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  1. Scholarly experience

    The tour allowed for the students to not only experience history first hand, but through the experience, they have become worldly beyond measure and now have the confidence to explore other cultures with a newfound appreciation. Our tour guide taught them not only about the world beyond their small little town, but he taught them how to travel in a new place without the fear that they first had when they arrived in London and then in France. This experience was more than any classroom could have given them.
    SL2018 / Adult traveler
    Little Rock, Arkansas / Posted on March 27, 2018
  2. Amazing!

    The England and France trip was beyond anything we could have expected. Our tour guide in St. Malo was amazing! The change of pace from bustling cities like London and Paris, to the humbling beaches of Normandy and the memorials are so amazing it is almost impossible to put into words. The hotels and food were exactly as described. The thing to remember is the portion sizes are normal not super sized so if you are a big eater you will learn some moderation on this trip. Also bring comfortable shoes and be prepared to be amazed. I would recommend this tour to anyone.
    bigredone / Group leader
    Hereford, TX / Posted on January 25, 2017
  3. Excellent!

    The tour was wonderful and I appreciated our tour guide's, knowledge and experience at each stop on our tour. He was wonderful to talk to and very approachable. The experience was definitely once in a million. My only complaint was that this tour had to end. I will cherish this experience in England, France and Amsterdam.
    BuckeyeBound / Adult traveler
    Lima, OH / Posted on June 20, 2018
  4. Dude it was so great

    The service and tour guide was amazing. I don’t know what my teacher was all flipped out about bus getting there late I mean I bet y’all would’ve taken care of us if it was … she probably just mad that she fell and twisted her ankle walking. But for me it got me out of my comfort zone and took me to places I thought I’d never see. Plus the tour guide made sure we knew some French to help us while we were there so we weren’t just ignorant Americans. Satiean (I don’t know how to spell it) but he was amazing I really felt no anxiety around.
    QueenNavajo / Student traveler
    Wichita Kansas / Posted on June 13, 2018
  5. Awsome Trip!

    This was an amazing trip! Love the sights we got to see and the people we got to meet! Our Tour directors were all very knowledgeable about the places we went! Would definitely go on another EF tour again!
    lizmurph / Adult traveler
    Morris, Alabama / Posted on April 17, 2018
  6. Amazing Experience!

    Had a great time on my tour! My director was very kind and always had a solution to any problem that arose during the trip. I am so glad I got to take this trip because I got to see things that I never realized I wanted to see. I will definently take another tour with EF next year. Overall great Trip!
    EFTour1234 / Student traveler
    Reading PA / Posted on April 08, 2018
  7. Incredible Experience!

    My daughter just got back from England/France Tour. She loved everything about her trip and said she would go again on a EF tour! Leader was great and so was the tour guide. I appreciate all the attention to detail so that as a parent I felt at ease that my child was in capable hands.
    CVmom1 / Student traveler
    Chula Vista, CA / Posted on April 02, 2018
  8. Great experience

    Overall this experience was great. There were a few minor issues. For example, one of the bus drivers was incompetent and one of the hotels didn't have hot water. The tour guide, Lisa, was great. The experience was amazing.London was great. Normandy was especially nice and emotional. I loved Paris, especially the Eiffel Tower.
    EFtourrater / Adult traveler
    Chula Vista / Posted on April 01, 2018
  9. Trip of a Lifetime !

    I had never been on an EF Tour before and hadn't traveled much. This was my first experience and I wouldn't have it any other way! The trip was absolutely amazing and we saw extremely beautiful cathedrals. Our tour guide was always there to help no matter the situation and he made sure we stayed entertained. I loved this trip so so much and I'm sure you will too!
    42baller / Student traveler
    Cabot, AR / Posted on March 30, 2018
  10. Trip of a Lifetime

    The trip was amazing! Everything was very well organized, the guide was so informative, and the selected sites to visit were impressive.
    Wanderer11 / Student traveler
    Cabot, AR / Posted on March 28, 2018

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