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  1. Trip of a Lifetime

    The Essence of Europe is a great trip to give everyone a taste of the big city major attractions in each country as well as some smaller out of the way places. The trip exposes students to the different cultures in each country as well as the differences in big city life and smaller quaint little villages.
    / Group leader
    Friendswood, Tx / Posted on June 27, 2017
  2. Wonderful Time

    This trip was the most amazing experience I've ever had. Since my school group was fairly small, we got to combine our tours with a few other schools from across the United States. Not only did I make lots of wonderful memories, I also made lots of wonderful friends. The educational experience was top notch and the travel/lodging was without a hitch. The tour guide was very good, and the local guides were experts in the places we visited. I only wish we could have stayed closer to the cities we were visiting, however that was only a minor annoyance. The trip was fantastic and I would do it over again in a heartbeat.
    Care2016 / Student traveler
    Lancaster, Pennsylvania / Posted on August 02, 2015
  3. Great itinerary... so much to do!!

    Essence of Europe is an excellent introduction for new travelers to charming Europe. The tour pays visits to quintessential London, Paris and Rome, but also includes must stops in fabulous Lucerne, Munich and Florence. Engaging tour, so much to learn. Don’t think about it, just sign up.
    copen009 / Group leader
    Los Angeles, CA / Posted on July 17, 2018
  4. Amazing Opportunity!

    I had an amazing time on this trip. Our tour guide was fun and very knowledgeable. This was a great trip when seeing smaller spots like Lucerne, Venice, Munich,etc. But going to cities as Rome, Paris, and London we barley scratched the surface.

    Some of the hotel were better than others. You really have to adjust to different living conditions. (Such as no air conditioning) The food for the most part was pretty good but it wasn’t fantastic.

    There was some excursions that was not mentioned before the trip. Which some of us had a hard time paying with such a limited amount.

    However this tour did take my breath away. I really got to see a better perspective of Europe and I saw so many amazing things. My favorite places we went to (with an appropriate amount of time) was Venice and Lucerne. I really wish we went more in depth with Paris, London, and Rome. But other than that. It was amazing.
    Victory / Student traveler
    San Antonio, Texas / Posted on July 06, 2018
  5. Ambitious but rewarding itinerary

    This is an ambitious itinerary, but the trade-off is that students see a great deal of Western Europe. There were a few long transfer days in there, but if you know what to expect, and you accept that as a means to an end, this itinerary can be extremely rewarding. We had heard some concerns about hotel quality from colleagues who had taken similar trips in the past, but it seems that EF has made some adjustments. We were quite happy with six of eight hotels in which we stayed. Another was just average, and only one was rough. Our hotels near Lucerne, Dijon and London exceeded expectations. This was my favorite student tour I have ever done, but I must admit I am happier than most with long trips.
    ProfeLope / Group leader
    San Antonio / Posted on July 06, 2018
  6. Amazing Tour

    Our tour director was awesome.
    Pizza / Student traveler
    San Antonio, Texas / Posted on July 05, 2018
  7. Tour is aptly essence is all you get

    fast moving, fast paced tour, with only a general outline of what is happening each day. A detailed itinerary a couple days in advance would have been nice, instead we were dropped in a spot with "ok you have 5 hours of free time" or "ok you have 20 minutes of free time". There are other activities we would have liked to do had we known in advance the timing better. This tour is for the physically fit and able. The bus drive and tour guide were really great. The issues were with the logistics and what I consider subpar hotels, even for Europe.
    / Adult traveler
    Cerritos, CA / Posted on August 11, 2017
  8. Extraordinary Memories

    The entire trip was worth everything so put into it and everyone in charge of making sure my group had the trip of a life time was enthusiastic about it the entire time! I would recommend this trip to anyone who has a sense of adventure!
    Deana / Student traveler
    Minnesota / Posted on July 04, 2017
  9. Great functionality for the price.

    Great experience for the kids to see so many highlights and experience multiple European cultures!
    jk90 / Adult traveler
    Friendswood, TX / Posted on June 29, 2017
  10. Great Round Trip to Europe

    We were furtunate to have such an amazing Tour Guide ! Daniel was very patient, full of knowledge and would always go above and beyond for the group.
    The trip is a very fast pace experience, everyday day you're constantly going from place to place and given information and history.

    Cons about the trip is the food sadly. You are given the same meal everyday. A slight difference but the same meal and little portions. Also some activities you may have to pay extra which is a bit disappointing because you're under the impression that the trip is already paid for, and this isn't explained clearly or in detail from the beginning.
    At some points I felt as if the day and plan wasn't organized which left people confused.
    StreetWalker / Adult traveler
    El Paso, Tx / Posted on July 05, 2016

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