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  1. One of the best times of my life!

    Going to Greece I thought we would be only learning new things about their culture and not having that much time to have fun and explore by ourselves. But little did I know. When I arrived in Greece I not only got to learn new things every day but I also got to have fun and explore new things about Greece. Being in Greece was one of the best times of my life.
    ILoveGreece1 / Student traveler
    Somerset, New Jersey / Posted on July 30, 2019
  2. fun and interesting trip

    This trip was very fun and lively. The guides were very informative, but some went on a little too far with information. They would spend up to 30 minutes talking to the group in the heat without showing us what we were looking at. But other than that, the trip had lots of good moments of history and information. I learned a lot about Greek history and mythology. The excursions were very fun and I am glad I went to all of them. The cruise was probably my favorite part of the trip, but going to Santorini was not as enjoyable. It was very crowded and most people in my group agreed that it would be better if we could visit the island in the early morning. I know this is a problem that is hard to fix, since it is connected with the cruise line and not EF, but that was the only complaint with the cruise. The trip was very busy and packed with things, but I think it was a tolerable amount. Even though the heat made things hard and sometimes painful, each day had a good amount of sightseeing and rest time. The one thing I did have an issue with was the food. I had expectations of how the food would taste and the level of satisfaction, but I was disappointed in the restaurants and hotels. There was not a meal I enjoyed besides ones I bought myself or ones on the cruise. The food was not good and most people in my travel group did not enjoy it either. We did not think the food lived up for the value of the trip and wished it was better. I have traveled with another tour company before and each meal was very satisfactory and tasteful . My personal opinion is that EF puts food on the bottom of the list for priority. Other than that, the hotels were very nice and there was plenty of time for free time, which everyone in my group enjoyed and looked forward to. I also think spending another day in northern Greece (i.e. Delphi) would be very nice; I enjoyed that region very much. This trip was very fun and I enjoyed spending time with new people exploring Greece and the islands.
    shelbie / Student traveler
    Roswell, GA / Posted on June 30, 2019
  3. An amazing time in Greece

    I cannot overstate how AMAZING the Athens and the Islands tour was. We had an amazing time, and our guide was phenomenal. The part that I was most impressed with was the choice of places to visit. The islands included in the tour were perfectly chosen - each giving us something different and unique about Greece. Highly recommended!!!
    PADean / Group leader
    Pembroke, NH / Posted on April 29, 2019
  4. Life Enriching Experience

    Always a life changing experience every new place we explore!!! This tour did not disappoint, amazing tour directors made this trip exciting and extremely interesting!!! Got to experience so much with the time we had!!! Filled days from early morning until bedtime with local culture and experiences!!! Even with some rain during our tour, I personally was in awe of the places we toured and the amazing welcome we received from all places visited!!!! From the expert tour guides with their depth of knowledge and accepting personalities, to the local people with their warm and inviting acceptance of strangers in their lives!!! Am always intrigued by how different we are as cultures but so very similar we are as humans!!! Thank you to the entire group at EF tours who always provide us with these amazing life enriching experiences!!! The tour you provide are well done from beginning to end with an in between filled with life, learning and enriching experiences!!!
    OpenHeart / Adult traveler
    Edmundston, New Brunswick / Posted on April 24, 2019
  5. Amazing experience

    From the moment we landed in Athens we were off and running- in a great way! The EF Guide we had was beyond amazing and added so much to our -already incredible journey. EF did an amazing job of planning out the itinerary, ensuring we were exposed to the culture through genuine experiences. The history, the sights, sounds, foods, and all that went into our trip made memories that our students will not forget. The education benefit goes beyond the individual. We saw friendships grow from experiences and understandings of culture, societies and people. It is an investment in your child and worth every cent.
    MissingGreeceAlready / Adult traveler
    Cumming, Ga / Posted on April 08, 2019
  6. Amazing

    This trip was absolutely amazing the tour guides were great there’s nothing to complain about.The cruise was also amazing and fun,everything was planned and set out well from our group leader and detours.worth every penny
    Lajefa / Adult traveler
    Massachusetts / Posted on August 09, 2018
  7. Once in a lifetime experience

    I thoroughly enjoyed this tour! My tour director and tour guide put together an amazing trip that made so many positive memories that will stay with me forever!
    Quay / Student traveler
    Knightdale, North Carolina / Posted on July 24, 2018
  8. What great learning experience!

    Our son learned a greater appreciates for other cultures and his own. Naturally, we were concerned for his safety while away, however all the leaders were very experienced and kept us in the loop at all times. We can’t wait to see what next summer has in store!
    GreekExplorerSon / Parent
    Colorado Springs, co / Posted on August 30, 2019
  9. Good value not great plans

    Despite our school's best efforts at coordinating an awesome trip, our tour director was not forthcoming on plans, did not use technology (i.e., WhatsApp) as promised, and was not forthcoming with details. This caused unnecessary anxiety and extra pressure on chaperones to assure students of what was coming not only in the next day but in the next coming hours.
    The tour director did hire excellent archaeologists and historians, but failed to connect with all students. Although EF's goal is to educate and connect, there was not always the depth of relationship building required for a wide range of student interests and background.
    Since we had an additional EF tour from another state, much time was spent on those four students to our 36 students. There was an obvious bias toward an older tour coordinator to our relatively young tour coordinator.
    Finally, the large tour group we were paired with for the last night was two hours late and prolonged an already lengthy night with little sleep. Accommodating other groups at our expense is not appreciated.
    dbcohen / Student traveler
    Austin, TX / Posted on July 23, 2019
  10. Opportunities Abound

    This was an amazing trip! New friends! A brilliant tour guide who was knowledgeable, accessible and fun.! Local guides who are knowledgeable and interesting. Exciting cruise full of activities. Food opportunities that are delicious! I will do this tour again!
    Linsuelin / Group leader
    Portland, Maine / Posted on July 17, 2019

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