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  1. Australia/New Zealand

    First of all our tour guide and original bus driver in New Zealand were outstanding, so informative and interactive with our students and chaperones they became like family to many of our group. I found the information and knowledge that they gave to us to be great. We had full agendas nearly every day and it was not overwhelming just enough to fill the day and not become exhausting. The variety of activities and free time was also great. I know myself and the students and chaperones thought that this experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity and will remember it for a very long time!
    poncharello / Adult traveler
    Broadview Heights, Ohio / Posted on May 01, 2019
  2. Awesome Time!

    This trip not only gave me a larger understanding of the world beyond my home but increased my eagerness to explore more of it. I had never been on a trip outside of the United States before this and I could not have asked for a better first experience. The curriculum included something for everyone, whether it was learned about diverse cultures in an immersive context or seeing the natural landscape in the most breathtaking ways possible. The timing for each event was absolutely perfect. We got the most out of each day without wearing ourselves out, and every sight was seen at the optimal time, from the view of the Sydney skyline at sunset to catching the most nightlife in Cairns. With such a packed schedule, there was still time to either relax or venture beyond the pre-planned activities and see the additional sights. For example, my group went on a horseback riding trip, and that allowed us to see extra views of Rotorua from a unique vantage point. I felt safe and happy with all of the directors and group leaders, and all of them were as eager to see all of Australia and New Zealand as we were. Thanks for the trip of a lifetime!
    jrs628 / Student traveler
    Monroe Township, NJ / Posted on July 30, 2018
  3. Awesome and fabulous experience

    This was a magnificent trip for my daughter. She came home full of fun stories and tales of different lifestyles and experience from the other side of the world. She absolutely raved on the local tour guide. The excursions were supreme. This was not only a fabulous cultural and educational learning experience for her but also just down right fun! She felt safe the entire trip yet had freedom to explore with her friends at the same time. I highly recommend this trip and company. I would send her again and again if she wasn't graduating this upcoming year.
    Littled / Student traveler
    Hampstead NC / Posted on July 10, 2018
  4. NZ/AUS

    This was an experience of a lifetime! Our tour director was amazing and our kids learned so much about the cultural differences between New Zealand and Australia; but they also were able to see the similarities and understand the history between the two countries. I will always remember this trip and what it did for myself and the impact it made on my life. Thank you EF and everyone involved in making this trip a success!
    BestTrip / Adult traveler
    Byrnes Mill, MO / Posted on July 02, 2018
  5. JUST WOW!!!!!

    I was extremely anxious about my son traveling so far away from home but I am amazed at how well organized the trip was. The Tour guide (Erica), I was told, was amazing! My son learned a lot, felt safe and secure and felt like the time that they had was maximized by the activities that were scheduled. We are already thinking about the next trip to Italy and Greece next Spring!! Job well done!!!
    njwhitt / Parent
    Antioch, Illinois / Posted on April 02, 2018
  6. WOW!

    This tour was amazing! I never had any problems and EF made the trip go very smoothly and everyone on my tour really enjoyed our time in New Zealand and Australia. This was my first time ever going out of the country and I had an absolutely amazing time!
    nicknamee / Student traveler
    Houston Texas / Posted on May 19, 2019
  7. Great Time!

    I had a great time on this trip! The experience was out of this world. I'm going to Peru next Summer and I couldn't be more excited!
    IzzyJ / Student traveler
    Riceville, TN / Posted on May 08, 2019
  8. Awesome Trip

    It was well organized from the beginning providing all the important information up front about what was included in the trip. We felt comfortable with the schedules, organized activities and downtime. Once on the tour my child loved the entire experience.
    Sugar3 / Student traveler
    Rocky River, Ohio / Posted on May 01, 2019
  9. EF Tours is Great!

    Our son just went to New Zealand and Australia with teacher chaperones. The EF Tour itineraries were so well-organized, and he had a wonderful time! They saw so much in the 9 days they traveled, and we were thrilled that he was able to experience this with a group of friends from school.

    The EF Tours tour guide was phenomenal, my son said he might be the smartest person alive and knew everything about both countries they visited!
    Greatmom / Parent
    Los Angeles, CA / Posted on April 15, 2019
  10. Great Experience Down Under

    Our group of 44 students and 6 adult chaperones had the time of our lives on this trip to New Zealand and Australia. We never had a dull minute and there was very little down time. Each day was packed with exciting adventures and amazing site seeing opportunities. Accommodations were clean and the breakfasts were satisfying. We had so many physical adventures and learned a lot about the lives and cultures of the native peoples of both New Zealand, and Australia. It was an amazing chance to discover how others live their lives and to understand how to live ours better. This is a tour for students. It's not going to be five star hotels and fancy restaurants. It's about the travel. The adventure. This trip met all of my expectations and went beyond in that department. It was an educational adventure like no other and the students and adults who traveled with had a fantastic experience. Our tour director whose name I'm not allowed to use was one of the best I've had in 6 tours with EF. I would definitely return to this trip.
    MrCKC / Group leader
    Los Angeles / Posted on April 15, 2019

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