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  1. Trip Of A Lifetime

    My 10 day journey, so many words to describe my experience. The trip was amazing, memories of a lifetime. I met so many individuals, from other group that our group connected with when arriving on first day. The monumental places we visited along the way, each day, to the authentic food, as well as the knowledge I gained from the cultural experience in each place visited. This was my third consecutive trip. I started traveling EF TOUR my sophomore year. Now I am a senior.
    Valena / Student traveler
    Cleveland, Tennessee / Posted on March 20, 2018
  2. Guten Morgen Germany

    Great experience--every place we went was breathtakingly beautiful. Prague and Lucern don't even look real--it's like walking into a postcard. The history of Berlin is the very definition of poignant, and Munich was just fun. And a surprise visit to Lichtenstein, because who doesn't have take a selfie in Lichtenstein on their bucket life? There is nothing like taking a horse-drawn carriage up a snowy mountain to the fairy tale castle of Neuschwanstein. Our tour guide, Daniel, was knowledgeable, organized, fun, and just the right amount of quirk.
    Matry / Adult traveler
    Slidell, La / Posted on May 01, 2017
  3. Once in a lifetime experience.

    Travelling through Central Europe was an amazing adventure. I will never forget how all the countries are interconnected in some way; cultures, architecture etc. Will say this has been one of the best EF tours based on history I have taken thus far.
    CountryBouncer / Adult traveler
    Newark, DE / Posted on April 25, 2017
  4. So glad we went

    My group of 18 fell in love with Berlin, Prague, Munich and Lucerne. Our Tour Director was amazing, wish I could have her every time we traveled.
    Berlin is HUGE--we had a ton of down time in the city because we didn't add the Potsdam extension--if this is you, FIND THINGS TO DO AHEAD OF TIME! We were overwhelmed and underprepared. Our local guide in Berlin was AMAZING, clever, funny, intelligent and entertaining. Students got to learn how to use a subway--GREAT experience for them.

    Prague was lovely, not my personal favorite, but great enough I'd visit the Czech Republic again. My students seemed to enjoy it.

    Munich is always a favorite--quintessential Bavaria, ane exactly how most assume Germany is. Lovely pedestrian downtown, but easy to get out of the hubbub if you choose to (as I do.)

    Lucerne is always beautiful, bonus if you get to stay in one of the small villages above the lake--we didn't this time, a shame, last year our village was absolutely what students want to see (and the quiet and seclusion that I crave after so much time in big cities.) Do Mt. Pilatus! You won't regret it (even those afraid of heights--it's spectacular, and the cows with their bells tops it all.
    My favorite was actually our stop in Dresden--quite a charming "old" city.

    2 of my students did flips and other tricks in front of every monument they could and have put together an awesome series of photos--it was great to see students embracing the fantastic sites and making their experiences their own.

    Great balance of planned excursions and free time--best yet.

    As always, a few things would improve the experiences: train travel (and less bus travel), smaller groups, and salad at every dinner :), but overall, I am and have always been very impressed with EF. I have no complaints about hotels or locations, even when away from the city center. It's an opportunity to view REAL life in European countries, to shop like a local, and to see lots en route to the city. EF, over the last 4 years, seems to have taken reviews from tour leaders to heart and have made positive changes.
    FrauW / Group leader
    Posted on August 01, 2018
  5. eh

    we didn’t really do anything and we had a lot of free time. however, they did pack a lot into a small amount of time. for the price i would have liked to do more though. there were a lot of excursions that cost extra money that we were not told about beforehand. very poorly planned.
    ScarlettElizabeth / Student traveler
    springfield, mo / Posted on July 26, 2018
  6. So much More than Expected!!

    This trip had SO Much included. All the sights and experiences could not be accomplished if planning was done on my own.
    Wonderful tour guide who was very attentive to our entire group’s wishes.
    Gmac / Adult traveler
    Morgantown, WV / Posted on July 17, 2018
  7. An Unforgettable Experience!

    My daughter's first trip to Europe could not have gone better. From the first day we registered until the trip was over, the parents and students were kept very well informed. The trip was beautifully organized. The special food allowances for my daughter were met without a problem. The tour guides were excellent as well as the hotel rooms. I would absolutely recommend EF Tours to anyone.
    lovely123 / Student traveler
    Pittsburgh, PA / Posted on July 16, 2018
  8. Great Time

    The trip was an amazing experience! Our tour director was very concerned about us experiencing the culture and how things were done where we were. I personally think the trip was a little too long for my liking. The extra days to Paris made it too much for me but i still enjoyed it and being able to see somethings that i would not have been able to see other wise even though i was a pretty worn out!
    I had some amazing times and some amazing memories to go with it!
    Katnisss / Adult traveler
    Indianapolis, Indiana / Posted on July 14, 2018
  9. Exciting and educational

    My daughter sent pictures and texts daily! She loved the Europe trip. They visited so many amazing places. They started in Germany. Prague was her favorite until they were in Switzerland.... then they ended in Paris!!! I am thankful for a wonderful group that made this trip possible for her.
    Momoftraveler115 / Parent
    Brownsville, PA / Posted on July 09, 2018
  10. Packed Journeys with Fun Events

    Awesome tour, packed with activities, informative guided explanation of history and culture. Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Munich and Lucerne. Expect to walk 5-8 miles daily. This tour is high energy and a lot of fun.
    TravelingMomof2boys / Adult traveler
    Fremont, Ca / Posted on July 09, 2018

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