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  1. Trip of a Lifetime!

    As a parent/chaperon on our trip, I was surprised at just how much fun I had. There were so many options for a variety of interests throughout the trip. Our tour director was AMAZING! She went out of her way to meet each individual traveler's needs and wishes. Her expertise and informative lessons helped me fall in love with both New Zealand and Australia. I can't wait until I have the opportunity to go back!!
    Goebelfam / Adult traveler
    Indianapolis, IN / Posted on July 09, 2014
  2. We had the best time!!!!

    Just came back from a awesome tour of New Zealand and Australia. Could not have asked for a better tour guide! She was very welcoming and very informative and kept us on time to see our various local tours. I loved our time in both countries.
    0617 / Adult traveler
    Longwood, Florida / Posted on June 20, 2017
  3. Totally rad trip

    Had an amazing time in Australia and New Zealand for my first international travel. My group leader was very intelligent and knew a lot about both countries. The excursions were super fun and I made a lot of new friends. Overall want to go on more EF trips!
    Madawg / Adult traveler
    Orlando, FL / Posted on June 19, 2017
  4. Lit!! 10/10 would do again

    Just got back from our EF trip and I miss it so much! It's an amazing experience. You not only get to learn so much about that NZ and Aus history and culture but you also get to meet new people from other areas and states. I highly recommend traveling through EF. Also scored an amazing tour director and gained many friends. Love and miss you "Tigs", you were amazing <3
    Eribooti / Student traveler
    Honolulu, Hawaii / Posted on June 18, 2017
  5. unforgettable, wonderful experience

    Tour of Australia and New Zealand was professionally arranged and organized. The physical features, beauty and amazing cultures of both countries came alive before our eyes. Our tour guides were very knowledgeable and accommodating. The experience was very educational and extremely rewarding.
    montin / Adult traveler
    Tamarac, Florida / Posted on April 12, 2017
  6. Greatest Trip Ever

    This was my first time traveling outside the US and the entire trip was an amazing experience! I'm signed up to do another trip in March, now to London. The confidence I gained and personal growth I experienced on my trip to Australia and New Zeland was priceless and now a whole new world has been opened up to me!!
    Ana1 / Student traveler
    Tucson, AZ / Posted on January 16, 2017
  7. Great Experience

    First and foremost it was an amazing experience our tour guide Adam, was THE BEST OF THE BEST!!! I don't have enough words to price his dedication and his great nature to deal with all of us.
    I was absolutely taken by the beauty of both countries and it was unbelievable GREAT!!
    Mamuchi / Adult traveler
    Gaithersburg, MD / Posted on July 29, 2016
  8. Australia & New Zealand

    This was by far our best EF tour. Our hotels, meals, and EF Tour Director were excellent. As this was a "reunion" tour we united with travelers we had previously shared EF experiences with. Our local guides and drivers were also excellent and added much color, information, and FUN to our trip.
    The great days we spent in Australia and New Zealand far outweighed the long and somewhat exhaustive travel endured to get there and return. Our greatest disappointment about the entire trip was dealing with the primary airline. The inability to gain seating information and make adjustments prior to the trip was extremely frustrating and disappointing.
    MsMel / Adult traveler
    St. Johns, Florida / Posted on July 17, 2016
  9. Phenomenal

    Each day was filled with adventure, there was learning, new friendships made, laughter and excitement. I highly recommend this trip for all ages, truly a beautiful and breathtaking place.
    1aussie / Group leader
    North Port, Florida / Posted on June 29, 2016
  10. Phenomenal Experience

    To begin, I would like to say this is probably one of the most laid back tours I know of. It's not fast paced at all, which makes it totally easier to enjoy your time in an unknown area. I love being able to explore on my own just as much as touring with my group and learning with others, and that's exactly what I got from this experience. There is so much to learn while on this adventure. From the Maori tribe in New Zealand, to the wild dingos on Fraser Island, petting a kangaroo at an animal sanctuary, and even experiencing the Sydney Opera House; there is too many things to name that is worth seeing and doing while on this trip of a lifetime. If I had to name at least one down-side to this trip, it's the time change.. Other than that, I loved it all! This phenomenonal experiance has me definitely wanting to go back and explore more on my own.
    JLamb / Student traveler
    Ponchatoula, Louisiana / Posted on June 21, 2016

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