• The First EF Student Group to Cuba

    I have waited quite a while to write this review, about 14 months, but that does not diminish the impact this trip had on me or the students. I'm just not in the habit of writing reviews on anything, but a recent conversation with one of the student travelers and our joyous remembrance of this trip causes me to write this one.

    We enjoyed our cultural experience with the Cubans very, very much. We soaked in the sights, history, and environment, but most of all our hearts were warmed by the generosity of the Cuban people. Our interactions with the youngsters, the elders, the artists and musicians, the ball players, fellow river swimmers, our guides and driver - everyone- remain with us as cherished experiences.

    Our tour may have been a bit different than that of future travelers, as Cuba was not "totally open" at the time, but the itinerary appears to be pretty much the same.

    It is my understanding that we went on the very first EF student trip to Cuba. I admit, it was not perfect. We had a communication bump here and there, and a couple of glitches in the itinerary, but I believe any rough edges have been smoothed a bit by now.

    Totally safe, totally fun and genuinely fulfilling as a human to human exchange; I highly recommend this trip.
    Teachertrekker / Group leader
    Gossburg, Tennessee / Posted on January 25, 2017
  • Amazing

    My son went to Cuba on an EF tour through his school. His experience was nothing short of amazing! He is 14 and did very well with no problems despite little ability to communicate from Cuba.
    CanterburyMom / Student traveler
    Fort Wayne, IN / Posted on December 02, 2016
  • Exceeded Every Expectation!

    Everything about this tour was amazing. The food, the culture, the people, the music, the art, and just the completely eye-opening experience.
    JPutter18 / Adult traveler
    Brookfield, WI / Posted on August 06, 2016
  • Interesting but disappointing trip

    Cuba is an amazing place but unfortunately, the group spent much time doing nothing. There were many missed opportunities and/or too little time at a site. For instance, at the Bay of Pigs, we had 25 minutes to visit the museum and the bay. Our Cuban guide was not very friendly, and did not give any talks about the landscape as we were traveling from place to place. The hotels were okay except for the mold and dirty sheets. Food was okay but lots of "Golden Corral" type of set ups. I don't feel as if the group really experienced "Cuban" food. Lots of "hurry up" and then little time to experience the museum or the educational activity. Be aware of lots of hidden "tips" and costs that EF does not tell you about. I am still glad to have experienced Cuba BEFORE it becomes too touristy. EF didn't have flight arrangements until less than a month before the trip.
    Teacherswhotravel / Group leader
    Ohio / Posted on July 18, 2016
  • Completely worthwhile

    This trip to Cuba was priceless. The Cuban economy is so different, and the history incredibly rich. We were left with far more questions as we departed than when we arrived, and made all of us want to return as soon as possible. I can't recommend this trip highly enough.
    NateM / Group leader
    Lancaster, PA / Posted on July 16, 2016
  • Life Changing Cuban Experience

    For years I had envisioned not only going to Cuba but making it at the same time an unforgettable educational experience. This trip proved to be just that, an educational, cultural experience that has changed not only my perception of the world but that of my students as well. It was definite a different type of trip due to the nature of the People to People program we were part of. It was full of activities, of music, history and culture. In spite if the high temperatures and humidity which some days made it a bit uncomfortable to walk around, the students and myself were able to enjoy the differences and peculiarities of Cuban society. Those planning on taking this trip must remember that tourism in Cuba is not as developed as in other Caribbean islands, hence hotel accommodations, Internet service and food availability may be limited.
    Megumi / Group leader
    New Jersey / Posted on July 13, 2016
  • 48 years...worth it!

    Since 1968 I've wanted to visit Cuba. Now thanks to EF, I've been-there-done-that-(literally)-bought-the-t-shirt...and it was worth the wait. Ushered through our itinerary by an immensely talented, caring and intelligent tour guide, we all left with a wealth of knowledge about the Caribbean's largest island and with the hope that many more people will have as rewarding an experience as we did.
    Blackbox / Adult traveler
    Dayton, Ohio / Posted on July 12, 2016
  • Cuba Libre

    Overall, the trip was terrific. We had a fabulous Cuban tour guide who had terrific command of the English language, an amazing knowledge of history, and an engaging personality. Our accommodations were comfortable; it was convenient to have all the meals taken care of even though we did tire of the repetition (rice and beans/ flan), but it would have been nice to have one meal where we could have ordered from the menu. We did most of what was listed on the EF website but not all, and a printed daily itinerary would have been great for planning clothes and for a keepsake.
    Dandy / Adult traveler
    Dayton, OH / Posted on July 06, 2016
  • Havent had this much fun in a while.

    Cuba was my first time out of the country. All I can say is amazing. The people the culture and the food was everything I thought and more. It wasn't just about a good time. It was also a chance for the students to see other ways of living and humbled them. I would do this tour every year if I could. Definitely not my last tour with EF.
    Aaronb3 / Adult traveler
    Indianapolis,IN / Posted on July 05, 2016
  • Eye opening trip!

    Cuba was full of adventure! Every day we had something that would open our eyes to problems and experiences that we've never thought of before. I loved Experiencing the different culture! The Cuban people are so welcoming and love to hear about us! There were no major problems because our wonderful tour director kept the stress to a minimum! EF nailed this tour on the head and I would love to go again any day!
    / Student traveler
    St. Inigoes, Maryland / Posted on July 04, 2016