• Not What I Expected

    This trip was a great idea, but it did not live up to expectations at all. One thing I really liked about this trip was the Equator exhibit because that was very interactive and fun. The mission work was interesting, but it felt as though we didn't help anyone at all. We just did random busy work that felt pointless and not helpful. Also, it felt as though the people who were already working on site did not like our help. As for the Galapagos Island part of the trip, the islands were very nice, but the boat rides were horrific. I have never been boat sick before, but traveling 2+ hours on a speed boat made me extremely nauseous. Also, I wish more time could have been spent on the beaches of the islands. The worst part of the whole trip was the food. Since arriving back home, I've had extreme stomach problems, as did mostly everyone else on the trip. Most nights the food consisted of chicken and rice and by the end of the trip, everyone was repelled by the thought of these foods. I think if more food options were offered, the food would've been less of an issue. Overall, the trip was ok, but the bad outweighed the good in most aspects.
    SlightlyAggravated / Student traveler
    Plymouth, MA / Posted on February 26, 2016
  • Good could be great trip

    This trip showcased well the geography and culture in Ecuador. We spent too much time traveling on the motor coach. The boat rides between the islands on th Galápagos were very long and difficult. None of the passengers were prepared for how uncomfortable it would be. We were very tightly packed in. The boat performed at top speed the duration of the trip. Boat time for the two days was between four and five hours but time on land was only between two and three hours. If you spend that much time on a boat, you need down time.
    Jooo / Group leader
    Boston, MA / Posted on February 26, 2016
  • amazing!

    This Ecuador/Galapagos island tour was the trip of a lifetime! Everyday was filled to the brim with exciting things to see, do and eat. Our EF guide was beyond professional, organized and fun. I would recommend an EF tour to anyone. You will not be disappointed!
    NYCmom / Adult traveler
    New York City / Posted on February 23, 2016