• Super Educational

    Excellent tour guides, amazing food, fantastic tour destinations, all-around fabulous experience :)
    The only downside was when it took us thirteen hours to get from Munich to Berlin because of traffic (when it should have taken us five), but that wasn't EF's fault.
    I learned so much about the history of the countries I visited and now I'm stoked to be taking AP European History next year with the teacher that took us on this trip. I loved the experience of going to the different historical places, which will make school even more interesting.
    Nicknaame / Student traveler
    Cypress, Texas / Posted on June 26, 2017
  • Amazing Opportunity

    The tour was simply amazing! While it was a little bit physically demanding, I never felt left behind. Our tour director helped to prevent chaos, even when our luggage was delayed due to a late flight. Our Tour directors cheerful attitude made everything better and he made sure to show us all the amazing sights in the cities we visited.
    Panwithaplan / Student traveler
    Burke, VA / Posted on April 17, 2017
  • So Many Countries!

    This is a great trip for students who like to explore areas that are not overrun by a ton of tourists. While Prague was a bit busy, the other countries were not extremely packed. Students had a bus tour in the morning to get acquainted with the cities, and then they were given free time in the afternoon. Suggestions for free time were abundant, and the students went to see things that they had researched before. Dinners were usually meat and potatoes, so we were a little sick of those by the end, but that is what is eaten in Eastern Europe!
    WouldGoAgain / Group leader
    Arlington, VA / Posted on April 17, 2017
  • Beauty of Central Europe

    Great tour, great cities, great guide, and great value.
    timeofmylife / Adult traveler
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA / Posted on March 21, 2017
  • Lifetime Experience

    My 10 day European tour was a lifetime experience!! I enjoyed seeing the beautiful Cathedrals, and the ice cream in Vienna was the BEST!!! Our tour guide was awesome too! I had the best time ever.
    Mod03 / Student traveler
    Augusta, GA / Posted on July 24, 2016
  • Terrific Tour Guide and Bus Driver

    Our tour guide and bus driver, both Hungarian, were terrific! Our tour guide spoke excellent English and German in addition to Hungarian. She was prompt, informative, and always willing to help us with everything, even when we needed to adjust our schedule due to traffic jams and other things out of our control. Her explanations and knowledge of history was terrific. Our boys learned a lot from her. Our bus driver was equally prompt, friendly, and amazing when it came to navigating crowded and tight city streets.
    Lastminutechaperone / Adult traveler
    Cincinnati, OH / Posted on July 20, 2016
  • Amazing trip

    This trip was well worth it you learned so much more than what you had learned in school.
    / Adult traveler
    Laton, California / Posted on July 08, 2016
  • Amazing experience and time!

    This was a great trip filled with lots of rich history and experience. As an adult that has been out of school for awhile this trip was very informative.
    / Adult traveler
    Laton, California / Posted on July 07, 2016
  • Fantastic Fun!!!

    Everything was perfect!! Learned a ton! This is a must do!!
    Perky / Student traveler
    Reno, NV / Posted on April 02, 2016
  • Trip of a Lifetime

    I had an amazing time meeting new people and visiting cities that had incredible history. Our tour guide was fun and full of historical information. I can't wait to see where EF Tours is going next year!
    Sophmore / Student traveler
    Reno, Nevada / Posted on April 02, 2016