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Design Madrid’s next hottest restaurant. Then pitch a local restaurant owner on your delicious idea—Shark Tank-style.


Navigate the food stalls of Mercado San Miguel during a market challenge—and maybe snag a few samples along the way.


See if you have the chops to make it as a chef during a hands-on Spanish cooking class. Pro tip: when in doubt, always add more manchego.


Still hungry? Good, because tonight you’re breaking bread with locals over dinner.

And there are eight more incredible days to discover on this Language Immersion tour. Practice your Spanish from Madrid to Barcelona, go gaga for Gaudí’s masterpieces, and get your kicks during a local fútbol game. You’ll return home with the confidence to speak Spanish for one more minute—a souvenir that’ll fit in any suitcase.



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Did you know?

In Madrid, people often shout “talué” instead of “hasta luego,” which means “see you later.” If they’re really in a hurry, you’ll just catch “ta-ló” as they disappear around the corner.