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  1. A Wonderful Adventure!

    This tour is a fast-paced experience, packed with fun and learning all along the way! You'll get to see major world cities as well as small, serene towns. You'll get to visit museums, monuments, markets, and more. Be prepared to keep moving from place to place, though, as there are few opportunities to stay put for more than a day or two. If you are looking to see a wide variety of places in several different countries, then this is the tour for you!
    NHSGlobetrotters / Group leader
    Atlanta, GA / Posted on June 26, 2018
  2. One of the best decisions I've ever made.

    This tour was absolutely incredible, especially the days spent in Italy and Rome. Our tour guide, Mariana, was amazing and her special insight into the culture and languages of the places that we were visiting made the trip even better and more eventful than it would have been otherwise. The hotels in Florence and Rome were set slightly away from the city, but in more rural areas and were incredibly beautiful and an excellent place in their own right. I loved every minute of this tour and would highly recommend it to anyone that loves history, art, or food!
    / Student traveler
    Knoxville, TN / Posted on July 03, 2017
  3. Busy busy busy

    The tour itself covered a lot of destinations and tours. However, too many things were planned for each day. I would have preferred a little more relaxing free time each day. I wish the CEO would stay in the rooms they rent. Completely run down matchboxes. I do’s not like 95 percent of their hotel choices. I would rather spend more money and have room and cleanliness. Super disappointing again.
    nicknama / Adult traveler
    Oregon / Posted on July 31, 2019
  4. Dissapointed

    This was a bad trip, I made this same trip 3 years ago and the quality of this trip was poor, a bad guide, overwalk, bad airline, hotels with no ac, and really short amount of time at tourist places, doubt to travel with EF tours.
    Florespena / Student traveler
    Houston, TX / Posted on July 28, 2019
  5. so many sights

    What an experience, so much history and amazing sights in only two weeks
    thrilled12 / Adult traveler
    seattle, Wa / Posted on July 24, 2019
  6. Could of been better

    I was really upset with this trip, especially because it was my husband first time going to Europe. I expected to have enough time at the tourist places, we spend more time walking to the place instead, & sometimes we were on our own most of the time which I really disliked, it was pointless having a guide & paying for a bus driver. Really different to the trip I had back in 2015, cheap airlines & hotels with no AC, dont know if I will ever travel with EF tours again, Do NOT recommend.
    Rosecherry / Adult traveler
    Houston, Tx / Posted on July 09, 2019
  7. Awful, Never again, Awful guide

    It was an awful experience, we were looking forward to this trip for nearly 2 year, only to be utterly disenchanted. We were in a group of 50 people including students, parents, teachers. The guide we had for the entire 15 days was an incomprehensible, fatuity person. He humiliated, embarrassed, and treated so many of us cruel. If only I had known the terrible nightmare I was putting my family and myself into, I would have never done it, nor had expended the amount of money I did on this trip (nightmare). I would have much rather explore Europe on my own, go to all the places I wanted to go and see. The so call guide seen to be there only to pleased teachers. The teachers that sold us into signing for this trip, the teachers that told us time after time, that we would have so much fun, that we would have plenty of beach days, the same teachers that get to go for almost free. I am so disgusted by teachers dishonesty. The entire trip was run, run, we are late, hurry, get up very early, get back to hotel very late, you have 20 mins to find a place to eat and use restroom, never ending walking every day from morning to evening. We didn't have not one day of fun, or relaxation, or beach to enjoy. All the museums we visited, as a matter of fact pretty much any location we visited was a take a picture and go, no time to explore, much less enjoy. For the money spent on this trip, I could have visit Europe twice and more for the same amount. I telling you all, save your money and go on your own, take your time to explore and enjoy what we couldn't or try a different tour company for your Europe adventure.
    mynameisdiffernet / Adult traveler
    Nashville, TN / Posted on July 03, 2019
  8. We saw it all!

    Loved it and loved our tour director and bus driver! I saw so many things and had the right amount of free time. I would do this again for sure. I would have been ok with one less day in Paris to have one more day in Spain. The train was a great experience as well. LOVED the Hotel Prati. The owners were the kindest people, the location was amazing and the food was some of the best of the trip. Didn't really enjoy either hotel in Rome, customer service was not good and the food was not as good as all the other places. However, this really didn't lessen the experience very much since we spent so little time in the hotels in Rome. Highly recommend overall trip!
    Mikie / Adult traveler
    Murfreesboro, TN / Posted on July 03, 2019
  9. Amazing Experience

    Our group had a Grand Time...Big thanks to our group leader and EF Tour Director!
    QueenD / Adult traveler
    Loreauville, Louisiana USA / Posted on June 29, 2019
  10. Worse that expected

    While I love the time I spent with my Senior and a few close acquaintances this tour was far from what I expected and paid for! The hotel accommodations were often subpar. Most rooms were not very clean, small and didn't have the basic requirements for a multi night stay. The food (which we all had to have the same meal with almost the same thing daily) was definitely horrible. Our tour guide Richard needed anti anxiety meds daily and often raised his voice and made idle threats to leave us at locations bc he felt the kids were being rowdy. Had this not been my last major trip with my daughter before college I would give it 0 stars!!! EF really needs to do better when thousands of dollars are being paid for these trips. I am a travel agent and could have gotten much better accommodations and food had I planned this trip!! NEVER AGAIN with EF Tours!!! Thank goodness for my daughters French teacher (our tour leader) she was the only sanity when things were constantly going wrong!!
    SCMOM / Adult traveler
    Greer, South Carolina / Posted on September 21, 2018

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