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  1. Language and Cultural Immersion

    Our students had a chance to practice and develop their Chinese language skills. They had opportunities to learn the rich history of Chinese culture. Our students made many friends and enjoyed every aspect of this experience.
    jfxm / Adult traveler
    Ardmore, PA / Posted on July 06, 2016
  2. BusyFun Learning

    EF Tour Guide based out of Xi'an made it seem easy as she stitched together a high end experience for our group. My 4th trip to China was so much better from both an educational and experiential perspective. The city guides were also helpful, kind, and thoughtful.
    Elmo135 / Adult traveler
    Ann Arbor, MI / Posted on July 04, 2016
  3. Phenomenal Opprotunity

    This trip was better than anything that I could have imagined! Each and every single day was jam packed with fun activities. Also, I got to meet some really great people. Through this tour I was able to fully appreciate China's scenery, history, food, and culture. All of this wouldn't have happened without the help of the EF Tour Director and group leaders.

    If you every get an opportunity to travel--do it! You won't regret it!
    Beamish / Student traveler
    Longmont, CO / Posted on June 24, 2016
  4. Fantastic!

    My son can’t stop talking about his trip to China. Not only about all the amazing things he saw and learned, but also about the tour guides and accommodations EF provided. And I’d like to give a shout-out for the above and beyond service—my son lost his cell phone on a bus tour in Beijing. His tour guide worked so hard to help locate the phone and have it delivered to my son in Shanghai! Unbelievable!
    JustG / Student traveler
    Boise, Idaho / Posted on June 18, 2018
  5. What a great time!

    I really loved this trip. I finally traveled to a country that I have been studying for a while. It was really organized and there were always something to do. Even built in free time was great. I loved the Great Wall of China and the Terra Cotta Soldiers. The food was authentic, but had flavors I was not used to. I would like to see more of an American full breakfast.

    On the down side one Hotel was not as nice as the others, the rooms were not clean and our guide had the hotel changed.
    KitKatGirl / Student traveler
    Verona NJ / Posted on August 01, 2017
  6. China

    I was happy to finally go to China as an adult.

    There was too much travel time with not enough visit time at the the various areas we visited. I always felt rushed after so much time in the bus. We had four or five in country flights we were days we did virtually nothing.
    So much seemed around eating which were never anything special. Same menu at each meal.

    Tour guide did a good job but struggled with plans to plan activities when we were unable to get to where we wanted to go or (because of flooding) were forced to change hotels.

    I would not do this tour again.
    dim65 / Adult traveler
    Mass / Posted on July 13, 2017
  7. Awesome!!!!

    Was an amazing trip, I would definitely recommend it this and would do it again.
    Antdude / Student traveler
    Chester, NJ / Posted on July 12, 2017
  8. Outstanding Tour of China!

    Our trip was simply excellent. Our Tour Director in China could not have been any more informative, hospitable, or adaptable to our needs and interests as a group.
    MrPrincipal / Group leader
    Wilmington, DE / Posted on March 27, 2017
  9. Wonderful

    Our tour director was amazing. He was knowledgeable, patient and creative in the way he handled our tour. Every day included worthwhile information and visits to historical sites. We loved it all!
    WilmingtonFriends / Student traveler
    Wilmington, DE / Posted on March 23, 2017
  10. Would do it again

    We had a wonderful trip. Before going to China, I was somewhat anxious and didn’t know what to expect -- but our lodging and food were very good, and the sites that we saw were great. Our tour director had a witty sense of humor and quickly bonded with the kids. He had to constantly make “just-in-time” adjustments based on the weather, traffic, etc., and made the tour a spectacular success! One night in particular demonstrated his strengths and experience – an adult leader we were travelling with became ill and our tour director quickly arranged for transportation to a nearby hospital, went with the person and interpreted for them, and worked with EF to identify next steps in case the patient needed to be sent to a bigger hospital (thankfully, she did not). I got a strong sense that safety was a priority and the bus drivers did a terrific job of getting us from place to place.

    Local guides in the various cities were also very knowledgeable and educated and entertained us.

    Of course, the big attractions like the Great Wall, Terra Cotta Warriors, etc. were spectacular – but some of the best and most memorable moments for our kids were just simply walking down the streets of a Chinese city, conversing in Mandarin with street vendors and store clerks, and eating/seeing the bizarre yet tasty food.

    We had 3 domestic flights within China – each one was very good with better service than we are used to (hot lunch served on a two hour flight) – it would have been cool, however, if we could have taken a high speed train on one of the legs so the kids could have had that experience. (We did get to do a 10 minute "Maglev" train ride from the Shanghai airport at 430 km/hr!)

    I actually hope to do the trip again – my younger child is going to take Mandarin and hopefully her Chinese teacher will plan another trip in a few years.
    DrSafety / Adult traveler
    Hudson, OH / Posted on July 10, 2016

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