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  1. Well organized and great tour director and guides

    Not having been on a tour like this there were plenty of cultural, environmental, geographic and even economic information that was gray appreciated. We felt like we had a really good feel of what life was and is like in Iceland. We didn’t just go to the touristy places. We felt we had enough free time to go to local dives. We felt very safe and all the people we met were so courteous and open. We got to see the Aurora borealis although it was very much a low possibility and the awe of seeing it with the students made it even more special to see their reactions, Our son’s especially. The bus ride was comfortable and fun. The hot springs experience were exceptional.
    Catbalu / Adult traveler
    Zionsville, Indiana / Posted on April 16, 2019
  2. Great Iceland Tour

    By far the best trip I have been on. If you are adventurous like my self I highly recommend this trip.
    The tour guides were very amazing, the made time out of the tour to show our some of their favorite places. This tour was only a few days but felt like we were there for more then 2 weeks!
    My favorite part of this tour was that we got to hike almost every day. So you better bring some good hiking shoes from REI ;)
    We also got to go all the way to Akureyri from Reykjavík from bus. This was great because you got to see some incredible things on this road trip: waterfalls, horse, sheep, old barns, even people skiing on the side of the road! I love to take pictures, this trip was a great opportunity to whip out my camera and get some really nice photos.
    The hotels were great, very good customer service and food. The hotel in Akureyri was especially nice because of the great view and you got to relax from a very fun but busy day in the hot tub.
    Hopefully this helps you make your decision easier and helps you understand what to expect on your EF tour to Iceland!
    Tadventure / Student traveler
    Posted on October 30, 2018
  3. Best First Tour

    This tour was amazing and just blew me away completely. Iceland is such a beautiful country to visit. Our tour guide and local tour guides were really, funny, and just terrific. Our main tour guide for the whole trip gave us excellent background information that the locals would tell us but we already knew. They really helped us save spending money by having a lot of the lunches included in that we didn’t have to pay for. Be forewarned about the weather, you have to be prepared to be walking in the cold, wind, and snow. As my first tour though, this one was amazing. There was always a good day in Iceland. Did get disappointed about not seeing any whales or the Aurora Lights but we do so much more that it made up for it. We mostly traveled in the bus rather by foot, but you will be thankful for that, the cold and wind will make you thankful for the bus and bus driver. Overall though, the tour was just excellent and definitely worth going. Will never forget Iceland and what I learned about it.
    Zobo / Student traveler
    Austin, Texas / Posted on March 19, 2018
  4. Amazing

    Unforgettable trip
    Rickylah / Student traveler
    Detroit, michigan / Posted on April 27, 2019
  5. Amazing well organized experience

    Each day was action packed with no boring downtime. We enjoyed breathtaking views and changing weather patterns during our amazing bus transportation. Debit cards were used everywhere for small or large purchases. Only a few toilet facilities reguired small coins. In northern Iceland at our hotel we enjoyed the Northern Lights display for 90 minutes in at least six separate displays as the colorful bands moved further north reaching the horizon. The lava fields and thermal displays - Wow.
    Dognose / Adult traveler
    Indianapolis, IN / Posted on April 08, 2019
  6. Amazing Experience

    We had an amazing experience; the weather cooperated extremely well allowing us to experience things like the Northern Lights
    ricochocolate / Group leader
    Carmel, IN / Posted on April 07, 2019
  7. Very impressed with every aspect!

    Our flight was scheduled Friday when the kids learned their schedules airlines went out of business on Thursday. EFTours worked fast and furious to make new arrangements and keep them on track with their schedules. Every day was perfectly planned. Tour guides were awesome. Even made arrangements for a hotel in Boston when they had a long layover on the way home.
    Roos / Parent
    Macomb, Michigan / Posted on April 07, 2019
  8. Life Changing Experience!

    This was the trip of a lifetime! EF Tours did a great job presenting Iceland, and everything worked like clockwork!

    We had an amazing Group Leader, a fantastic Tour Director, and great bus drivers and local guides.

    In just a week and a day, we got to experience the full beauty of Iceland, and I cannot wait to go back.

    This trip was at times somewhat physically demanding, and you must be prepared with the proper gear to hike.

    The flights, hotels, and other accommodations were nice, clean, and comfortable. I would recommend EF Tours to ANYONE wanting to plan a trip.
    AHSStudent / Student traveler
    Anderson, Indiana / Posted on April 03, 2019
  9. LMS

    Had an excellent time with the group and tour director. Tour built lots of confidence because I stayed overnight with my friends from school.... Learned so much about the Icelandic culture, food and history which is truly one of a kind. Incredible natural sights and really liked the chance to travel north with fewer tourists. The turf houses & herring museum were very interesting!
    MWF2019 / Student traveler
    St Louis, MO / Posted on March 30, 2019
  10. Amazing views!

    Iceland was a great trip. In particular the scenic views we experienced while out of the cities hiking, and on the bus rides. There were a plethora of great opportunities to soak in nature as well as learn about Icelandic culture and history.
    LMSKid / Student traveler
    St. Louis, MO / Posted on March 24, 2019

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