentwood , Tennessee / Posted on May 28, 2018
  8. Amazing Trip to Iceland

    We had an excellent trip to Iceland. Our tour guide was very friendly, funny and informative. The stops along our tour were beautiful from the waterfalls and glacier hike to the black beach and greenhouse tour. We had great weather and the tour moved seamlessly from stop to stop.
    darkwatcher29 / Adult traveler
    Morgantown, WV / Posted on May 03, 2018
  9. gorgeous country

    The country of Iceland, is beautiful, the land is pure and clean and the lack of industrialization adds to it's charm. I would recommend everyone visit there and the U.S. take some pointers on cleanliness in public facilities and and energy.
    Lataeve / Adult traveler
    Union, New Jersey / Posted on April 23, 2018
  10. Iceland excursion

    This trip was well worth the money and the planning. Our tour director was fantastic. She brought us to the local swimming pools which gave us such a unique look into everyday life in Iceland. We had just the right amount of time at each place. The students were never bored or rushed which is a tricky balance. The fact that we could pack a lunch made the trip even better. This allowed students on a tight budget to not spend money on food. I would recommend this to everyone.
    glaciergal / Group leader
    Holden, MA / Posted on April 23, 2018

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