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  1. Fantastic tour

    My son loved this tour. He was able to tour the Panama Canal and practice his Spanish with the locals. He enjoyed the occasions when they could tour on their own also. He absolutely loved Costa Rica, he loved snorkeling, the zipline excursion, kayaking, the chocolate plantation tour, the coffee plantation tour and the night hike. He loved the food and the hotels they stayed at. He came home with adventure stories and tons of pictures. He can’t wait to go back!
    Meliss / Student traveler
    Albuquerque, NM / Posted on June 15, 2018
  2. Costa Rica and Nicaragua

    Nicaragua was an eye-opening experience for my students who had never visited a third-world country before. The people there were welcoming, friendly and kind to us. Masaya Volcano was great. The students walked right up to the opening of the crater. The views of the crater lake at the Katrina overlook were lovely and as an added bonus we saw a group of capuchin monkeys up close in the trees in the old crater. Costa Rica was as beautiful as advertised and we especially enjoyed the zip-lining, kayaking, snorkeling, and volcano viewing. I wish I could name our tour guide because he was GREAT! He made the entire trip fun and accessible for all of us and he was very patient and funny. The only negative I could add would be the hotel in Guanacaste. Not the best layout for high school kids, but other than that the trip was very worthwhile.
    Ugagal / Group leader
    Hattiesburg, MS / Posted on March 20, 2018
  3. What an amazing experience

    This was my first time traveling out of the country for any length of time (not staying at a resort), and I couldn't be happier with the experience! Our tour guide was amazing, she kept the trip fun and informative, I learned a great deal from her. She always had a "Plan B" in case one of the excursions didn't work out. We had scheduled stops at various grocery stores where the kids (and adults) were able to get snacks and drinks, which was an experience as well. I really enjoyed being immersed in the culture, trying new foods and learning about the history of Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The excursions were amazing, especially hiking Mombacho and visiting El Rincon de la Veja. The coffee tour and chocolate tour were very interesting and fun! The zip lining, kayaking and snorkeling trips were amazing as well. I enjoyed every aspect of the trip. The itinerary was perfect, the timing of each activity was exactly where is should've been. We are considering taking another trip to the area in 2 years, especially if we can have the same tour guide!
    JWB123 / Adult traveler
    Milwaukee, WI / Posted on July 27, 2017
  4. Amazing Experience!

    From the time we touched down in Costa Rica, to the time we departed Nicaragua, the experience was amazing! Each and every experience was worthwhile. Our students cannot say enough great things since their return home! Pura Vida!
    / Adult traveler
    Pittsburgh, PA / Posted on July 13, 2017
  5. Perfect

    This was the best thing I've ever done. The hotels were amazing, the pools were fabulous. The friends I made from the other school we're absolutely amazing. I would go on this tour 100 more times. Everything about it was perfect. The kayaking was my favorite part. My friend and I flipped people in their kayaks and it was so funny. The coffee tour was a blast. The tour guide was amazing. He told a ghost story and it scared me. This trip was amazing.
    Vivyan / Student traveler
    Hinsdale NJ / Posted on April 22, 2017
  6. Great

    I loved every thing about it. Aura our tour guide did a wonderful job, drivers did a great job, food was all good. Third hotel was not in the best location but over all the hotels were good.
    Buslady / Adult traveler
    Cedarville ohio / Posted on June 19, 2018
  7. A lot of travelling

    We received constant text updates about the trip from my daughter and those are what my review is based off of. The first half, she seemed almost miserable. Long walks in intense rainstorms, constantly switching hotels, a lot of bus travel, and visits to museums and other "boring" activities had me pretty frustrated. By the end of the trip, though, she had made friends and there were more fun things planned. I think Panama could have been scrapped from the trip entirely, with more time spent in Costa Rica. She said she'd like to revisit Costa Rica again, as it's beautiful. The tour guide did a great job. Some of the first feedback we heard from all the girls concerned the food - beans and rice - way too much of it. Liv's tips: bring multiple pairs of tennis shoes, several cheap plastic ponchos, and 1 pair of pants.
    RobDog / Parent
    Brookville, OH / Posted on June 19, 2018
  8. Peace of mind

    We had to switch from Puerto Rico. Then we had to switch from Nicaragua. EF was so helpful all the way. We ended up with Panama and Costa Rica. So much fun. Great TD and wonderful activities, hotels and food. Students and adults had a fantastic tour.
    BurqueProf / Group leader
    Albuquerque, NM / Posted on June 15, 2018
  9. Amazing experience!

    Breathtaking views and amazing experiences throughout!
    bostonmarathon2000 / Adult traveler
    Houston, Texas / Posted on May 15, 2018
  10. Once in a life time experience

    Best tour guide EVER !
    rubia / Student traveler
    Bronx, Ny / Posted on April 17, 2018

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