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  1. Wonderful trip, with some room for improvement.

    Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this trip. Our tour guide was exceptionally knowledgeable and passionate about sharing his country’s history and culture, and he went well out of his way to make the trip as special as he possibly could. Our bus driver also did an amazing job and was always eager to please. The things we did and the places we visited were amazing and lots of fun, but there are a few areas where improvements can be made.

    My biggest complaint was with the accommodations in Tena. They were horrendous and completely unsatisfactory. The rooms were filthy and full of bugs and even mice. The heat was stifling and there wasn’t even so much as a fan in any of the rooms. EF needs to disassociate itself with that particular lodge and find a new place to house your customers.

    The hotel in Guyaquil was not much better for that matter. It was impossible to take a shower due to faulty plumbing and shoddy maintenance.

    The bus was also way too small given the amount of time we spent on it. We averaged about 6-7 hours per day stuffed into a tiny bus that barely had enough seats for our group (there was only one open seat). A bigger bus would have been far more comfortable.

    The flights to and from Ecuador could have also been planned better. We had a 7+ hour layover on the way there, and an overnight flight on the way back (after a full day of touring and activities). There were much shorter and more convenient itineraries available, and getting on an airplane at 11pm after 14 hours of sweating in the rainforest is not pleasant at all. A morning flight the next day would have been far more preferable.

    I would have also liked to have had a little more time dedicated to shopping for souvenirs and/or just general free time to explore. The days were planned down to the minute and were full of wonderful activities, but a little free time here and there would be a welcome addition.

    All in all, it was still a wonderful and fun experience. The suggestions above would just make it that much better in my opinion.
    GB33 / Adult traveler
    Birmingham, Alabama / Posted on June 07, 2019
  2. Informative

    This was a great tour. Each stop was very interesting and we learned a lot. The scenery was beautiful; however, there was way too much time traveling on the bus.
    Traveler324 / Adult traveler
    Birmingham, Alabama / Posted on June 07, 2019

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