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  1. Amazing!

    This trip was amazing!! We had the best time and Italy is so beautiful! Our tour guide Carmelo was the best!!! He was hands down amazing and you could tell he loved this country! The side tours he took us on were breathtaking from San Gimignano to the WW2 Memorial of American Soldiers in Florence. Verona was another one that we loved as well! The Collisium...I don't even have words to describe it! Vatican City was also amazing and so beautiful to see! Venice was a site to see...arriving by water and seeing how it is all connected! The Gondola ride was so much fun! The churches were breathtaking and to me a few didn't even look real. Every part of this trip was amazing!
    MMP2 / Adult traveler
    Valier,IL / Posted on August 01, 2017
  2. Great Tour Guide

    Our tour guide for our Venice, Florence and Rome trip was Antonio. Besides being very knowledgeable, Antonio was superb in meeting our special needs. A few weeks before our trip my wife had fractured her fibula and needed to wear a protective boot on that foot which dramatically slowed down her ability to keep pace with the group. Antonio patiently arranged either to wait for us or arranged taxis for us to take. He even arranged for a wheelchair so that she could visit the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel. He was outstanding in accommodating our special needs. Great job Antonio!
    SrS16 / Group leader
    Elkton, Maryland / Posted on July 10, 2017
  3. Soaked Up Italian Sun, Culture, and History

    As a teacher, it was incredibly rewarding to see our students having so much fun exploring Italy. For many, this was their first trip abroad, and they had a blast seeing new places, trying delicious foods, learning Italy’s rich history, and immersing themselves in Italian culture. As a teacher, I was thankful to have such a fantastic tour guide that effortlessly facilitated all the logistics, so we could enjoy this amazingly rich experience with our students.
    TeacherInItaly / Adult traveler
    Warrenville, IL / Posted on July 10, 2017
  4. Fantastic Trip

    This was my second EF Tour and I had a wonderful experience both times. This recent trip was to Italy and we were very impressed with our tour director and local tour guides. I would encourage anyone to go on an EF tour as it is a fantastic way to see and learn about other countries.
    AggieGirl / Adult traveler
    Greenville, SC / Posted on June 28, 2017
  5. Worth the money

    the tour guide was nice and friendly, the transportation was smooth and comfortable, and the city tours were fun and helpful. As far as the Italian cities themselves, everything was gorgeous and there was something new and exciting around every corner. We had a good amount of free time to get lunch and wander around in the evenings and this is the time that we could really explore and experience the true culture of the cities around us. the food was always amazing and the trip overall was the most fun i have ever had travelling.
    / Student traveler
    Pflugerville, Texas / Posted on June 23, 2017
  6. Guide makes the tour

    Our guide was absolutely fabulous. He was informative, funny, and knew how to team build. He made the whole very high energy trip a pleasure. I also felt very safe with our bus driver. I had read some bad reviews about EF tours but that wasn't my experience. I was very impressed. This tour was a student tour (budget tour) so it was not the higher end in terms of group meals, convenience and sometimes hotels but it was at worst adequate and clean and at best so much more. The local guides were a mixed bag some much better than others but they were all well informed. It was at times very exhausting due to a packed itinerary but well worth it. I wil never forget our tour guide it is clear he loves his job, loves to travel and has a great talent for working with people.
    Smileyface / Adult traveler
    Lutz, FL / Posted on June 15, 2017
  7. Absolutely Worth It!

    Every single part of the trip was so amazing and so well organized! I could not have asked for a better experience! Every single minute of our time was spent trying to see more and more creating absolute enjoyment for everyone. I would do another tour just because of the pure organization and overall joy that the tours and our tour director brought to the group. The money we paid was absolutely worth the trip!!
    MilleMille / Student traveler
    Georgia / Posted on October 02, 2017
  8. What an experience!

    We had a great time learning about every stop on our tour!! Our Tour Director was amazing! She kept everyone engaged and smiling!! She was so excited to share her love of Italy with us. We met people that will likely become lifelong friends and my son was able to get his first taste of travel abroad while gaining a sense of independence. Swimming in the Mediterranean was amazing! Capri was my favorite - I hope to, at the very least, go back there someday! Rome was a very close second! I will cherish the memories of this trip for the rest of my life!!

    The reason I only gave 4 stars is because the Vatican was so incredibly crowded that we were seperated from our guide multiple times - this caused us to miss out on seeing the Sistine Chapel (we were ushered quickly into the back forcing us to miss the murals on the walls). It was so crowded one of the adults in our group was on the verge of a panic attack. If I ever go back, I will steer clear of the Vatican or try to go in the off season.
    / Adult traveler
    Camano Island, WA / Posted on July 27, 2017
  9. Italy tour

    Overall the tour was pretty good with a few exceptions! Our tour guide was great. However, the dinner meals were not good. Some of the dinner decisions were questionable even for an adult let alone high school students. The hotels were fine, we elected to paid the upgraded fee, with the exception of one of them in Rome. It was awful. Mold in the showers, air conditioner not working, dirty sheets and evidence of bed bugs. I will say EF Tours did change our hotel after the first night for the two additional nights we stayed in Rome. However, I feel like EF Tours should of have done their homework before booking the hotel especially since we paid go an upgrade. I was able to find negative reviews online after the fact. I also did not receive any communication from EF Tours regarding the matter.
    Traveler718 / Adult traveler
    NYC / Posted on July 27, 2017
  10. Too hot!

    The heat is intense! It was a great experience but the tour director didn't speak English well enough to give us the proper information. We were misguided a lot on the trip on the information of side events, meals, and even activities. The guides walked extremely fast, it was too hot to go that fast. We had several people within our groups experience heat exhaustion and early signs of heat stroke and one even was escorted to the hospital and still the tour director didn't slow her pace to prevent it from happening. It wasn't until the last day that our group was informed on proper ways to handle the heat (even though we had already figured that out on our own after seeing multiple people have issues thanks to having a few nurses in our group). Overall the sights were lovely but I would have liked to see more in Florence like the statue of David and the Museums, but we didn't have time to do them. There was a lot of walking around the towns which seemed out of the way instead of going straight to the destinations then getting more time to explore on our own. I'm glad I went but I would not recommend doing this trip in the summer. I am from Texas, I work in the heat and the heat was too much for me. The food we found in the towns were lovely but the meals we had for dinner were not so great. We looked up the hotels ahead of time and the 2nd hotel was nothing like it was advertised. It was like something out of the 1940's. The 3rd hotel advertised free wifi but you had to pay for it and even then it was only like 2 bars and you couldn't do anything on it. The hotels were located about an hour away from the towns we were visiting. I feel like if they were closer we would have much more time to explore the towns. Overall this trip wasn't my worst but it wasn't what I would consider great. Rome was amazing and well worth the money for those 2 days, and I wish I could have done more in Florence. Pisa was also worth the extra money, but the rest of the trip was very lack-luster and miserable. I would love to go back to Italy but I think I'll do it on my own time and not with group travel.
    Jannet501 / Adult traveler
    Texas / Posted on July 08, 2017

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