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  1. UnBelizeable!!!

    Our guide was so knowledgeable and took good care of us, getting us together on time and informing us of what was to come but not rushed. We saw some amazing sights and had some once in a life time experiences with the kids. It was a perfect tour!
    Morpho / Adult traveler
    Wake Forest, NC / Posted on July 20, 2017
  2. Humbling, Educational, Exceptional Adventure!

    Best of Belize is hands down, one of the best trips I have ever been a part of. Watching the students faces with each new experience was epic. Seeing the country, the people, and the history was life changing for both teacher and students. If you are deciding which trip to take, bump this one to the top of the list.
    GTraveler / Adult traveler
    Downingtown, PA / Posted on July 16, 2017
  3. Phenomenal!!!

    The Tour of Belize exceeded my expectations. After reviewing our itinerary I thought "oh ok, this should be nice" but OH MY WOW!! Snorkeling with sharks, climbing of the Mayan Ruins, cave tubing, survival hikes and fishing... if you love the outdoors and nature this is the perfect tour! I would not change anything about it!
    Mesha / Group leader
    Chicago, IL / Posted on July 05, 2017
  4. Best of Belize

    I was an older, senior "Tag Along" participant as our daughter was one of the adult leaders. Not knowing exactly what to expect, I was very pleased with every aspect of the trip from preparation to clearing customs at the end. EF Tours definitely has their act together. The in-country guide was fantastic, and showed genuine concern for the young adults as to having fun, learning a lot, and being safe.
    Stoney / Adult traveler
    Sherman, Texas / Posted on June 26, 2017
  5. Great trip, phenomenal tour director!

    Really good itinerary made for busy days with lots of activities and minimal transit times between. Cave tubing was a truly unique and memorable experience, as was shark and ray alley. Our TD was INCREDIBLE. Best one I've had...knowledgeable, personable, genuine, humble, funny, and truly cared that our kids had the best experience possible. I can't say enough about him. The kids refused to let him go when it was time for us to depart!
    MarylandTeacher / Group leader
    Baltimore, Maryland / Posted on June 30, 2014
  6. Beautiful Views

    My tour director was very helpful in giving the group information about the places we went to. He was very caring about his love for the country. He changed my perspective about countries who are not industrialized.
    Cecy / Student traveler
    Fort Worth, Texas / Posted on November 27, 2017
  7. Unimpressed with this experience

    For the money spent, the value just is not there. The entire trip we saw garbage/trash everywhere. Unimpressed for the amount of money spent on this adventure.

    Recommend the snorkeling and scuba diving; perhaps come in via a sea cruise with excursions to the area.
    Billy777 / Adult traveler
    PA / Posted on October 03, 2017
  8. Un-BELIZE-able

    What a great experience. This is a more laid back EF Tour. Arrival and straight to the hotel for cool refreshments next to the pool for the evening. Start off with a boat ride down the river the next day with a monkey friend on your way to ruins. Then back to the pool. Zip Lining and the most amazing Cave Tubing ever! Off to your new hotel and more pool time. Early morning and night hikes. More ruins, jungle hike, zoo and butterfly sanctuary. And meeting kids at a local school was the cutest. They love the people that visit them and are very social. Second best part was transferring by 1 1/2 hour high speed boat ride to the San Pedro Island where you spend your last couple days and evenings. Beautiful waters and barrier reef. Snorkeling with nurse sharks, barracudas and eels. All the guides everywhere were friendly, social and knowledgeable. You do so much but have plenty of time to relax in the evenings. A bit slower paced and very enjoyable. The kids in the groups from different locations have plenty of time to form special friendships. And that is one of the most important qualities on the trip!!!
    Belizeable / Group leader
    Beaver Lake, NE / Posted on August 09, 2017
  9. Loved this tour!

    The Belize tour was amazing! From visiting the Mayan ruins to feeding a monkey- there is nothing I would change! My favorite part of this tour was snorkeling and hanging out at the pool. It was so fun to experience this tour with my friends, we all had so much fun!
    Nicole1234 / Student traveler
    Raleigh, North Carolina / Posted on July 28, 2017
  10. Amazing Experience!!

    I had a really nice time on my trip to Belize with the assitance and guidance of our amazing EF tour guide. He was really nice and thorough when informing us, U.S citizens, of the typical lives of Belizeans. The tour was awesome and I love Belize!
    Queen111 / Student traveler
    Chicago, IL / Posted on July 23, 2017

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