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  1. Three countries you wouldn't want to miss!

    This is a fantastic tour and my students absolutely loved it! Scotland by far was their favorite, but London and Paris were not far behind. Unless you are a English teacher, I would suggest customizing the tour to skip Stratford upon Avon and Chester. Our London leg of the trip was incredibly rushed and we didn't feel as if we really got to see or experience much in the city. The extra day spent at S.u.A and Ch. would have really been better spent in London. Our guide offered us several excursions that we participated in. In Scotland we went on Alexr. Clapperton's Ghost Tour which was fantastic! It was great information about the witch trials, plague in Scotland, along with other tortures from the past, but was also incredibly funny! We loved it. In London we participated in the Harry Potter walking tour which was also fantastic and I would highly recommend for your group. Many of my students absolutely love Harry Potter so for them this was the highlight of the trip. Our guide was really fun and we were split up into teams based off of the houses of Harry Potter. We also did the Jack the Ripper walking tour. This was my (and many of my fellow travelers) least favorite thing. The guide was funny and great at his job, but many of the scenes of the crimes are either gone or the current occupants don't want tour groups outside of their windows discussing murders that once happened in their homes. That is understandable, it was just the tour was a whole lot of "imagine that we are actually there". I would stay with the Harry Potter and Ghost Tour in Scotland. In Paris we did the night river cruise along the Seine. It was fabulous and really great to see Parisians all along the river enjoying themselves. It made the kids really see a part of Parisian life. Overall I would say this tour was fantastic and would strongly suggest booking it, but unless you are really married to the idea of Shakespeare I would save that time and give it to London so you aren't as rushed.
    JRRTolkien / Group leader
    Baytown, Texas / Posted on July 08, 2015
  2. enjoyable but...

    I'm writing this on my son's behalf. If I had him do it, his review would have been "it was ok".

    It seemed like he enjoyed it overall, but the things he had issue with are the same things I wouldn't have liked, had I gone on the trip.
    First, every morning started with a bus tour. ugh...bus tour? In my opinion, bus tours are an awful way to see sites, and my son seemed to agree. (he also admitted that many of the kids, himself included, usually napped for most of the bus tours...what a waste)

    Second issue was things usually felt hurried, like they had crammed too much to do into the days, so were constantly rushing from one place to the next. If you wanted to spend additional time at something you thought was interesting, or wanted to see something else nearby, too bad. You were being whisked off to the next location.

    I realize there's a ton to see over there, and I understand the idea of trying to see as much as possible. But when you're rushing around with the intent of just checking the next place off the list, rather than really spending the time to enjoy the experience, then did you actually experience them?

    I selected 'No' for recommending this tour, but wish there was a 'maybe' option, or 'yes with caveat'. As this type of format might be fine for some people.

    I asked my son if he wanted to go back some time, and he said "yes, but not on a tour". He would like to go with family and/or friends, and take things at a much more casual pace.
    J123 / Parent
    Marietta, GA / Posted on July 21, 2015
  3. Great Experience

    Great itinerary. Lots of stops and opportunities. Wish we knew about amount of unexpected cash needed for city transportation--if you don't do an excursion you need additional cash for trains. My child had money but all should have been prepared.
    Jasmom / Student traveler
    Middletown ct / Posted on April 21, 2015
  4. This trip

    This trip overall was a good time. The big places we went, London and Paris were awesome. We had a lot of issues with the British Airways though, which damaged some enjoyablity of the trip. Scotland was beautiful and great. The only thing with that was I felt like we were on a bus way too long. Haderan's wall and the lake district were neat, but I feel there was someplace cooler we could have visited. London was perfect. I don't believe there were any issues with anything there. We had enough free time to explore the city but not be bored. Paris was fun. I feel though we got TOO much free time though. The first day we saw the Eiffel tower and I had the extension of Versailles. Then we had an awkward 3 hours of freetime in our hotels. The next day we had like 5-6 hours of free time which was great, I had just a bad group situation so I did not get to do what i wanted. It was good overall just I think the trip to London from Scotland could have been more fun.
    ButterflyPrincess / Adult traveler
    Corona, californa / Posted on June 29, 2014
  5. Awesome, other than rude tour guide.

    The tour was over all very fun. The one down side was that our tour guide was very rude, and he yelled at the group often, and made the whole group feel uncomfortable. He was not a good way to start out our day. He didn't crack jokes, and told us pointless facts that none of us cared about and spent the majority of his time complaining about the government and the country's leaders.
    Quinwa / Student traveler
    Portland, Maine / Posted on April 28, 2014
  6. Wonderful Trip

    My daughter had an amazing trip in Scotland, Wales, England, and France. She loved their tour guide and the other group of students that were on the tour with her school.
    Share / Student traveler
    Charleston, SC / Posted on April 24, 2014
  7. Great Trip

    This was an amazing trip. I highly recommend it. I loved the trip to Paris, getting to see the Louvre and Versailles.
    mathteacher11 / Adult traveler
    Charlotte, NC / Posted on April 01, 2014
  8. Great Trip at a Great Pace

    The England, Scotland, France tour was wonderful! The pace of the tour was exactly what my group needed--slower at the beginning and then more aggressive toward the end. We had ample time in both London and Paris to see all the sites we wanted, plus a few extras. I would definitely choose this tour again.
    baseball19 / Group leader
    Franksville, WI / Posted on June 24, 2013
  9. Amazing trip

    EF did an amazing job! Our tour guide was wonderful and very fun. Thank you for showing me "the world". I would do it again in a heartbeat.
    agtp / Student traveler
    Posted on June 23, 2013
  10. Experience of a lifetime!

    I was looking forward to this tour ever since I had heard about it a year earlier. All the time waiting in anticipation and fundraising, etc., was COMPLETELY worth it! Besides being really fun (obviously), the tour allowed me to see what I had only read about in history books. It was so awesome to be able to stand directly in front of the Eiffel Tower. I'd highly recommend this trip to anyone -- you may be surprised just how much you'll enjoy it.
    Travel3rKenny / Student traveler
    Kenosha, WI / Posted on June 21, 2013

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