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  1. Central Europe- WOW!

    My experience on the Berlin, Prague, Krakow, and Budapest Tour was fantastic. EF arranged fantastic local guides, and our tour director was amazing. It was surreal to walk in the shadow of famous historical events. I freaked out like a fan girl when I got to see the location of the Defenestration of Prague, and I had a deeply visceral reaction walking throughout Auschwitz. The tour was full of historical sites as well as plenty of opportunities to delve into local culture and tradition. Poland was especially inviting as the food and people there were most welcoming. The trip was a great balance of fun and solemnity, history and culture. It's especially fantastic for fans of European medieval history or modern history.
    Higgles / Adult traveler
    Houston, TX / Posted on April 17, 2019
  2. Forever memories

    This trip allowed my daughter to experience so many things most people only read about in books. She said it is so hard to describe all the experiences from the cultures of each country, their architecture and details of each of the buildings/cathedrals/ castles.Each country’s currency how different it is from America. The smells of each country and how different it was from the United States. To be able to taste each of countries known dishes and desserts. To learn from the tour guides, to listen how much knowledge they have and how proud of their countries they are (just like us) and they point out each detail. Each tour was made so everyone could hear with ear pieces or head phones so you never missed what each tour was about. It taught her responsibilities of being prompt and patient as she traveled with others. The beauty, the history of each country and to see it with her own eyes she will never forget it. As a parent I was so excited to hear about each day she traveled. I’m so glad and thankful she was able to travel and most of all she said she always felt safe!
    Sassytraveler2019 / Student traveler
    Queen Creek, ARIZONA / Posted on March 26, 2019
  3. Perfect Trip

    We just got back from our trip to central eastern Europe, and I cannot begin to tell you what an amazing experience it was. From start to finish everything about EF was professional and accurate. We loved our tour consultant and our tour director. We had a wonderful experience with our local guide in Berlin who told us fascinating stories of her family through the Holocaust and the Cold War that really made connections with the students. I have led various student groups and this was by far my favorite!
    mrsED / Group leader
    Statesville, NC / Posted on March 05, 2019
  4. My Eastern Europe Adventure

    This tour has by far been the most amazing experience of my entire life! I will never forget the adventures we all had as a group. My tour director has even inspired me to consider going back to Europe to extend my studies at a university. This is all I can think about now ever since it has ended, and I just can't wait to go back!
    JS2002 / Student traveler
    Waynesville, Georgia / Posted on July 10, 2018
  5. Incredible Opportunity!

    This trip was truly incredible. My students were able to experience each of the cultures in which we visited; they were able to learn the history, taste the food, meet locals, and navigate the city by themselves during free time. I will never, ever forget this amazing trip!
    GaTraveler / Group leader
    Alpharetta, GA / Posted on July 05, 2018
  6. Fantastic Time!

    I took this trip with my high school after AP Euro. The tours were informative and enlightning. Both the tour guide and driver that was provided by EF Tours, were a highlight. I would say our bus driver was a group favorite! They provided alot of interesting information and made the trip so much fun. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to go on this trip, would recommend it to anyone considering taking a school trip through EF Tours. Loved the cities we visited, loved the tours/museums, loved the tour guides!
    APEuro1 / Student traveler
    Lincolnshire, IL / Posted on June 10, 2019
  7. Once in a Lifetime Experience

    My first trip to Europe was awesome. The arrangements, the 6 countries, the knowledgeable tour director and local guides created this marvelous experience. Prague and Budapest were truly alluring. Auschwitz and Birkenau were reflective but educational. Our capable driver safely steered us through the beautiful hills of Slovakia to the wonders of Hungary and Austria.
    I would do it over again with EF. Thanks for this opportunity to see the world.
    peewhi / Adult traveler
    Jamaica, West Indies / Posted on April 25, 2019
  8. Great experience.

    Second trip with EF. There will definitely be a 3rd. They take great care of the details, and make traveling abroad a safe & comfortable experience. Our leader has 12 years of experience with EF, is well traveled, and her organizational skills and preparation were top notch. The tour director was professional and very knowledgeable of the region and culture. The luxury busses for day to day travel are very comfortable. If I had one criticism, it would be that the quality of accommodations, on occasion, could be a notch higher.
    Getgoing / Adult traveler
    Newberg,OR / Posted on April 16, 2019
  9. What a cool part of the world!

    This tour was a great experience. Most of these cities are a little 'off the beaten path', and it was fun to bring students to places that they wouldn't necessarily choose to visit on their own. Many of the landmarks we visited were places students had learned about, and as our local guides explained the significance of them, I could see my students realize the importance of what they were seeing.
    TravellingPortlander / Group leader
    Portland, OR / Posted on April 15, 2019
  10. Life changing experience

    Our tour director deserves a raise! She was awesome! The bus driver was an expert. The only thing I can think of is that I had difficulty hearing a few of the local guides. The whisper guides microphone was helpful when we had the opportunity to use them. The hotel in Budapest was noisy with sirens but I live in the country and am not used to that type of noise.
    ford / Adult traveler
    Imlay City, MI / Posted on April 07, 2019

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