• Review

    Exscursions were overpriced and misrepresented- we were told we would participate in a wine tasting but that was not a legitimate wine tasting.

    Santorini Oia Villaged led us to believe that we would see the famous blue domes and when we got there we were told they were on the other side of the island.

    Tour guides did not speak English very well to the point of being unable to understand what they were saying.

    Never stayed anywhere for more than a day or two at the most on rare occasions. Never given time to relax.
    saustin654 / Adult traveler
    Radford VA / Posted on June 29, 2017
  • Trip of a Lifetime

    I had the absolute best time on this tour! All the places we visited were beautiful. Walking around Rome was crazy because you'd turn the corner and all of a sudden there were a bunch of ruins right in front of you. Florence is very beautiful and picturesque. I would have liked to have spent more time there since one day is definitely not enough. The Meteora Monasteries were breathtaking. Athens was probably my favorite city, but I would have liked more time there as well. As a huge fan of Greek Mythology, I was in heaven exploring Athens, especially the Acropolis. The cruise was lots of fun as well and the islands very beautiful, but we only had a few hours to explore each island, which is not enough. Overall, the tour was great and our tour director was awesome! I would recommend this tour to anyone, especially if you love ancient history.
    doglover15 / Student traveler
    Posted on June 29, 2017
  • Italy and Greece

    An amazing experience. Tour guide was an exception to the rule. Had lots of stories to relate to what we were seeing that day. Could have use several more days to enjoy the sites.
    graymare / Adult traveler
    Llano, TX / Posted on June 27, 2017
  • Most amazing trip ever

    This was a trip of a lifetime. The Vatican, Coliseum, Monasteries, and Parthenon left me in awe. Seeing these places was just incredible. The architecture, artwork, statues, and the beautiful landscape was amazing. Rome and Athens had so many sights to see and we were given so much educational information by our guides. Our tour guide, George, was absolutely he best. He was so knowledgeable and friendly. The cruise of the Greek islands was outstanding. Santorini was he most amazing place ever. So very beautiful..just breathtaking. If I ever had a chance to take this trip again I would definitely go. I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.
    Wowed / Adult traveler
    Oregon, Illinois / Posted on June 26, 2017
  • Trip of a lifetime

    This tour was so fun! I would love to go and do this all over again. The tour guide was amazing since he got to know each of us and he had quite the sense of humor to keep us engaged. The sights and experience was worth every penny. Thank you so much EF Tours and please keep up the good work!
    / Student traveler
    Billings MT / Posted on June 26, 2017
  • Perfect People

    Our tour guide made the trip flawless. She was hands down the BEST part of the trip! The sights were amazing and I had a positive experience at all of the hotels we stayed at and places we saw. 10/10 recommend this trip to anyone who is considering travelling to Italy and Greece, its the trip of a lifetime!
    Hollis / Student traveler
    Waukesha, Wisconsin / Posted on June 23, 2017
  • Why Did I Come Home?

    My trip to Italy and Greece was amazing! My EF tour guide was super duper fantastic and they became a part of our family!! I don't think there wasn't a time where I wasn't having the best time of my life (Ok maybe not at the end of the days when we had over 18,000 steps!). Our tour guide made sure that we learned lots and really immersed ourselves into the culture. They also took into consideration our specific likes and dislikes when molding the set tour sights to us (i.e. we wanted some time to go to the beach in both countries and they made that happen because we thought it was important!) I can't talk highly enough of this travel experience and encourage everyone to get out and travel. You really learn a lot about yourself. I will definitely be using EF Tours again for more trips!!
    HBack / Student traveler
    Lincoln, NE / Posted on June 22, 2017
  • 100% Recommend

    I took the EF Italy and Greece tour as my senior trip and was not disappointed. I would for sure tell others to go on a trip through this program. Everything is planed and taken care of for you making the trip smooth and stress free for the most part. If you are debating whether to signing up I would say, do it! You will see some amazing places and make memories that will last a life time. I would try to take the trip with at least one close friend, it just makes it more fun. Make sure to bring really good walking shoes because you will walk a lot. The trip goes by very fast and you will get tried, but in the end its worth it. My favorite part of the trip it took was the Greek Island Cruise. It was beautiful and peaceful. Something to keep in mind if you do go to Europe is to take a small suit case because many hotels have very small elevators and everyone wants to use it. in the end its just easier to take the stairs. Also, do your money exchange in the states, it makes life easier. Keep in mind water is not always free and may not taste the best. Overall, I would tell people to go on an EF trip you will gain a lot from it and will have a great time. I will say after going on the trip to Europe though it gave me a new appreciation for America. :)
    SRW6799 / Student traveler
    Peoria, Arizona / Posted on June 15, 2017
  • Italy and Greece

    I would rethink taking the students to Meteroa. With Olympus and islands and the beach to show the students, I was a little confused why we would go to a place like Meteroa. I think our time and money could have been used in a better way.
    Dumbthisnicknamethingis / Adult traveler
    Fredericksburg, VA / Posted on April 26, 2017
  • Amazing Trip

    I had such an amazing experience on this tour! The food was good, I loved the sightseeing, and I had such a fun time just walking around in the city.
    Belle77 / Student traveler
    Auburn, Maine / Posted on April 26, 2017