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  1. One in a million trip!

    From the time we touched down to the time we took off to leave, I was fully entranced. I think about this trip regularly and reminisce about what an amazing oppourtunity it was. Our tour guide was very fun and even though there were some bumps in the road, he handled them all with grace and made sure we all had a great time!
    InLoveWithParis / Student traveler
    Jackson, MI / Posted on February 21, 2018
  2. Trip of a Lifetime...

    19 days and 87 miles of walking…we saw it all thanks to the exceptional planning of EF TOURS.

    Thank you EF Tours for this exceptional lifetime expedition of Ireland and Great Britain. From our always on the job tour director to the drivers of our coaches, this 19 day educational experience allowed us the opportunity to see a vast overview of this part of the world, experiencing easy access to major attractions and local culture. Now that we know so much about each area, a return trip to our favorites will be so much easier to plan.
    0000 / Adult traveler
    Virginia Beach, Virginia / Posted on July 24, 2017
  3. Stunning

    My favorite part about this tour is how it took you all across Britain and Ireland, getting a taste of multiple major cities and hidden gems all throughout the four countries. Our tour director was great, the places we visited were stunning and we did more than I expected in a two week trip. If there was anything I wanted to cover in an area we stayed in that EF did not tour with the itinerary, we had plenty of free time to explore.
    Travelboy / Student traveler
    Edison, NJ / Posted on July 11, 2017
  4. Fantastic

    I had the time of my life on this trip!! Everywhere we went I felt very safe and involved in the culture. My tour director took very good care of us and we had some very entertaining local guides throughout the trip. EF provided amazing optional excursions as well, one of many was In the Heights in London and I LOVED IT!! There were things for every person and age to enjoy - I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat!
    Georgianna / Student traveler
    Wichita, KS / Posted on July 28, 2016
  5. Britain & Ireland in Depth is Great!

    Rigorous travel schedule that took us all over GB. I had just come off knee surgery so was challenged from the first morning upon arrival with a castle visit and tour. I got better every day as I wanted to see and do everything. We saw and experienced things I'd only seen in magazines or online. Dublin and outlying Ireland were as green as imagined - wet too! Next time I will bring a poncho and just go with it as winds shredded umbrellas. Layers and water repellant shoes are key to comfort - quite different from midwest weather in June. Enjoyed the cooler temps. Scotland was very interesting and Edinburg was everything I imagined - good restaurant choices for lunch and the Harry Potter points of interest was engaging. The smaller Wales communities we stopped in were great for strolling, getting a coffee, and very relaxed. Again, plenty of time to see and do what was on the agenda, i.e. Bath and Stonehenge. As our guide said and repeated often from day one, we were going to be a "well oiled machine" and ready for the big cities of London and Paris. Enjoyed a Fathers Day brunch in a Paris bistro with wife, daughter, and a few adopted boys from our group. Having been blessed to see the big sites of London & Paris, we were able to do some things differently and see both cities in a new light during our free time. Highly recommend this trip to the US based student or adult sponsor/traveler who desires to see a part of the world with significant relevance to our past history in the USA - immigrants, traditions, lore, literature, meals, etc. Discovered greater insights from this trip on how on all this from Wales, Ireland, Scotland, England and Paris have shaped the life I experience now. No doubts - just do this one!
    MochaMan / Adult traveler
    Saint Louis, MO / Posted on December 03, 2017
  6. Unbelievable Tour

    Our tour was AMAZING! I highly recommend starting in Paris and ending in Ireland like we did. I really liked the 17 days which allowed for some personal time. Starting fast paced in the big cities and ending with a more relaxing journey through Scotland, Ireland and Whales was perfect. Our tour guide was fantastic. Great sense of humor and super accommodating to all of us! This was my second EF Tour and I have loved them both!!
    Sparty98 / Adult traveler
    Jackson, MI / Posted on August 23, 2017
  7. Unforgettable Experience

    From the breathtakingly beautiful countryside to the quaint towns and the cultural explosion that is London, every day of this tour was unforgettable for me. I especially enjoyed the many literary connections. I wish I could do it all over again!
    Cindylouwho / Group leader
    Dunbar, Pennsylvania / Posted on August 11, 2017
  8. Good Experience

    Was a good oversight of the countries. A lot of time on the bus. Would like to have broken up some of the long distances with some other short stops especially for personal needs. Our tour guide was fantastic. Very informative, knowledgeable and related well with all the group. Realize the purpose is to keep costs down for students, but would have liked it if we were closer to the big towns to be able to do things in the evenings. Spending the evening in the Hotel playing cards, defeats the purpose of seeing the towns. Some of the meals were repetitive (Sheperd's Pie) Our first bus driver and bus was clean and windows were clean. The 2nd bus had bad windows and limited seating. The 3rd bus did not clean windshield. The bus company provided an new bus very quickly when had bus problems and very much appreciated by all!!
    Know this sounds negative, but only in a few areas. The overall experience was very good. Enjoyed several of the castles and the free time in London. The sheep dog demonstration and Ring of Kerry were excellent. The special tour guides were all very informative and knowledgeable. The London & Edinburgh guides was wonderful. The York guide was informative but walked entirely TOO!! fast in the very crowded streets and resulted in some of our group getting separated.
    The overall experience was well organized and our tour guide really kept everyone on time and kept options open to do other things if time available. Realize this is geared to kids, but need to keep in mind that group leaders and others are not as young and is difficult for them to carry luggage up 2 & 3 flights of stairs in hotels.
    We took our daughter and grand kids with us and they had a great time, and some of their comments are included in this review also.
    littleb / Adult traveler
    Jefferson City, MO / Posted on July 29, 2017
  9. Whirlwind but Wonderful

    This was definitely the trip of a lifetime, we saw and did so much! Because of this, time at each location was bordering on insufficient; however, I understand that it's hard to get so much into such a short amount of time and I was trying to get a lot into my trip. Next time I will focus on one area more in depth rather than more places.

    The experience wasn't by any means perfect -- at one point the bus was malfunctioning and it had to be fixed, resulting in no AC during a heat wave on a crowded bus for the hour it took to fix the problem. However, there was a different bus the next morning to avoid this problem repeating itself. EF was quick to fix problems as they arose: another was a situation at the hotel in London, where the rooming situation was screwed up. the Tour Director called EF and got the situation alleviated.

    Some of the meals were better than others, but knowing that breakfasts and dinners are included is helpful when pricing the trips, despite some of the lackluster meals. (and picky eaters who claimed pre-departure that they eat everything).

    Next trip I will definitely spend more time on the oceanic side in the west of Ireland as well as see more of Scotland (the highlands, Lochness, etc.).
    Globetrodder / Group leader
    Northern California / Posted on July 25, 2017
  10. Good and bad

    The tour was a once in a lifetime experience, we had plenty of opportunities to explore and experience the cultures. Sometimes it felt like things were too jampacked and some of the food was not the best. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed it overall. My group was a bit too large though.
    Eelimu / Student traveler
    Concord, North Carolina / Posted on July 19, 2017

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