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  1. Amazing!!!!!!!!!

    Excellent! Fantastic tour guide from eastern Germany and bus driver from Bavaria. Excellent pair working with our group and this gave everyone involved a new perspective on cultures and perspectives between what was formerly East and West Berlin. Both were very knowledgeable and friendly. The sights and additional side tours were well worth the additional cost. The films to prepare us for the tour to immediately follow and group songs and reader's theatre and extra information about the sights to be seen was well worth the time. Keeping track of everyone in large groups is not an easy task yet the tour guide made sure that we were not lost and gave us lots of pointers to always clearly mark where we were to meet up again when on our own for short periods of time.
    All of Ludwig II's castles are worth seeing.
    Be prepared to physically hike the trail to Neuschwanstein Castle--a reminder about good hiking shoes would help for this one----spectacular views-------
    My favorite was probably the Swiss Evening following the wonderful views at the top of Mt. Pilatus and the cog rail train up the side of the mountain and gondola cars down. The ride on the river to get there was also a scenic tour. The bike ride in Munich was fantastic! The nearly 3 hour riverboat tour on the Rhine was also delightful. I had never seen vineyards and so many old castles together.
    Sissi / Adult traveler
    Anchorage, Alaska / Posted on July 29, 2017
  2. Alpine Dream Tour!

    Best trip ever! Great route/scenes/stops. Limited EXTENDED travel - so we weren't overly cooped up on the bus for hours on end - only 3 days of 4-6 hours travel time each, but with 1-2 hour breaks in nice areas/towns. Perhaps a little too much Schnitzel and French Fries for my liking - but, that's what the kids would eat! Our Tour Director, C.E., was amazing - seemingly "low-key," but always looking to accommodate the varied personalities and preferences on our bus (5 small groups). A challenge she certainly met.
    IMDFrau / Group leader
    Rochester, NY / Posted on July 21, 2017
  3. Amazing European Adventure!

    I have always wanted to travel to Europe, and this was my chance - right after graduation from high school! I am a seasoned traveler already, having visited so many places in the U.S. and even Canada I've lost track, but I've never traveled abroad before this. I was so excited to finally see the areas where many of my ancestors were from. Overall, I couldn't wait to experience the charming cities and beautiful landscapes of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It definitely didn't disappoint! It was a really great experience to immerse myself in the culture, language, and cuisine. I got to put to use what I know in French and of course German and even learn more! Which speaking of, I love to learn and I certainly broadened my knowledge on many subjects during this trip. It's so hard to pick a favorite memory, because I loved every second of this tour! But if I had to pick one, it would be frolicking, playing Frisbee, and relaxing in the Alps above Innsbruck, Austria. Everything was like a dream come true! Thank you, EF Tours - I'll never forget this experience!
    Krissy42 / Student traveler
    Raymond, Maine / Posted on July 13, 2017
  4. First Time International Traveler - Loved It!

    This tour was my first time leaving my home country. I was an adult traveler, going along on the tour with the tour leader, whom I know. The structure of the tour was beneficial for me, as I have never left country. Our tour director and the local tour guides were knowledgeable, and able to address any questions/issues that arose. The only word of caution I have for people considering this tour relates to air conditioning. Anyone used to air conditioning during hot times of the year should be aware that this convenience was present only in one of the hotels we were at. Even there, the air conditioning unit we had was not as powerful as what you might be used to if you come from a place like the USA, where strong AC is a given in most hotels. This did make it difficult to sleep on some of the warmer nights.

    That being said, the tour was a wonderful experience. As a general food-lover, trying different foods in the countries was amazing, and I was in my element as I especially love coffee and chocolate.
    / Adult traveler
    Clark, NJ / Posted on July 12, 2017
  5. Outstanding Experience

    Great tour!
    Out tour director was the perfect guide and a great teacher. Our driver was also wonderful. The students learned a great deal and had a blast.Highly recommend the Sound of Music add on.
    Every day seemed to surpass the previous in terms of breath taking beauty. Already looking forward to our next trip!
    rgnick / Group leader
    Windham, Maine / Posted on July 05, 2017
  6. Great Trip

    This trip went very well for us. We added the Salt Mine tour outside of Salzburg Austria. It was awesome! Students and adults loved it. Also, the Swiss Folklore dinner was very entertaining! My students participated and really enjoyed the yodeling and the horns. We also added two days to our trip to see Berlin and the Berlin Wall. And the Rhineland cruise was wonderful. We saw so many castles and small villages along the way.

    Every day went very well. We were busy but we saw so much. The hotel up in the Alps in Austria/Switzerland was so beautiful and the sites from that high up were breath taking.

    We covered a lot of territory but the cities and towns we saw were awesome. I highly recommend this tour.
    Teacher101 / Group leader
    Curwensville, PA / Posted on July 04, 2017
  7. Trip of a lifetime

    This was a life changing experience, and I'm not just saying that to be cliche. This trip was my first time going overseas and I cried like a baby on the plane to my bestfriend because I was so scared. I had no idea or expections because I honestly didnt know what I was getting myself into. However, what I found I got myself immersed in was a whole new world filled with beauty, culture and history. I had never been more awestruck, surprised, or elated in my life. Every single day was an adventure of a lifetime and it's so hard to pick a favorite moment or city I visited along the way. I cried boarding the plane to Europe out of fear, and I boarded the plane leaving Europe crying out of complete sadness. I didnt want to leave. I wanted to continue to grow as a person and see new and beautiful things with my closests friends. All in all I miss Europe so much and I'd get on a plane right now if I could. To turn down an EF tour would be a mistake.
    SRT27 / Student traveler
    Aiken, SC / Posted on July 22, 2014
  8. Trip of a lifetime

    This trip is one of the best experiences I've had this far. Everything is planned very carefully and we do not have to worry about a thing. The tour director was just amazing. Will definitely travel with EF yours again.
    Ksanben / Adult traveler
    El Paso, tx / Posted on July 01, 2014
  9. Life Enriching Experience for my Teen

    Our son turned 16 the day before his trip. He was very confident and ready to go on this adventure. We provided him with the proper currency, debit card and credit card approved for overseas spending. We also got him an overseas plan for his phone and we was able to access the internet and call/text us and his friends daily. He enjoyed every day of his trip. He spent ten days with kids who he never interacted with in school before and they all formed a wonderful friendship. The bus travel was a wonderful way for them to get around safely and together. Our son told us that they had an amazing tour guide who was extremely informative at all times. The kids never felt lost or confused. They absolutely loved their bus driver who was with them for the entire trip. Our son said that the hotels were all very nice too. The landscape, Christmas markets, castles and landmarks all combined to make this a wonderful experience for our son. His teachers even made a private fb page so the parents could follow along on their journey. Our son said that if his school does this trip again, he would love to go back. The price of the trip was outstanding for what was included. We are all very impressed. Thank you EF Tours!
    MrsCharming / Parent
    York, PA / Posted on December 03, 2017
  10. Trip of A Lifetime

    The trip was amazing and allowed for ideal balance between group tours and free time to explore the cities and countryside on your own. Our tour guide was exceptional and really stepped up to assist me as I have food allergies and it was a challenge to find foods at times. All of the accommodations were top notch. In fact, one of my best moments was looking out over Venice from the balcony of our hotel. I highly recommend EF to anyone seeking a group educational tour experience.
    Tayvost / Student traveler
    Posted on August 25, 2017

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