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  1. Trip of a lifetime

    Words can not express how wonderful this trip was for our group. We fell in love with our tour guide,which was reciprocal. During the trip she gave the students several educational tasks to bring their short term memories into their long term memories. She went above and beyond to make sure everyone was learning while having fun. This, by far, was my absolute FAVORITE tour, because of our tour guide! We also felt so safe because EF was looking out for us. For example, they wouldn't allow us to go to Turkey. Instead, they had the cruise ship drop us off at Samos where we spent 8 hours. It ended up being a highlight of the trip! It's Pythagorus's birthplace! The one negative experience was with our first bus driver. He cussed out our tour guide and threatened to leave us at a rest stop. The kids were very frightened and upset. We were then given the absolute BEST bus drivers for the remainder of the trip. That's one thing about EF; if something is wrong, they always do their best to fix it. THANK YOU!
    Pxcardi / Group leader
    Fresno, CA / Posted on August 04, 2016
  2. Journey back through history

    I have done this trip for the third time. What I love about it is the way the journey from country to country mirrors the spread and development of Western Civilization. Students also learn to acclimate to Europe by starting with an English speaking country. And just when the feel like they've had enough of urban Paris, we arrive in Switzerland with all it's natural beauty. When they are finally full of museums and monuments in Italy and Greece, we enjoyed the relaxation of the cruise ship to sample the Greek islands. You see the best of Europe, and when you get home and look at your pictures, you won't believe all the beauty you beheld!
    Gfactor / Group leader
    Sacramento, CA / Posted on July 14, 2016
  3. I'd rather do it on my terms

    The room accommodations were horrible. Too many people in a tiny room. There was no space for suitcases, or even walking.
    The tours seemed rushed and us students couldn't enjoy most of the architecture and views because of it. There were too many things packed into one single day. Too much time was spent on the streets "shopping" and then there wasn't enough time to do anything productive.
    Churu / Student traveler
    Puerto Rico / Posted on July 24, 2017
  4. Amazing and Wonderful Experience!

    EF Tours was amazing! All the places were beautiful and personally I didn't wanted to leave to my home place. Awesome experience!
    LVNA / Student traveler
    San Juan, Puerto Rico / Posted on July 19, 2017
  5. Good Expirience

    Based on what my dauther told me she like the trip a lot. She complain regarding the bussess used after London and Paris. They were uncoftable and the drivers were driving pretty fast making some of the kids dissy during the travel. Other think she mention was that after the 4th day she was tired of only having for breakfast bread, ham and cheese. The experience in the ferry from Italy to Greece was a bit difficult because people is alloud to smoke on all parts of the ferry at all times. This were the only things she mentioned to me during the complete trip. Still she was happy and exciting about all the places visited.
    CBA1968 / Parent
    Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico / Posted on July 19, 2017
  6. Good trip

    The logistic of the trip was not good we spend to much time traveling from hotels to the places, and some times we didn't make it.
    Sise / Adult traveler
    San Juan, PR / Posted on July 17, 2017
  7. Great Trip

    Overall this was a great experience for my students.
    Rutledge / Group leader
    Glenpool, Oklahoma / Posted on July 15, 2017
  8. You See EVERYTHING!

    Overall, this was an excellent experience! You get a quick taste of so many large and small European cities. So, if you're looking for a more in-depth taste of each city, I would go with another tour. Although it would have been nice to spend a little more time at some of the attractions (only 20 minutes at the Eiffel Tower), it is understandable that we couldn't considering how many things we actually saw. There are a few reasons I gave this tour 4 stars instead of 5. First, the bus that we had most of the time barely had air conditioning and we were following the biggest heat wave Europe has seen in decades. Also, our two days in Rome were split up with Sorrento in-between, so we had a ton of extra driving time (down to Sorrento and then BACK to Rome). This also meant that we had more single nights in hotels, so more packing and loading/unloading a bus. Splitting up the two nights in Rome seemed to take a lot of time away from a trip that was already short on time. Poor planning from EF, none of the two night stays should ever be split up on such a long trip.
    Utah / Adult traveler
    Sandy, UT / Posted on July 11, 2017
  9. Hot, busy and sleepless.

    Be prepared for a lot of hussell and bussell. The tour is extremely fast paced and you jam pack a lot of sights in the 20 days you are there. The trip over all is worth it, but you drive by a lot of things without really diving into the main attractions. There is very little down time when you are in the cities. Dinner is late and breakfast is early. The food is okay, some of the dinners were not as authentic as I would have liked them to be. All of the cities visited are amazing, and worth no sleep to see all of the sights.
    Florida2107 / Group leader
    Florida. / Posted on July 07, 2017
  10. Happymother1978 / Student traveler
    Posted on June 30, 2017

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