• Educational and Fun!

    Traveling to Belize with a group of middle school students and some of their parents was a lot of time. I would recommend this trip because it is activity packed, which is perfect for middle school groups. We traveled with high school groups, and my students interacted very well with the high school students. This tour is a great way to learn about the rich history of the beautiful country, and enjoy fun activities like zip lines, snorkeling, and exploring Mayan ruins.
    MiddleSchool / Group leader
    Fruita, Colorado / Posted on July 20, 2017
  • AMAZING!!!

    This trip was a once in a lifetime experience for me and I absolutely LOVED every minuet of it.
    / Student traveler
    Derby, Kansas / Posted on July 13, 2017
  • Beyond Wonderful!

    Learned so much from guides and adventures!
    Highly recommend for students and adults to learn about nature, history, and art. Loved it!
    BelizeLover / Adult traveler
    McKinney, TX / Posted on July 09, 2017
  • Educational Vacation

    Loved the blend of learning and relaxation. Plenty of firsts and the opportunity to stretch ourselves in a safe and welcoming community. Food was delicious but lacked variety.-one can eat only so much curry chicken and rice!
    FirstTimer17 / Adult traveler
    Mequon, WI / Posted on July 04, 2017
  • Quite an Adventure!

    This tour is full of adventures and activities to enjoy! You get to see and learn about many sites in Belize and end with a relaxing time on the beach in Ambergris Caye! I also highly suggest doing the Snuba dive option! That was my favorite part! Sadly, the Sea Trek was not available during my tour.
    Rusbugus / Group leader
    Lexington, IN / Posted on July 01, 2017
  • Experience of a lifetime!

    This is a vert busy tour, which is what we wanted. We signed up for every optional excursion we could and did not regret it. Our group added the extra day and were able to pick up an extra snorkeling excursion to see the manatees, shark alley and we spent time at the water park. Many of my kids really enjoyed the time spent with the school kids. Traveling during the rainy season, we expected to be overwhelmed by rain and bugs. It really only poured our first night there, the rest of the week was beautiful. The bugs weren't terrible, but we researched beforehand and were prepared for them.
    The 1st and the 3rd hotels were great, the 2nd one, in the jungle, had many activities for the kids, but was very spread out and had lots of bugs! Our tour director was top notch! He really loved his country and did everything to make us love it too. As the saying goes..." You Betta BELIZE it!"
    kvos / Group leader
    Lakeville, PA / Posted on June 30, 2017
  • A mix of physical and relaxation

    I attended as an adult chaperone. This is an amazing trip, but very physically demanding. We climbed to the top of Mayan Temples in 90 degree heat with 90% humidity, swam against the current of the ocean snorkeling, and tromped through sand and mud in the jungle. I would not recommend it for students who are not up for the challenge of heat and activity. I loved that we saw so much and so many new experiences, but wished there was a reflection time for students to discuss what they saw in a 3rd world country and reflect on their challenges and successes on the trip. I would encourage the EF leadership to create reflection time and items for the teachers organizing the event. Since the final few days were at a luxurious resort, I feared that all the lessons on people in poverty and other cultures was lost while basking in the sun in a fancy resort.
    All in all it was an amazing experience I would recommend, but would require reflection.
    AnderCa / Adult traveler
    Elkton, SD / Posted on June 29, 2017
  • Un-Belize-able

    We had an amazing time. Our tour guide and bus driver were the greatest! Zip lining was fun and cave tubing was a great experience. My students loved each and every activity we did!
    SDSpanish / Group leader
    Sioux Falls, SD / Posted on June 29, 2017
  • Lots of Adventure!

    Our tour was great! I loved all the adventure as well as the local history. Our tour guide was the best. The accommodations were good. The food was good, but a little redundant. Same meal offered many times. The trip overall was a trip of a lifetime.
    KN13 / Student traveler
    Tafton, PA / Posted on June 29, 2017
  • Beautiful Belize

    The Best of Belize tour was a fabulous cross-cut of Belizean culture, history, and natural ecosystem. From bustling Caribbean-side city, to Spanish speaking country side, to laid-back island paradise - there was so much to see, do, and learn from. My 24 student travelers had a very complete and fulfilling experience! They came back tired and sunburned, and thrilled to describe the mysteries of the Mayan ruins and the wonder of snorkeling with sharks and sting rays to their friends and families.
    WellBean / Group leader
    Amity, Oregon / Posted on June 29, 2017