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  1. Incredible journey

    The tour was incredibly fun and exceeded my expectations!! The tour was well planned and executed. The Tour path flowed well and showed just how amazing Germany can be. The free built into our schedule allowed us a greater opportunity to experience all that each town had to offered!! Our tour director was very insightful and provided a better understanding of the tour events!!
    Colorado2017 / Adult traveler
    Fort Morgan, CO / Posted on June 29, 2017
  2. Germany In Depth

    What a wonderful experience. Guided by an informative tour guide we visit many historical sites. We felt safe and enjoyed our time at every stop! Thank you EF for providing the opportunity of a life time.
    Jara / Adult traveler
    Valparaiso, Indiana / Posted on July 23, 2016
  3. Worth-While Tirp

    I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Germany and Switzerland. As my first time in Europe, an overview of the several cities we visited was helpful. This trip definitely made me want to go back!
    Lukie15 / Student traveler
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania / Posted on July 17, 2016
  4. Pretty average tour

    I liked the itinerary of this tour, and the places we visited were amazing. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable about the history of each area and shared her information in an easy-to-understand way. However, a few aspects of the tour brought down the overall experience.

    First of all, the tour-provided meals were terrible. My daughter (and many other students and adults) frequently needed to find additional food to eat afterwards. Having a choice between at least two entrees in the acceptable price range would have helped immensely. There was often no flexibility either (for example, we could not have our salads plain, with no dressing). In one instance a sauerkraut-type of dish was the main entree--not a side. Not many teenagers or adults would like that.

    Also, there were some issues that could have been avoided by better planning by our guide. For example, one of the museums was under construction for an indefinite period of time, so we had to go to a nearby museum that had nothing to do with our itinerary. The students had no interest in this, and my daughter commented that trying to acclimate to a new culture wasn't helped by introducing an entirely different culture, especially when nothing was explained about why we were there or why the substituted museum was important. It seems like checking these things ahead of time would have revealed the museum closure and could have resulted in a better substitution. There were a few incidents like this during our week-long trip.

    Having a general tour of the area prior to having "free time" would have helped us decide how to use our free time. In the cities where this didn't happen, our students often just wandered around touristy shops, without knowing what specific things in the city they might want to remember with a souvenir.

    While we enjoyed this tour, the price was too high given the negatives of our experience, and I don't think I could recommend it to others for that reason.
    Nickname11 / Adult traveler
    Grand Ledge, MI / Posted on July 22, 2017
  5. Great Historical Trip

    We had an amazing trip. It was fast paced, but we got to see so much. Our guide was flexible and gave the students the perfect amount of free time.
    Hall / Group leader
    Marietta, OH / Posted on July 05, 2017
  6. Good, but- needs more organization

    Overall a wonderful experience. The places we saw were great. We did spend two hours in a herb and fruit market, I'm not sure that is the dream of every teenage student. Be prepared to walk, our guide walked us around 8 miles the first night for supper- a long walk for currywurst. The Berlin hotel was not nice, it is in the east part of the city and we were offered drugs several times. The rest of the trip was fine, it just needs better organization to meet the needs of students, not the guide and her smoke breaks.
    5309man / Adult traveler
    Fort Morgan, Co / Posted on June 26, 2017
  7. not for me

    Very fast paced. To much time spent getting to and from places. No time to look around once you get there. Hurry and see the sight and back on the bus. Too much time spent on the bus. Evening meals where not very good. Not traditional German foods. Hotels were old, but nice.
    spaniel / Adult traveler
    Burneyville,OKLA / Posted on June 26, 2017
  8. Germany In Depth 2017

    Great time! Students were raving about the trip! Greater appreciation for History!
    Pioneers / Group leader
    Palmer, Ma / Posted on April 25, 2017
  9. Germany was awesome.

    This was my first tour to Germany, our guide was great, and I had a small group. It was def worth it, and I will consider it again in the future. The students loved the flow of it, and how it unfolded, they were tired and happy every night.
    Italy / Group leader
    Troy, NY / Posted on January 29, 2017
  10. Good

    This tour was good but not great. I feel as if some things could be done better than they were done. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable in many things and knew many places to visit although when we had our many hours of free time she didn't tell us what to do. She gave us about three places to go or things to do for over three hours of time. This caused myself a lot of time just sitting around waiting for the rest of my group to show up. This is after I had already did everything that she had told me. Our tour guide also didn't tell us where she was going if we had any questions so if I did have a question about where to go I couldn't just go to a place that she would definitely be. We never had somewhere that we would know she would be. Overall I feel as if we had more to do in our free time it would be a very good experience. The tour also could be improved if it went to fewer cities and spent more time in the cities we went to because most of the time was spent traveling between cities.
    TristanD / Student traveler
    Georgetown, IN / Posted on October 16, 2016

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