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  1. The Perfect Tour of Central Europe

    Our tour was appropriately entitled "Treasures of Central Europe." The itinerary not only offered several jaunts to city centers, castles, cathedrals, bridges, and other historical highlights, but also provided ample time at each destination to allow for informative overviews and personal adventures. We were allowed to discover natural landscapes and parks as an addition to the city's shops and restaurants. The combination of attractions and destinations provided both chaperons and students a fantastic historical perspective on WWII events, events which still impact our government and politics today. Thank you, EF, for your guidance and support in making this one of the best tours I have experienced!
    Figs / Adult traveler
    Butler, WI / Posted on July 20, 2018
  2. Awesome Trip!

    This was great. We had an awesome time. Our tour guide was so much fun and knowledgeable. I will definitely be travelling again with EF tours if possible. There was so much history and culture. I think some of the hotels could be a little better but most of them were fine.
    PW67 / Adult traveler
    Louisville, KY / Posted on July 31, 2019
  3. Not the best

    I was disappointed to hear that the hotels my daughter stayed in were extremely cheap and did not have air was 97 degrees and they were on the 13th floor of the hotel. The windows in the hotels do not have screens and there were bugs everywhere.

    There should be some choices for dinners. Hotel breakfasts were less than desirable.

    The tour guide was good.

    Liked the places visited.

    Group was put with another group from California who were not the most friendly. You would have thought the trip was for the adult chaperones in this group.
    Expensive / Student traveler
    Cranberry Township, PA / Posted on July 12, 2019
  4. Fun but exhausting!

    One of the things that truly made me very excited about this trip was the thought of going to see beautiful things in a continent I had never been to, and doing it with friends from my school. What did I get instead? Two weeks of hot weather, insipid leadership skills from the group leader from my school who barely participated in any of the activities, and a friend that came down with mono :O Yeah, not a pretty picture. Also, I was not a fan of all the walking that we did, and I was certainly not a fan of some of the guided "sightseeing" tours we went on (Vienna and Heidelberg were good, Prague wasn't that great!) But in all fairness, I must give credit to my EF Tour Leader and our bus drivers for getting us where we needed to be in a timely manner, and to all the restaurant employees who had to deal with us dumb American tourists, haha! :D
    Ssjjsisuejs262653353 / Student traveler
    Lewisville, TX / Posted on June 28, 2019
  5. AMazing Experience

    Normally I do not write reviews. However, I feel that it is important to mention that if a child has eating issues (Diabetics) this is not the trip to go on. The two meals included in the price cover breakfast and dinner. Breakfast is left to whatever is at the hotel. Students should be encouraged to take a few items with them because they do not know when they will eat again. There is only one choice for dinner. So someone with issues will have to eat what is provided unless they are gluten or vegetarian. In this case they will get the same meal minus the items that are meat or carbs.
    Overall it was a great experience but food options needs to be better.
    Summer18 / Parent
    Sussex, wi / Posted on July 19, 2018
  6. Awesome!

    The tour was awesome. We saw so many wonderful historical sites. Our tour director was fantastic. Hotels and food were the only things I would ask to improve. Hotels often had no AC and could be less clean than I would expect. The food provided by the tour was not my favorite. However, my son thought it was rather tasty. I did like that we had local type cuisine.
    / Adult traveler
    McDonough, Georgia / Posted on June 18, 2018
  7. Amazing Adventures

    6-countries and 11-cities in 16-days...what an adventure. Very fast paced and travel every 2-days, but all the experiences and venues are worth it. Only 2 of our hotels had air conditioning, along with no fans. So be prepared and pack a travel fan to make yourself more comfortable. We experienced unusually hot temps the entire journey from late May into June.
    Georgia88 / Adult traveler
    Atlanta, GA / Posted on June 15, 2018
  8. Not as great as I remember

    I feel like there was simply too much jammed into too little time. There was no air conditioning in three of the hotels (Berlin, Vienna & Heidelberg). Only the Heidelberg hotel had a fan--the others were miserable and the one in Vienna was in a very bad part of town. The food wasn't very good, but at least it was ethnic. There wasn't enough free time, and there was far too much walking, and the tour guide walked entirely too fast. When we were able to see something, we often had very little time to explore (ten minutes at the Berlin Wall??). I would not take this trip again.
    GAteacher / Adult traveler
    Atlanta, GA / Posted on June 13, 2018
  9. Beautiful and Educational

    I loved our guides and appreciated learning about the places we visited. I enjoy history and felt like I learned a lot. The places we ate had great food. I liked being combined with a few people from another state. It was nice to get to know them and everyone else on our bus. Our bus drivers were great and I especially loved our two week tour guide!
    I would have liked more time in the smaller towns we visited on our way to the main places. It wasn't enough time to eat and explore. I did love going to these extra places though. I enjoyed all our hotels but would have liked air conditioning in all of them. One place had a fan and that was very nice.
    I also would have liked going inside more of the buildings that we visited. The outsides were beautiful but I wished we could see more inside.
    I loved having long periods of free time in the bigger cities. Its easier to do things with smaller groups.
    I would definitely recommend friends to go on this trip. I enjoyed the ferry on the Danube in Budapest at night immensely. It was one of the prettiest things I have seen! I could have done without the ferry boat up to Dilsberg. It was uncomfortably hot!!I would rather have just taken the bus up there. It was a quaint little village.

    I enjoyed my time visiting all the sites. Berlin was my least favorite place and could have only spent one day there. We also stayed extremely far from the main square. I am glad I got to see the Berlin wall but would rather have spent more time somewhere else.
    breezy48 / Adult traveler
    Cedar City, Utah / Posted on August 12, 2016
  10. Never-ending Learning!

    This trip provided an experience for my students that I do not think they would have ever gotten otherwise. I was especially surprised at the quality of the hotels in which we stayed EXCEPT the Hotel Mozart in Austria.

    One of the memories that sticks with me the most is the looks on my students faces as we did the Jewish Quarter Tour in Prague and they were beginning to truly understand what it meant to have 88,000 people murdered in six years and the devastation that has upon the psyche of a country. I truly believe that they now will be able to understand why we must fight against xenophobia and nationalism around the world.

    Our tour director was FANTASTIC. She was so knowledgeable, so accommodating, and such an incredible resource to have on our trip. She went out of her way to give my students the BEST experience they could have in every single country we went too.

    I highly recommend that you take this tour with your students and see them become global citizens.
    / Group leader
    Manvel, Texas / Posted on August 02, 2016

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