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  1. I love Belize!

    I went with my son & his school mates to Belize, it was so beautiful! I can't wait to go back! We did SO MUCH! From hiking to cave tubing to snorkeling to swimming in the Blue Hole to tasting local cuisine and more! If you're on the fence, GO! You won't be disappointed! Our guide was amazing! I can't say enough good things about him!
    Mon1 / Adult traveler
    King George, VA / Posted on June 11, 2018
  2. UnBelizeable Experience

    From start to finish the tour was an incredible experience. Our tour guide was extremely knowledgable about the local area, the historical content related to the area, and took us to the most amazing spots! Thank you EF for organizing such a wonderful experience for our students.
    Tenor23 / Group leader
    Bristol, Vermont / Posted on February 27, 2017
  3. very much fun

    we all had a very good time, the tour guide had a lot of good information and knew the country very well.
    Fivetimer / Adult traveler
    Appleton, Wisconsin / Posted on May 01, 2019
  4. Belize 2018

    Great trip overall, but I would suggest a few things to change.
    1. We had a slow start on day one and wish we could have done a little more.
    2. Way more local guides than we thought. What do you do if there are several local guides? What if they only give a 30 minute presentation? Wish we had the names of all the guides beforehand.
    3. We saw Nim Li Punit, but we all agreed we wanted to see step pyramids.
    Cakes22 / Group leader
    Frederickburg, VA / Posted on June 12, 2018
  5. Amazing Experience

    Our tour guide Nathan was fantastic. Our experiences were always engaging and exciting. Logistics were flawless and everyone felt safe the entire time. We had full days, delicious meals and still a little downtime at the hotels at night. It was exciting and adventurous by day and relaxing by night.
    JTeacher / Adult traveler
    NYC / Posted on April 09, 2018
  6. Jurassic Jungle

    Belize: Southern Discovery is a great trip to introduce kids to the third world. Any ideas of beach resorts and laying out in the sun should be put aside on this tour. You will spend most of your time in the jungle and a one day excursion on the Caribbean Sea. If you are into the outdoors and would like to be submerged in Central American Jungle Adventure then this is the trip for you. Cave tubing is not included on this tour and Belize and New Zealand are the only locations in the world to do it. We decided to add this excursion during dinner of day one and it was the most amazing experience of the tour. A must add if you can work it out with your tour director.
    Flash303 / Group leader
    Portland, OR / Posted on July 03, 2017
  7. Adventure and Education

    1. Visiting the elementary school was a highlight for all the students on the trip. They said it was their favorite thing.
    2. The Jaguar Reef Snorkeling crew was great and the reef we snorkeled on was good. Most students liked this second best.
    3. Monkey river and the hike to hear and see the howler monkeys was the third favorite of the trip for most students.
    4. Swimming in the blue hole and the hike into the cave was fourth on the list of favorites by the students.
    5. The Jaguar preserve hike and waterfall was the fifth most popular activity we did.
    6. The drum lessons were fun for all ages.
    7. The Jaguar Reef Hotel was excellent and the ability to kayak, play volleyball, paddle board, rent bikes was wonderful. The food was amazing and the room/cabins were perfect. The workers there were top notch!
    8. Our tour director and bus driver were superb. The coach bus had air conditioning which was really nice after the hot hikes. Also they always had water for us which was a huge bonus and necessity with the heat and humidity.
    Momofthree / Adult traveler
    Green Bay, Wisconsin / Posted on June 21, 2017

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