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  1. Amazing Experience!

    As a sophomore, I was very nervous before heading to Europe for my first time. However, this ended up being one of the best experiences of my life! Our tour director, Rosie, was amazing and made this trip even better! She went way above and beyond in so many different ways!

    People that had been to Europe before kept telling me what a great experience it was going to be, but I didn't really know what to believe or think of it. Now that I have been, and the trip was so great, I can't wait to return! I hope to be able to do one more trip before I graduate!
    Cows / Student traveler
    Tucson, AZ / Posted on June 12, 2017
  2. An Inspiring Experience

    Knowing that your hard working really pays off is a great feeling. From what I know, this trip was nicely priced and almost inexpensive. Knowing about the trip almost two years in advance helps a lot with preparing and saving. The trip itself was amazing. I loved the opportunity to visit Ireland and be in a country so unlike my own in size as well as exploring a whole different culture. I honestly wish that the trip could continue on. The scenery was breathtaking and I honestly loved just living in the moment. The people that I met along the way were amazing. The tour director was very interactive and engaging, they really played on what the group wanted to see. My overall experience was delightful and has sparked a desire to further explore the world. I would definitely book another tour with EF.
    Gibbs / Student traveler
    Gorham, Maine / Posted on April 23, 2017
  3. Another Winning Trip

    Older brother went first on this amazing middle school trip by older sister who actually went 2 years in a row. Little dude followed the family tradition and just returned from his EF Tour with his school mates and teachers.

    This is an amazing experience for kids. For many, it's their first time truly away from home, parents and everything that their used to. It's not only an opportunity to explore parts of the world only seen through books or the Internet but a chance to find their own footing in life, gain confidence and an appreciation that there is so much more in the world than their tiny slice of it back home.

    With these tours, the kids are always on the move. No time for texting, Instagram or gaming. They are enveloped in the experience around them, being apart of the world that is in front of them and not on a tiny screen. Talk about opening up their eyes!

    If you're a parent of a kid who has a chance to go on one of these trips....let them go! If money's an issue, find a way to pay for it. Give up your Starbucks, beer, nights on the town or whatever for 5 months so you CAN afford this trip. The payback for your child will be enormous. And you can make coffee at home anyway!

    If you are one of those hovering parents who always worries your child will be kidnapped or hurt in some way...get a grip and realize the world IS NOT quite as dangerous as your news feed is telling you. EF Tours has been running these tours for a very long time and, between the tour directors and the teacher chaperones, security is taken very seriously. They have never lost nor left a kid behind!

    So sign your kid up now and let them explore the world around them. You will be thanking yourself for doing so for years to come.
    Fasha / Parent
    Henderson, NV / Posted on April 18, 2017
  4. Incredible Trip!

    Our group had an incredible time visiting England, Ireland, and Wales! The experience started off great with our tour consultant, who prepped us for so much that we really didn't meet anything unexpected.

    Our tour director in-country helped so much in coordinating and adding information about EVERYTHING, not just the key sites we expected to visit. Our students deepened their own friendships, as well as making a few new ones. The pace is fast, but we were prepared for that because of the group leader training trip.

    We liked the stops we made, but we wished for a bit more free time. We spent most of a day on tour on the bus (Holyhead to London), with less free time than we would have liked.

    For the most part, provided dinners were very good. Beef Stew two nights was a little disappointing to some in our group, but it was good.

    Accommodations were great, for the most part. EF did a good job of preparing us for room sizes (especially in Ireland). Our students felt those rooms were more authentic, however, and liked them better than the chains we hit in England.

    Taking the ferry was a fun extra experience, even if it was long. Most of our students made the most of the time.

    We will definitely travel with EF again!
    EIW2017 / Group leader
    Dacula, GA / Posted on April 13, 2017
  5. A Wonderful Experience

    I had a wonderful time and I would recommend the tour to my friends and family. The first thing I want to address is that we had a great tour guide who was very knowledgeable about all the countries that we visited. I loved the part in Ireland where we kissed the stone in the castle. The visit to Shakespear's home was fantastic. The tour of Windsor Castle and the changing of the guards were great and the new guards came marching in with a band playing my high school song "We are boys and girls of Wesley." I enjoyed the visit to the Louvre and I took a picture of the Mona Lisa Portrait. The visit to Notre Dame Cathedral was magnificent and as we were going in there was a wedding party coming out of the Cathedral. The river cruise was amazing and the orator on the cruise gave us a lot of information about the various bridges that we passed under and the various buildings we saw from the boat.
    Plegue / Adult traveler
    Killeen, Texas / Posted on July 23, 2014
  6. Trip of a Lifetime!

    Everything about this trip from beginning to end was spectacular! I would not change a thing!
    TorP / Group leader
    Flatwoods, KY / Posted on October 17, 2017
  7. Trip Of A Lifetime!

    This trip was definitely one to remember! Everyone should take this trip, you will never forget it or regret it!
    / Student traveler
    Tallahassee, Florida / Posted on August 19, 2017
  8. Fantastic Trip to England, Ireland, Wales,Paris!

    Starting in Shannon/Limerick was great because the first 3 days were mainly scenery and small towns and everybody was getting over jet lag so they didn't mind sleeping on the bus and not having any evening activities. We all wished we had an extra day in London - not enough time. Maybe that should be added to the official EF itinerary? Of course, two days is never enough in Paris! Expect some rain on this tour - Ireland and England for sure, and even in Paris in August!
    MadameK / Group leader
    Placentia, CA / Posted on August 15, 2017
  9. Great Tour

    This was a wonderful experience and my first trip overseas.
    Issac / Adult traveler
    Wilkesboro, NC / Posted on August 07, 2017
  10. Adventures in Ireland, Wales, and England

    Our trip was a memorable one! We loved seeing the castles of Ireland and Wales. The views from the Ring of Kerry were spectacular! A highlight of the trip was the Gaelic Games in Dublin. I don't remember laughing so hard and enjoying myself so much! Everyone needs to experience this trip and the culture that the beautiful people of Ireland have to offer.
    CJT7 / Group leader
    New Braunfels, TX / Posted on July 25, 2017

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