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  1. Amazing Experience - So glad I went!

    My trip to Costa Rica was amazing and I made so many memories I will never forget! I learned a lot about the culture, environment, and philosophy of the country. I had so many fun adventures like ziplining, hiking to a waterfall, kayaking, and dancing. I would highly recommend this trip and would go again in a heartbeat!
    teenadventurer / Student traveler
    Chico, CA / Posted on April 18, 2019
  2. Wonderful Trip

    The guide and bus driver were excellent!
    Everything was arranged and timed very well.
    The variety of activities were great and kept the trip interesting.
    There was a nice mix of cultural and biological activities and active sports (kayaking, zip line).
    Well worth the cost.
    Fisher / Adult traveler
    Kent, Ohio / Posted on April 04, 2019
  3. A Trip of a Lifetime!

    I am so excited to give a raving review of my EF Costa Rica Tour. I can honestly say it exceeded my expectations. I have traveled in a variety of ways, independently, with groups, school trips, and family vacations. This particular tour made me a believer in going on the guided tour track, and especially with EF. Our guide provided the best of the best of educational tours. Providing us not only incredible and interesting information, but also provided entertainment, exercise and recreation! I feel I got to see, feel and taste all of Costa Rica's best. On our tour we dried coffee beans, ground and ate exotic cocoa creations, kayaked in lakes, hiked and swam in waterfalls, soaked in vernal pools, salsa danced with locals, wondered through cloud and rainforests, cooled off in the pacific ocean, and ate fresh local food every day. We saw sloths, monkeys, toucans, hummingbirds, butterflies, crocodiles, parrots, iguanas, and more! The temperature was absolutely delightful in March. It rained some in the mountains and rainforests, which was actually really pleasant and apparently very welcome to the locals. Our accommodations were always pleasant, comfortable and welcoming. I was happily surprised we could actually drink water from the tap wherever we went. Every meal included fresh fruit, salad, rice and beans, some kind of protein and freshly made juice of locally grown tropical fruit. Our tour guide and bus driver were an amazing team and clearly top notch in their field. Our guide made us feel so welcome, and truly heart and soul into our experience. I can't wait to do another trip, especially to Costa Rica.
    NorCalGal / Adult traveler
    Chico, Ca. / Posted on March 28, 2019
  4. Life Changing!

    This was an amazing experience that my daughter and I were lucky enough to do together. The beauty of this country is breathtaking, literally, at times. The waterfall tour was well worth the hike up and down. The hot springs was beautiful and revitalizing. The lake kayaking was so much fun! The ziplining was so much fun and we felt so safe doing it! Lastly, our group was cohesive and made the trip even better. However, the EF Tour director was so knowledgeable, kind and most important fun! You will not be disappointed if you go on this trip :)
    Milamber / Adult traveler
    Phoenix, AZ / Posted on March 26, 2019
  5. Would do it all over again...multiple times!

    This trip was the experience of a lifetime for me and my students. Our tour guide was a natural science teacher so he had a ton of personal knowledge to share about the geography, culture, flora, and fauna of the country. This really added to the experience. The excursions were well-thought and well-planned. This is a VERY active trip and somewhat physically strenuous at times. Bring good sturdy shoes and clothes for rain, wind, hot, and cold weather. I wished I brought jeans for the wind in Monteverde and leggings for the ziplining! My group and I loved this tour so much, I want to do it again in two years.
    chanclasviejas / Group leader
    Lawrenceville, GA / Posted on August 24, 2018
  6. Un viaje increible

    A fantastic tour- leaps and bounds better than the EF trips to Europe. It was packed with activities, giving students the most bang for their buck. Our tour guide was intelligent and organized. The food was fantastic, and with great portions. Hotels were clean, and beautiful, and supported local business owners. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone considering traveling EF.
    SrtaH / Adult traveler
    Palmer, MA / Posted on February 24, 2020
  7. Outstanding tour!

    I had very high expectations for this tour. Our Tour Director gave his 200% and made it even better than any of us could have hoped. Our bus driver was exceptionally skilled and very welcoming. Three of the four hotels we stayed at were excellent, and the other one was more than acceptable. Food was always ample and usually excellent. The base of rice is pretty repetitive, but the chefs find ways to mix things up. Every activity was outstanding, but I especially enjoyed the crocodile cruise with narration from our tour director, the chocolate plantation tour, the farm tour, and the cloud forest. Make sure to wear more sunscreen than you think you’ll need when visiting the beach at Manuel Antonio! The water is warm, but you’ll have to take a break from visiting with the capuchins to enjoy it. I have no complaints whatsoever and would take this trip again in a heartbeat.
    AGGboston / Student traveler
    Boston, Massachusetts / Posted on February 23, 2020
  8. Amazing

    This trip was amazing. We could not have had better tour guides.
    WendyP / Adult traveler
    Lexington Kentucky / Posted on October 17, 2019
  9. Rustic and Beautiful

    I would like to preface this review with how pleased I was with the beauty and culture of Costa Rica. The experience I had there with my students was truly amazing. We saw do many different animals (sloths!), beautiful landscapes, and enjoyed zip lining, kayaking, and hiking. The trip is also an education in living in a developing country. It is important to prepare for some rustic accommodations and different ways of life. Many of the hotels were not what we Americans would call comfortable and hot water was limited, which is to be expected. This is how it is in Costa Rica and its important to see this for students. I also got more car sick than I have ever been on the buses, as the roads were rough. Despite this I'm glad I went and my experience was worth every uncomfortable moment.
    Bunny83 / Adult traveler
    kentucky / Posted on September 26, 2019
  10. Amazing Costa Rica Experience

    I had a wonderful experience in Costa Rica. I enjoyed the food and hotels, as well as the souvenir and coffee shops. I had a lot of fun spending time with my groupmates touring the different locations and immersing myself in the culture. The locals were friendly and very inviting.
    Naney / Student traveler
    Silver Spring, MD / Posted on August 06, 2019

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