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  1. Amazing Experience and a taste of it all!

    The itinerary was jam-packed and allowed for an incredibly diverse and exciting experience. Each day offered so many jaw-dropping sites and scenes, it was hard to keep your head straight! Travelers must be patient with long bus rides between countries and major cities. But, the views and scenery on the drives are wonderful and breathtaking - especially in Switzerland. The only thing I would change would be more time in Prague, more time in Lucerne, and more time in Berlin to explore the major attractions. Also, don't visit Munich on a Sunday because just about everything is closed!
    fortheloveoftravel614 / Group leader
    Austin, TX / Posted on July 07, 2017
  2. Guten Morgen Germany

    Great experience--every place we went was breathtakingly beautiful. Prague and Lucern don't even look real--it's like walking into a postcard. The history of Berlin is the very definition of poignant, and Munich was just fun. And a surprise visit to Lichtenstein, because who doesn't have take a selfie in Lichtenstein on their bucket life? There is nothing like taking a horse-drawn carriage up a snowy mountain to the fairy tale castle of Neuschwanstein. Our tour guide, Daniel, was knowledgeable, organized, fun, and just the right amount of quirk.
    Matry / Adult traveler
    Slidell, La / Posted on May 01, 2017
  3. Once in a lifetime experience.

    Travelling through Central Europe was an amazing adventure. I will never forget how all the countries are interconnected in some way; cultures, architecture etc. Will say this has been one of the best EF tours based on history I have taken thus far.
    CountryBouncer / Adult traveler
    Newark, DE / Posted on April 25, 2017
  4. Definitely worth it

    This was such an amazing experience, where my students got to see how the things we learn in the classroom have real life applications. It was really neat to see the wonder on their faces, as they began to realize where they were.
    sezs05 / Group leader
    Houston, TX / Posted on August 17, 2016
  5. Fantastic Trip and Experience!

    I had such an amazing time on this trip! You really get to see different cultures and got to interact with different people. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable about all the destinations and was very personable. I especially enjoyed the bike tour through Munich because it was something different than a walking or bus tour and you got to see a different side of Munich. I loved being able to visit six different countries in a matter of days (Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and France). The hotels were very nice and the food was delicious. This trip was very memorable and is one that I will treasure forever.
    / Student traveler
    Sand Springs, OK / Posted on July 14, 2014
  6. Would not do again

    Overall I am glad I was able to experience so many places in Europe. The negative was the group was way to large for one guide. He was very stressed most of the time. I did not feel it was organized, his cell phone only worked if he had wifi so he had to borrow someone's on the trip every day. He rushed us along every step of the way and did not plan ahead as far as helping us navigate the metro systems. I will never do another EF Tour again or go on a trip with such a large group.
    RB1a1966 / Adult traveler
    Carmel, IN / Posted on August 21, 2017
  7. trip of a lifetime!!

    this trip was truly a life-changing experience. my tour director was AMAZING, food was local and delicious, outings and excursions were fun and educational, and we had just the right amount of free time. my only complaint is that we did have a few things go awry: bus issues, timing issues, and problems with the hotels were frustrating, but were resolved quickly by EF. overall, an incredible trip where i made lifelong friends and memories for what i would call a very reasonable price.
    wanderluster729 / Student traveler
    Austin, Texas / Posted on August 06, 2017
  8. Trip of a life time

    This trip went smoothly without stress or worry. Every aspect of the trip was fun and educational. I would definitely go back. :)
    Bumble / Student traveler
    Boston, MA / Posted on July 20, 2017
  9. Great Trip

    We went on this tour to get an idea about all the major cities of Germany and to be able to visit Prague, Switzerland and Paris. I would definitely recommend it although the trip was very busy. We visited 8 cities in 12 days, and we were on the move. I was impressed with the tour leaders willingness to show us a lot and even to change plans on the fly in order to get something extra in. Our hotels were adequate but a little off the beaten path, and we were in Europe during a bit of a hot spell and 2 of them didn't have air conditioning which meant for some uncomfortable nights. My suggestion would be to NOT charge for any meals other than the special outings as the food was adequate but didn't add to the experience and often we had to travel somewhere at a specific time just to eat a relatively poor meal. If we were able to just eat all meals on our own we would have probably had more flexibility AND better meals. However, the trip is still awesome for the sheer variety of the trip and exposure to European culture. The different city tour guides were really great at teaching the history. This was particularly true of our tour guide in Berlin and Potsdam. His knowledge was unbelievable.
    SpiderTraveler / Adult traveler
    Concord, NC / Posted on July 15, 2017
  10. Good trip - the kids enjoyed it

    Overall, we had a very nice experience. The EF tour guide was outstanding. The hotels were okay, the breakfasts were good, though all of the dinners were awful. We had schnitzel and rice three nights in a row and it wasn't tasty or enough food. One hotel charged us extra for a pat of butter and some ketchup for our fries. We did not have any vegetables at all with dinner. We had goulash several times with hardly any meat.
    Climber / Adult traveler
    New Windsor, MD / Posted on July 09, 2017

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