• Good experience with a few hiccups

    The overall trip was great providing many wonderful learning opportunities for the students and chaperones. I have several concerns beginning with the flights on Iceland Air which does not provide meals unless they are purchased for passengers in the coach seats. This was disappointing given the amount of money paid for the trip and the mad scramble that was forced on us to get the kids food prior to boarding the plane each time. An international flight should include a meal and treats.

    My second concern is the confusion on our last day as we were leaving to fly home. The coach sent to pick us up had 38 seats. We had 43 travelers so we did not have enough seats or space for luggage. We spent nearly an hour problem solving. Finally we decided to have some of the travelers take taxis to the airport including the luggage that there was no room for. It was very confusing given the number of travelers should have been known by the coach company.

    One of the highlights of the trip was our tour guide. He was EXCELLENT and did a stand up job all around and is truly an asset to EF.
    Francois / Adult traveler
    St. Paul, MN / Posted on August 02, 2017
  • Breathtaking experience

    I had a lot of fun on my eng,and France trip!!, our tour director took us to some amazing places. I didn't feel like we were rushed at all , we got to see some amazing museums while in England and France! Our tour director did an amazing job showing us around , if I had to choose something I hated , it would be not being able to go to the London eye because it was closed :/. It was sad that we weren't in London for a long time but I liked Paris and Normandy and st malo, especially st malo.
    Sightofthesuns / Student traveler
    Hoffman estates ,Illinois / Posted on July 31, 2017
  • AWESOME!!!

    Our tour director was awesome. Everything was well planned out. Our tour director had our tickets ready and we were always first in line. My children and I had a great time. I would recommend EF tours to anyone who asked.
    Jaeger / Adult traveler
    Posted on July 17, 2017
  • Amazing Trip.

    Loved the this tour as it had the perfect mix of major European cities and a great Journey through Normandy and a jump into Brittany as well, giving the group the feel of of the smaller towns and culture. Loved The American Cemetery at Normandy and the beauty of Saint Michel and Saint Malo. Amsterdam was a highlight as well.
    EMcD / Adult traveler
    Hermiston, OR / Posted on July 16, 2017
  • England and France experience

    The trip was fun don't get me wrong. I went as a parent with my sisters high school. It has always been my dream to go and travel to England and France.

    The trip wasn't everything I exspected it to be. I don't no if I had my hopes set to high or not but I wasn't all that impressed with the trip. We did to many things in each day to the point that we had to rush to tour everything. we weren't able to stop and take pictures as we were walking because we power walked everywhere and if you stoped for 30 seconds to take a picture you lost your group. We would spend 45 minutes in something that we should have 2 hours at and we would spend 2 hours at something that we should only need 45 minutes for. Dinner was a whole different story, we didn't get to pick our own dinners. Dinner was preorder and if we didn't like it then we just didn't eat. I only ate 3 dinners on the whole trip.

    One thing that I did enjoy was that our tour guide was very good. He knew lots about everything that we saw. He had answers to all our questions. He joked with use and made the trip fun.
    CollegeStudent101 / Adult traveler
    Mason. Michigan / Posted on July 08, 2017
  • Wow

    What a wonderful experience for my daughter and myself to see the world. Lots to do and see and expertly guided tours for all of our travel time. We were safe, informed and on the go every moment. We saw things that most would not see traveling alone. Great trip!
    Hottea / Adult traveler
    Pittsburgh Pa / Posted on July 07, 2017
  • Awesome Trip

    Wonderful trip with a great Tour Director who was very knowledgeable and accommodating. The on-bus tour guides for each city were also excellent. Sincerely enjoyed the hotels and food provided although the Paris site was a little concerning with students.
    Only wish would of been able to spend more time on the Normandy coast and to attend more of the many museums in the area.
    American Cemetery is a MUST for anyone who visits this area.
    xxxxxxx / Adult traveler
    pa / Posted on July 03, 2017
  • Experience of a Lifetime!

    Overall the trip was GREAT! I wish we weren't so rushed in some places, though. 1 hour here, 30 minutes here.. that's simply just not enough time in places with such great history and entertainment. I feel we visited a few too many cathedrals, if we only visited the best 2 or 3 cathedrals that wouldve saved alot of time needed in other places. The dinner meal options were... interesting. Meal choices were played very safe and I wish we couldve gotten a taste of french food for dinner. Like how could we not have crepes for dinner?!?! And getting 30 minutes for lunch was ridiculous some days. I feel EF may have packed the schedule too tight that we couldnt fully enjoy alot of things. Other than the issues with time, our tour director was awesome, we loved her and all the tour guides were great.
    Lyss98 / Student traveler
    Cypress, Texas / Posted on June 29, 2017
  • The Heat was ON!!

    We had an awesome experience in England and France. Our tour director was wonderful, and took very good care of us. We were visiting during a heat wave, and after we experienced a bus with NO AC, he went out of his way to make sure we were compensated for our discomfort. All but one hotel was phenomenal (WELL worth the extra we paid for centrally located hotels), and the food was even better than the last trip in 2014.
    SoreFeet / Group leader
    Oak Harbor, OH / Posted on June 29, 2017
  • Awesome Trip!

    Loved this tour! Saw so much! Our tour guide was amazing!
    smmh01 / Adult traveler
    Posted on June 27, 2017