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    This trip that I had in the summer of 2019, was one of the most Memorable trip I have had. My EF tour director was funny, happy, and had an overall good feeling to him. He also gave us information about places we had would go by and would test us a bit if we know a thing or two about a place. The places we had went were beautiful and I’m glad they gave us enough time to take pictures. The whole experience was amazing and I wish I could go back.
    Quak / Student traveler
    Dallas, Texas / Posted on July 19, 2019
  2. Life Changing Experience

    I had an amazing, great, wonderful time. It was one of the best things I've ever done in my life! So much culture, history, people, and great food! I loved every moment. I cried when I saw the Eiffel Tower. I never thought I would ever see Europe. I am very grateful and blessed that my friend and colleague asked me to go with her. Every day was a new adventure. Our tour director and local tour guides were very knowledgeable and taught me so much. I honestly have nothing negative to say. Thank you EF for an amazing, eye-opening experience!
    Prell / Adult traveler
    Jeannette, Pennsylvania / Posted on June 29, 2019
  3. Best experience yet!

    My daughter absolutely loved this trip! I’m so glad that she’s had this opportunity to go because I doubt she would have had the experience without it. Honestly, I have no complaints. EF tours set up great places to visit and they were very meaningful to her.
    Aguafria6 / Parent
    Scottsdale, AZ / Posted on March 29, 2019
  4. My daughter had a wonderful experience

    I would highly recommend this company to any parent wanting to send their teenager to Europe. My daughter truly enjoyed her tour. Especially in Amsterdam and Paris. She was constantly on the go and was entertained throughout her trip. Thank you.
    Renees / Parent
    United States / Posted on September 30, 2018
  5. Trip of a lifetime

    This trip provided me with an amazing experience that I would not have been able to get otherwise. The cultures are so unique and fun to learn and it’s really great interacting with the locals. The views and sights are amazing and I never thought I could have so much fun! The local cuisine is also a great way to really experience the culture! I would go again hands down!
    Doglover1 / Student traveler
    Grandville, Michigan / Posted on July 07, 2018
  6. Breathtaking

    From the second our flight got into Amsterdam to the second we stepped on the plane leaving London I enjoyed my time in Europe. The tour gave me an experience that I’ve never had before and it brought everyone traveling closer together. The sights were unlike anything I’d ever seen and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back. From Amsterdam to Brussels to Paris to London, I wouldn’t have changed a thing, but everything changed me and I am so thankful for my experience.
    Makisabel / Student traveler
    Oxnard, California / Posted on July 01, 2018
  7. Life Changing Experience

    One of the highlights of my life! (I used to believe the films that make tour groups look miserable. How stupid I was!) EF Tours took care of every detail, every moment was a wonderful experience, and traveling in a group was way better than I could have ever imagined. The students made great traveling companions, and I can't wait to do it again! I have signed up for three more trips, and am planning on putting together a fourth.
    Sexagenarian / Adult traveler
    Montara, CA / Posted on May 01, 2017
  8. disappointed

    Hotels were too far away. It's one thing for the hotel to be "not in the center", however, it typically took us 40-60 minutes each way to get to and from our hotel, and in Amsterdam the hotel was only accessible by taking the tour bus. Over an 11 day trip, that wasted travel time is the equivalent of at least a full day of sightseeing. Made it very difficult to get a feel for the cities we were visiting.
    Communication and organization was poor. Our first day was supposed to include a "walking tour". This consisted of a brief walk up and down a couple of the main streets of Amsterdam and being told where the shopping was. I did not travel all the way to Europe to shop. We were then left on our own for most of the day while the tour guide went back to the airport to collect the other groups we would be traveling with. If I had been informed that we would have 6+ hours on our own, I would have planned for it rather than wandering around aimlessly.
    Travel group was too big. 50 people is just too many to walk through the streets of a crowded city. The last couple of days our group was smaller (about 35) which was a much more manageable size.
    Local tour guides were very good, knowledgable. Would have preferred more walking tours to see things close up rather than the superficial experience we had driving by on a bus.
    I had the opportunity to travel with another student tour group a few years ago. The difference between the two trips was night and day. Will never travel with EF again.
    QuartetTravelMom / Adult traveler
    Richmond, VA / Posted on July 21, 2019
  9. European Quartet

    Although my tour had some issues, our Tour Director was tireless in problem solving and trying to keep our spirits upbeat. She made 6 trips to the airport when one of our Buddy groups was without their luggage for 2 days! I don’t know where she got the energy because I know she was the last one to sleep and the first one up. Because we had some issues, she included some alternate free activities and extended free time to make up for that and she was amazing and integral to making our trip an overall positive experience. We had some issues with a hotel in Paris that had no AC and didn’t give us a bagged lunch as they promised and she got them to open up the hotel breakfast early so that we could eat before taking the train ho London. Overall we had an amazing time. Yes there were some issues but I don’t think any trip goes completely without issues. Having been on an EF Tour to Italy and Greece, we had some minor issues there as well & the Tour Director was awesome on that trip as well as a great problem solver as well. The sites we saw were beautiful and although the weather was terribly hot in France, our Tour Director made sure we had time to get drinks and included ice cream at dinner. I would recommend EF to anyone. With one of the issues we had that our Tour Director had to problem solve, EF later sent someone to check on us at our next stop to make sure things were running smoothly. That attention to detail was appreciated. Our entire group had a number of food allergies, dietary requirements such as vegetarian and vegans, gluten free and no fish and our Tour Director and restaurants made sure those were accommodated. The restaurants for dinner served really good food. The local guides did a great job explaining everything and the Bus Drivers were pleasant and just nice. One bus driver from Amsterdam bought our whole bus Stroop Waffle cookies because he’s Dutch and wanted us to taste them! Overall my group enjoyed it and many said they would travel with me again on my next trip.
    DisneyT / Group leader
    Jurupa Valley, California / Posted on July 08, 2019
  10. Extremely rushed and unorganized

    I was so excited for this trip, unfortunately I have never been so glad to be home. The tour guide had the whole group literally running through the streets, students were being left behind, people were falling and being injured. The chaperones who were there for free, had their own agenda, not concerned with the safety of the students, seemed quite irritated when parents voiced their concerns. The accommodations in Paris were horrible, unsafe and filthy. This motel should NEVER have been booked!! Safety concerns inside the motel and outside the motel. At this point of the trip, my family and I would have flown home if possible. The planned itinerary was changed several times without consenting the group and the excursions were so rushed it was unbelievable. We were given maybe an hour and a half at Versailles....not only running thru the streets but pretty much running thru every scheduled excursion. It was absolutely ridiculous and uncalled for. I am grateful for the experience of seeing these historical sights, but make no mistake I will never be booking another one of these tours with EF. There were several times that lunches and bathroom breaks we're completely ignored, if you stopped without the group, be prepared to be left behind. No one was able to enjoy and take in any of the sights that we all paid to see and experience....sad.
    / Adult traveler
    Lumberton, North Carolina / Posted on July 02, 2019

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