Promoting your tour & building your group

After you’ve selected your tour, it’s time to start generating interest. One of the best ways to get travelers excited about your trip is to hold parent meetings. But first you’ll need to spread the word.

Tools that EF Provides

Tour Enrollment Page: Build interest in your tour and collect contact information from interested travelers using your own Tour Enrollment Page. It has all your essential tour information in one central location, including your price, tour dates, itinerary and tour videos. Students and parents can read reviews from past travelers, add their name to your interested travelers list and even enroll on your tour.

Your Tour Enrollment Page is a great complement to your parent meeting. Once you've held your first parent meeting, share the link to your Tour Enrollment Page (<tournumber>) with travelers online via Facebook, Twitter, Evite, email, your school’s website and even your class blog. You can also share the link on flyers and posters in your classroom and throughout your school. 

Your online tools: Log into your account at to see a quick snapshot of your group and manage your list of interested travelers. From here, share your Tour Enrollment Page or contact your interested travelers with the click of a button.

Posters: We will send you inspiring posters to generate interest in your tour and to publicize your meetings. Ask your Tour Consultant to send you a poster featuring your destination. 

Day-by-day itineraries: Available online or sent from your Tour Consultant, these informative tour synopses provide colorful photos of your destination, as well as tour and city highlights.

Other ways to spread the word

Enlist the help of other teachers and students 
Try asking your colleagues to assist with planning efforts. If a teacher (or two) turns out to be helpful, perhaps they would make an ideal chaperone.
You can also ask a responsible, outgoing student to serve as a Student Travel Ambassador. Those students can spread the word among their peers and put the experience on college applications.

Invite travelers and parents

Try to bring as many travelers and parents to your first meeting as possible. Some strategies include:

  • Emailing invitations to any interested travelers
  • Speaking directly to travelers that you think might be interested in going on tour
  • Making presentations to both your class and other classes
  • Passing out flyers and itineraries for students to bring home
  • Sending an email or letter to parents inviting them to attend your meeting

Keep the momentum going

Continue to build interest after your initial meeting using your Tour Enrollment Page, follow-up meetings, posters and announcements, as well as help from other teachers and students. Log into your account and use our online tools to maintain contact with your group of interested travelers.

We also suggest holding regularly scheduled meetings through the tour-planning process. You can encourage new enrollments by inviting travelers who have already enrolled and any interested travelers. Keep your travelers excited about your tour by having potlucks featuring food from the locations you’ll be visiting, or watch movies that take place in the cities you’ll be exploring.