The Place: The Hague, Netherlands
The Challenge: The Future of Human Rights

What happens when you combine a dedication to creating change with a passion for human rights? The Global Leadership Summit in The Hague, Netherlands. This summer, students, teachers, and thought leaders from around the world came together to broaden their perspectives, take risks, and develop new ideas to help change the world.

Watch the Summit unfold

Tasked with rethinking the future of human rights, students used the design thinking method over the course of the two-day leadership conference to create their own solutions to social justice issues all over the world.

Students looked to the past to understand the present.

When we take a look at the most influential leaders in our civilization’s recent history, we see a pattern: with each new generation comes a new style of change-making, as we inevitably learn lessons in the wake of an important event. In this way, our society is always moving and shaking towards a brighter future.

High school sophomore, Ipswich, MA

A sense of global community grew as students from around the world shared their stories.

When one focuses on a single story, and girls’ education is discussed by girls themselves, it’s something entirely different. They deeply understand the issue because they live it. If we want to solve the issue, we should focus on their stories.

High school senior, New York City, NY

After the Summit, students use weShare to share their plans for continuing change at home.

weShare, EF’s personalized learning space, creates a more engaging learning experience by helping students put a more personal lens on travel—before, during, and after tour. After tackling global human rights issues in The Hague, students returned home and used weShare to show us their plans for solving social challenges in their own communities.

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