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  1. My daughter had a wonderful experience

    I would highly recommend this company to any parent wanting to send their teenager to Europe. My daughter truly enjoyed her tour. Especially in Amsterdam and Paris. She was constantly on the go and was entertained throughout her trip. Thank you.
    Renees / Parent
    United States / Posted on September 30, 2018
  2. Trip of a lifetime

    This trip provided me with an amazing experience that I would not have been able to get otherwise. The cultures are so unique and fun to learn and it’s really great interacting with the locals. The views and sights are amazing and I never thought I could have so much fun! The local cuisine is also a great way to really experience the culture! I would go again hands down!
    Doglover1 / Student traveler
    Grandville, Michigan / Posted on July 07, 2018
  3. Breathtaking

    From the second our flight got into Amsterdam to the second we stepped on the plane leaving London I enjoyed my time in Europe. The tour gave me an experience that I’ve never had before and it brought everyone traveling closer together. The sights were unlike anything I’d ever seen and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back. From Amsterdam to Brussels to Paris to London, I wouldn’t have changed a thing, but everything changed me and I am so thankful for my experience.
    Makisabel / Student traveler
    Oxnard, California / Posted on July 01, 2018
  4. Life Changing Experience

    One of the highlights of my life! (I used to believe the films that make tour groups look miserable. How stupid I was!) EF Tours took care of every detail, every moment was a wonderful experience, and traveling in a group was way better than I could have ever imagined. The students made great traveling companions, and I can't wait to do it again! I have signed up for three more trips, and am planning on putting together a fourth.
    Sexagenarian / Adult traveler
    Montara, CA / Posted on May 01, 2017
  5. An AMAZING Experience!

    This was the first student trip I've led with EF and it could not have been a better experience! We had some last minute changes to the itinerary due to security issues beyond EF's control and EF didn't miss a beat. We ended up spending an extra day in Holland and that bonus day was one of the highlights of the trip. Our tour guide Patty became like family and I know many of our students have stayed in touch with her since our return. We saw incredible things, ate great food, and over the course of nine days I got to see our 20 students grow and gain incredible maturity and confidence.
    Two words of advice for other first-timers: the kids needed more sleep than we allowed them. We are going to have to work to enforce lights-out next time. We also received some great advice from a more experienced group leader who encouraged us to make this a no-parent adventure. We were told parents don't love the fast pace and really don't know what they're signing up for (meaning, nine days on a bus with 20 teenagers). Students would also miss out on that feeling of independence if mom is part of the pack. Looking at reviews from other trips, it appears that this advice was sound and it has become a permanent part of our travel planning.
    We are already planning two more trips with EF and I can't wait!
    / Group leader
    Saint Paul, MN / Posted on December 16, 2016
  6. Wondrous Life Experience

    Possibly the best days of my young life this far. Definitely learned more, grew more and weirdly felt right at home. I honestly enjoyed the walking tours more, because I seen more and I felt the fresh air as well as the beauty of each city. My favorite city is Amsterdam without a doubt! Paris is of course STUNNING in every way, but each city is fantastic! They are true definitions of the "melting pot". This experience cannot solely be fathomed in words. My eyes are open and it is just the beginning! Something that stuck with me was a quote from the Anne Frank house, "...All her would-haves are our opportunities" needless to say it's time to seize those opportunities! What a wonderful trip, it will forever be in my heart.
    Jasy / Student traveler
    San Bernardino, CA / Posted on July 03, 2016
  7. Whirlwind of European Cities

    The European Quartet was a whirlwind tour that zipped through the cities of Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, and London. We saw all the major highlights and iconic sights but little time is left to relax and soak in the culture due to a crammed schedule and travel time to and from the hotel. Once in Paris and London, we no longer used the bus and relied on the subways and trains. Plan to walk and walk and walk. My students even joked that the restaurants which we were told were "around the corner" felt like they were 3 miles away. Also know that in Paris and London because there is no bus, your group (after a full day of sightseeing) will have to navigate the subways and then walk
    a distance back to your hotel. As an experienced traveler, this tour with some of the accomodations and scheduling was too rushed or out of the way for my tastes, thus wasting valuable time in transit rather than in the city. Students enjoyed the cities and we had no safetly issues, so that was a plus. Just know that you won't get to the hotel until late at night and there is very little time to do anything else than what is listed on the itinerary. The only "free" time is if you don't do the optional excursions and then your group will stay in the city instead.
    TravelTeacher19 / Group leader
    Georgia / Posted on April 14, 2019
  8. If you or your child has severe food allergies bew

    I am a mother who went on this trip with my child who has 2 major food allergies. We were told multiple times by EF tours that there would be accommodations for her everywhere we went. Well that was not the case. And had I not been there I don’t know what would have happened. Only two dinners went off without incident. One night in France, we tested the “safe food” with our food tester 4 times, which is expensive in itself!, before they brought my child a bowl of roasted zucchini. That’s it. Zucchini. Our tour guide graciously went and personally bought her a meal from down the street that was safe so she could eat. One of our lunch stops was a fisherman village that NO one would serve her!! Even though the menus said gluten free they said they wouldn’t prepare anything. And eating in two truck stops with food allergies isn’t exactly ideal either.
    The point is, if you have a child with food allergies, please please think about this. If your gut feels too good to be true, it is. Considering food is included in our price and she rarely got to eat what was provided, was a big disappointment.
    Foodallergymom / Student traveler
    Indiana / Posted on April 14, 2019
  9. 4 cities/8 days

    Overall the trip was a success and the kids (and parents/chaperones) had a wonderful time. There were a few things that I think could be improved. For instance, the trip is not really 8 nights and 9 days. 1 night is spent on a plane, we didn't leave until 8:30 at night (although this was counted as a day) and we woke at 4:00 to travel home (this was also counted as a day).

    In addition, the dinners are pre-determined and everyone eats the same meal. They were small, marginal at best and in my opinion didn't really represent the city we were in. It seemed like it was about saving money and not enjoying a meal as a group in a large European city. Plus, the restaurants were focused on getting us in and out with poor service the majority of the time because they are getting paid regardless of their service. Most restaurants didn't even serve us tap water because they wanted to make money on the customers needing to order and pay for their own beverages, adding to the traveler's expense. The best meals were those purchased each day which added a considerable amount of expense to an already expensive trip.

    On the positive side, our tour guide that stayed with us all week was wonderful and great with the kids. That was really the best part of the trip.
    sophomoremom / Adult traveler
    Canton, Michigan / Posted on April 11, 2019
  10. Awesome!

    What an amazing adventure!! Lots of neat stops and a great tour director! Enrico is the best!
    Harrypotter / Student traveler
    Lafayette Indiana / Posted on April 04, 2019

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