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  1. The Great Outdoors Redefined

    We had a biologist for a tour guide as we journeyed throughout Costa Rica. She was very informative and taught us about so many aspects of Costa Rica's nature as well as the culture of the people. We participated in zip lining, farm sustainability tours, snorkeling, horseback riding, a wildlife boat tour, a hike to a waterfall, a visit to a national park with volcanos, and a coffee plantation tour. Students came back with much more appreciation for nature and more willing hearts for conservation and recycling. My favorite part was a cultural exchange where we met a high school dance group and learned their dances. We also taught them some of our favorite dances. Working with EF was awesome, and I will definitely travel with them again.
    KYtoCR / Group leader
    Louisville, KY / Posted on July 06, 2017
  2. 12/10 Would do again!

    The Costa Rica tour was amazing! We did so many things to challenge and excite the students and push them to try and do new things. We saw volcanoes, went zip lining through the jungle, went horseback riding, danced with Costa Rican students, swam in the ocean, swam at the base of a beautiful waterfall, ate delicious food, saw a monkey war, drove though the beautiful cloud forest...

    Our tour guide and bus driver were amazing! They were funny, and inspiring, and informational. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone. I want to go back!
    NeeSeeDee / Adult traveler
    Kaysville, UT / Posted on July 02, 2017
  3. Best experience of my life!!

    My trip to Costa Rica was so much fun! We did so many amazing activities and our tour guide made sure that we got the most out of each one. He knew and taught us so much about Costa Rica and was very proud that he grew up there. Also, he and the bus driver were very fun together! We did so many fun things such as zip lining, snorkeling, horseback riding, touring a coffee plantation, white water rafting, and many more! I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone and can't wait to go back in the future! Pura Vida!
    smallcar / Student traveler
    Northampton, Pennsylvania / Posted on July 01, 2017
  4. Overall a wonderful time

    Overall I was very pleased with the accommodations, the tour and the activities. The down side is that the arrival day had too much down time as did day 3. The snorkeling was not good at all and should be moved to a new location or replaced with a better and longer activity.

    Our guide was superb as was our bus driver! They made the long rides fun and were very knowledgable.

    I would definitely do another EF tour in the future - it was just the right mix of learning and adventure
    Monkey911 / Adult traveler
    Greenville SC / Posted on June 21, 2017
  5. Unforgettable!

    This trip was wonderful! My students enjoyed every activity and there was something for everyone's different preferences. Our guide and driver were excellent! By the end of the week my students were using Spanish without even thinking about it. Our hotels were close to activities and students could explore the area. The hotels were also very nice. My students cried when they had to say good bye to our guide and leave. I am so glad I took them on this trip!
    SraK / Group leader
    Indianapolis, IN / Posted on June 20, 2017
  6. Pura Vida!

    This experience exceeded my expectations. As a student on tour said to me, "Life begins just outside your comfort zone". We were safe and challenged throughout the trip. Our guide was a uniquely qualified individual with seemingly endless surprises up her sleeve. The accommodations were clean and comfortable, and wherever we went, our hosts and hostesses were attentive and generous. Our tour was in reverse of the typical itinerary, meaning we had some of the most anticipated elements early on, yet even an impromptu dance party on the bus felt like a once-in-a-lifetime event. Pura Vida!
    Armondito / Adult traveler
    Falmouth, Maine / Posted on April 23, 2017
  7. Totally changed my life!

    This was my first EF tour and as like many, I did not know what to expect. I was blown away. I was introduced to so many people and to this day I still am in contact with. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and encouraged questions. This was a great experience and I am now enrolled into another EF tour to continue my knowledge on different cultures and view different parts of the world.
    Raquele / Student traveler
    Clyde, Ohio / Posted on January 09, 2018
  8. Amazing!

    This tour was such an awesome experience and so much fun!
    Makk / Student traveler
    Smithfield, KY / Posted on September 13, 2017
  9. Costa Rica

    It was fun. Saw interesting things and had fun experiences. Whitewater rafting was one of my favorites. Recommendation: if you are going definitely bring more than one swimsuit and more than one towel.
    Jrd18 / Student traveler
    Bath Pennsylvania / Posted on July 01, 2017
  10. know what you are getting into

    As an adult traveler I would tell any parent considering going on this trip to really think about it because if you feel this is going to be an enjoyable, luxurious, relaxing, fun vacation you may be surprised. I was told while on the trip when i questioned anything and on several occasions that an educational tour is not a vacation. It really is nonstop with very little sleep and no free time to do anything on your own. I just recently returned from a trip to costa rica with my daughter and a group from her high school and from an adult perspective it was very disappointing as the cost of everything is considerable. Please do not mistake what I am saying for negativity as i am just trying to give an honest representation of what i experienced. This trip is geared for kids who are not thinking about how much everything cost, or the precious time off from work, and who are super high energy. please don't misunderstand I did make great memories with my teenager and i know we will never forget this trip. But i admit i made the mistake of thinking it was going to be more of a vacation because as a single mom it was difficult to make the payments and this is my only vacation this year. We were at breakfast every morning at 7am and had a full 10-12 hour day everyday while traveling in a greyhound bus full of teenagers as our group was paired with a group of middle schoolers from another state who we did everything with the whole week. we spent countless hours on the bus. The accommodations were very sparse, old, and outdated with no tv. sketchy air conditioning, no wifi, and no hot water. i am not making this up. I know these things are not important to everyone but I am just stating the facts. I even paid $180 extra so me and daughter could share a room so i would not have to share a room with a complete stranger and that turned out to be a double bed and a twin bed. not kidding. Every meal we ate was a buffet usually breakfast and dinner at the hotel and lunch at a prearranged place where we were out and about. every single meal consisted of very small portions, with black beans and rice, very little meat was offered all week, with a small salad and steamed vegetables. again not the worst just never any variety or choices and definitely not for a picky eater. and if we had an opportunity to go to a restaurant we had to pay on our own. several activities like the national park hike and waterfall were extremely strenuous for someone who was not in the best of shape. me. so I struggled. several activities were disappointing like one lunch our tour guide arranged for us to eat at a friend's aunt's house so we could see how costa ricans live.
    it consisted of her serving rice and beans and salad to us in her garage with no place to sit and flies buzzing around. and because there was not enough room we were divided into teams so while one team was eating the rest of us sat at a playground across the street and waited for our team to be called. it was just weird to me that was acceptable. but the kids ate whatever they were given whenever they were told to and just ran around the whole time. i guess my mistake is that i expected more. What i will say is the bus driver and tour guide were extremely nice but any time i questioned anything i was told to relax or pura vida which means pure life and is the costa rican saying for literally everything. the tour guide even said to me " so i guess you go on vacation to watch tv" and I said no but i just thought there would have been more comforts. It really was as close to camping as you could get. I truly hesitated to write anything as I did not want to come across as whiny or difficult but I do wish i had researched what I was getting myself into before i invested $6000. I do not want to discourage anyone from going but I just wanted to offer a realistic idea of what to expect so there are no surprises. The kids seemed to have a great time and were more go with the flow about the details. the kids were very well monitored and your child would be safe if you are on the fence about sending them. i do not regret going but it taught be to be more aware about what to expect the next time. i would never go again. I hope this somehow helps someone have a clearer understanding of what is offered so that you can make a well informed decision. thanks
    doseofreality / Adult traveler
    ohio / Posted on June 20, 2017

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