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  1. Amazing journey

    Arriving to Japan was the longest trip I have ever taken but so worth it. The views were amazing and the environment was so clean. All the hotels we stayed at were clean and friendly. Breakfast was always ready and dinner was always prepared. All the locations that we visited were amazing, some rain but that didnt stop our group from exploring in the rain. Our tour guide was the all time best, he was nice and considerate to our wants. Guided us through japan without getting lost and feeling at home. I didnt want to leave and I miss my trip ever since I have returned.
    Foxyflash / Adult traveler
    Laredo, Texas / Posted on July 24, 2019
  2. New experiences

    I was not happy with the tour guide. I also felt more experinces should have been included.
    TexasParent1970 / Adult traveler
    Dallas, Tx / Posted on November 21, 2019
  3. Beautiful place but EF could have done better

    I have traveled with EF to Costa Rica twice and Europe. The Japan team seemed very green. Our tour guide was a very nice person and very accommodating but the logistics of the tour needed more finesse especially with the desires of all the group leaders involved. Communication seemed to be lost in translation and the American support team didn't seem very supportive. This was a pricier trip than my past trips and I don't feel like I received my money's worth. Our group was taken to places all over Japan but we would have liked more cultural insight to be discussed or shared by local expert guides. We really only had one local guide who's English and knowledge were very good. I enjoyed Japan but disappointed in the caliber of this tour in comparison to past tours, time management was a huge disappointment.
    Sayanora / Adult traveler
    Fremont, CA / Posted on July 19, 2019
  4. Fast paced adventure

    I was not aware that it was rainy season in Japan. The ain did put a damper on the trip, but it was an amazing trip. I personally would have preferred to see less places, and have more time. We always seemed rushed. Also because we were paired with two other groups, we seemed to spend a lot of time counting to make sure no one was missing. The guides were great and very informative. Most of the hotels we stayed at were comfortable. It was a trip I will never forget.
    Cella / Adult traveler
    Owosso, Michigan / Posted on July 06, 2019
  5. Mostly Great expierience

    Almost everything on the tour was fantastic, but there is one thing that bothered me. In our travel, one of the other groups that we traveled with was using consistently very vulgar language, and it persisted to a point where it did affect the other groups on the trip and ot came across as very inconsiderate of them.
    Jorseph / Student traveler
    Tyler, Texas / Posted on July 04, 2019
  6. Wonderful

    EF Tours was wonderful. There were some airline difficulties beyond their control, but they bent over backwards to work through the challenges. The tour of Japan included many stops and group activities off the beaten path. Very knowledgeable local tour guide.
    Loocy / Student traveler
    Indianapolis / Posted on July 03, 2019
  7. Unique experience

    The trip was beautiful. The places that we visited were filled with culture, beautiful views, and wonderful people. Our tour guide director was perfect, she taught our students the history and explained thenplaves fornpur students and chaperon. She made everyone feel so comfortable around her. The hotels, well most of them, were beautiful. The last hotel at Tokyo wasnt as great as the others. It was very dirty. The beds were dirty, the floor was dirty, but the stage were very helpful.
    Pecosa / Adult traveler
    Orlando. Florida / Posted on July 03, 2019
  8. Poor organization and uninvolved tour guides

    Guides spoke broken English to a point that it was hard to understand them. They provided very little or very poor educational content. Students were taken to historic and educational sites and left on their own for up to an hour to explore on town with very little background information and understanding of the significance of the site or what they should be looking for. This type of uninvolved and apathetic behavior is not what I was expecting. Students who had fun did so because they had the company of friends and formed their groups and cliques. This is fine except that they made little effort to welcome other travelers who were not part of their clique. In our case our traveler was the only one in his class and was paired with an older boy who was a loner by nature and often went off on his own and in one case left our traveler in the middle of a street in Japan! Our traveler got lost and had difficulty getting back on his own. I would not recommend this tour company. On the positive side the tour itinerary was very interesting. Too bad that the travelers could not get a better education on their trip.
    Traveler919 / Student traveler
    Gaithetsburg, MD / Posted on July 03, 2019
  9. Great Trip!

    EF Tours was first class! Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and patient with our group. Meals provided were excellent, as well as accommodations.
    Matrix / Adult traveler
    Honolulu, HI / Posted on January 07, 2019
  10. Different lifestyle

    She would do it again! So much to see, too little time. She loved the cleanliness, kindness, and beautiful scenery.
    Sasaz / Student traveler
    Waianae, Hawaii / Posted on January 07, 2019

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