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  1. An English Extravaganza!

    We took a group of 13 AP Stats students on the STEM-themed Science and Innovation Tour in England over our Spring Break. We spent 8 days abroad exploring London as well as other notable sites around England including Stonehenge, the Prime Meridian in Greenwich, the Roman Baths, the Mayflower Steps in Plymouth, the Eden Project, and much, much more.

    The students were visibly excited throughout the trip as they were experiencing English food, culture, and customs for the first time. Their natural sense of curiosity was also quite apparent as they thoroughly explored the sites and cities along the way. The feedback regarding the trip from students, parents, and chaperones was resoundingly positive. We are looking forward to leading groups of forthcoming AP Stats students on such trips in the future!
    APstats / Adult traveler
    Palatine, IL / Posted on April 04, 2018
  2. AP Statistics Exploration

    We took a group of high school seniors to London and surrounding areas (Greenwich, Bath, Bristol, Newquay, Plymouth, Salisbury) on the Science and Innovation tour. We developed a packet of AP Statistics problems related to destinations along our journey. Students got an unforgettable experience seeing the UK, eating the food, and traveling via many modes of transportation. Our students are better prepared now for the upcoming AP exam and for college in general (dealing with roommates, traveling abroad, being flexible and positive in new situations).

    As a chaperone, I saw many sites and areas of the UK that I had not seen in two personal trips that I had taken prior. Venturing outside of the city of London to explore the Royal Observatory, Eden Project, Stonehenge, Roman Baths, Avebury Ruins, Salisbury Cathedral, and the cities of Bristol, Newquay, and Plymouth was a glorious new adventure. In London, we had free time to explore the Borough Market, Greenwich Market, Victoria and Albert Museum, Natural History Museum, and Science Museum. Students and chaperones enjoyed the traditional British cuisine as well as a variety of ethnic foods. Our tour director was knowledgeable, had a great rapport with our students, and handled the travel/itinerary with ease. He had also arranged for us to see Wicked in the West End and end our tour with the London Eye's panoramic views of the city. We were very pleased with the trip as a whole.

    We had such a positive experience working with the whole EF team (trip consultant, tour director, local tour guide) over the past year and during the trip. We are looking forward to booking many EF Tour adventures in the future. We may book the same tour again with new students next year.
    MathNerd / Group leader
    Roselle, IL / Posted on April 03, 2018
  3. Fantastic tour for all types!

    As this tour is a science based tour I was excited as a science teacher. However this tour is great for all types. The Eden project is worth the price of the trip alone, plus by going there you get to see some of England's beaches! Bath is a fantastic city, that was a great experience for my entire group. My group added an extra excursion to Stratford and Oxford, with an evening show at the Globe. All in all this trip offered something for everyone, and has instilled a desire in all of my students to travel again!
    ChemistryGuy / Group leader
    Newport, Kentucky / Posted on July 04, 2017
  4. Wow.

    I have never had a better experience in my entire life. This was my first time traveling out of the U.S. and I don't think it could have gone any better. I am extremely pleased with how the trip went and look forward to traveling overseas in the future (with or without EF). Highly recommend looking into a trip with EF
    madsss23 / Student traveler
    Lexington Park, Maryland / Posted on April 18, 2017
  5. Growing Up in England

    This trip was definitely a MAJOR milestone in my life! I was able to prove to myself just how responsible I really am. While on this amazing trip I was able to test my time management and organization skills, my spending habits, and even how I'd be able to look out for myself while in big foreign country. All proving to be successful, my self confidence was grealty boosted as I proved to be quite mature and able to handle myself. Of course I always considered myself capable but I'd always wondered, and even worried, about how well I would be in the "real world" as a true young adult. Well, on this trip, I was able to exercise these skills and prove to myself just how far I've come as a mature, responsible individual. Now, I am filled with confidence and determined for the bright future ahead. England was beautiful, and EF Tours did an incredible job with every city we visited. Our tour guide was so much fun, and made each day more exciting than the last! Even our bus driver was amazing!!

    Tour # 2!! Off to Italy in March, Bell'Italia here I come!!!
    Lingling0311 / Student traveler
    POTTSTOWN, PA / Posted on October 11, 2016
  6. An Experience I Will Never Forget

    I am so happy I was able to go on this tour. I was a chaperone for a high school trip, but at 21 years old, this tour for me was more about having a travel abroad experience while I'm still in college. I didn't expect everything we did to have such a profound impact on me like it did. We saw so much and everything we did was meaningful. Already, it has been amazing to be watching TV or listening to a Podcast and hear something referenced that I saw and now know more about because of this tour. We were able to experience history while we were in England, as the Brexit vote took place during our tour. We had more unexpected experiences too, like being in London for Pride and Avebury Stone Circle for the Summer Solstice. We were also very lucky to have a tour guide who was extremely personable and bonded with us over the course of this trip. This tour was the perfect combination of planned events and personal-interest guided exploring. My journey to England with EF will be something I will always remember. In the chaperone position as a college student and future teacher, I was able to grow my knowledge and experience in travel, leadership, culture, and so much more.
    thornado84 / Student traveler
    West Salem, Wisconsin / Posted on July 05, 2016
  7. Trip of a Lifetime!

    I loved this trip so much!! It made me appreciate the world so much more! I hope I can study abroad because of this trip!
    Jeckiwecki / Student traveler
    Itasca, Illinois / Posted on April 03, 2018
  8. Great science experience

    This tour is really for the science lover. From the many wonderful museums in London to the Eden Project, this tour had something for everyone. The traditional tour of London is also amazing. I would highly recommend it.
    Nazoteacher / Group leader
    Wind Gap, PA / Posted on July 20, 2017
  9. Awesome trip!

    The Science and Innovation trip was wonderful, particularly the visits to Stonehenge, the Eden Project, and the English Riviera. The walking and bus tours sometimes covered too many sights in too little time, so there was a bit of an information overload at times. However, there was a generous amount of free time for personal sightseeing and shopping. Overall, the trip was a success despite the lack of variety and quality in the EF-provided dinners (we had the same meal of bland chicken, potatoes, and peas on three different occasions). I would go on this tour again.
    Teacher87 / Group leader
    Posted on June 20, 2017
  10. Memorable Time

    Loved going on my first tour as a chaperone. The agenda was fast paced, but so much fun! Our tour guide was amazing. She was patient, knowledgable and so much fun. I enjoyed all of the sites we visited. With the exception of one, our lodgings were very nice and most of the meals were good. Students with food allergies were accommodated; however, I would recommend better quality of alternatives. We had no negative experiences. Everyone involved with the tour was top notch! Can't wait to go again!
    martinacats / Adult traveler
    Chambersburg, Pennsylvania / Posted on April 18, 2017

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