• Amazing Experience

    We had an amazing time! We learned so much. The group leaders spoke very good English and were to open to answer any questions about France. I would definitely take this trip again.
    madmor / Adult traveler
    Sunnyvale, TX / Posted on June 24, 2015
  • Incredible Experience

    Hotel stay: Great place within the city limits. Easy access to metro, clean, friendly, new and accommodating.

    Restaurants: Considering it was a large group, the food for dinners was OK - I had better luck finding true French food on my own during lunch or free time.

    Sites and tours: Amazing, as can be expected. Our tour guide, Cedric was the BEST guide I have ever had. He was outgoing, friendly, accommodating, calm, could think on his feet, etc.
    DCTraveler / Adult traveler
    Silver Spring, MD / Posted on June 24, 2015
  • Paris City Tour

    Spent a wonderful 4 days in Paris seeing the sights and another 2 add on days in London. So much fun. I'm sure the four high school girls I traveled with will remember this trip as I do, with fond memories.
    Would have been nice to have a few vegetables with an evening meal occasionally, but otherwise, the food was wonderful.
    Traveller3 / Adult traveler
    Oregon / Posted on April 26, 2015
  • Amazing Experience

    I learned so much while in France. It was amazing and beautiful and so different from home. I already want to go back. I made so many new friends both from other schools on the same tour as well as natives. And staying with a family was the icing on the cake. It was hard at first trying to figure out what each other was saying but we made it work.
    / Student traveler
    Lockport, New York / Posted on April 06, 2015
  • Great Experience

    My time in Paris was absolutely amazing. I had one of the best weeks of my life and my tour guide was amazing. However, when our flight was cancelled I was very disappointed that we missed an entire day and there was no possibility of rescheduling. But the time that I did spend in Paris was a dream come true. I particularly liked the free time we were given to explore the city on our own.
    / Student traveler
    Marysville, Ohio / Posted on April 04, 2015
  • Sweeeeeet

    I reccomend this to every body!! Everything was well planned and worth it!
    Slamzilla / Student traveler
    Lockport ny / Posted on April 03, 2015
  • Great Experience Overall

    I had so much fun while in Paris. It was the trip of a lifetime. One thing I didn't like was the dinners. The first night, we went to a restaurant and were not given any options for dinner, but were served pork and potatoes. I don't eat pork, but I ate it out of respect which put a real damper on the evening. It was not even a good piece of meat. The dinners were not good and I expected much more of my experience in France. One thing I did like was that we were able to go off on our own in the area without a chaperone, and only had to be back at the meeting spot at a certain time. However, when we went to the Louvre, everyone under 18 had to wait in line to get in free with ID, and we waited for 2 hours. We were in the museum for 1 hour and had to eat while there too. We saw the Mona Lisa and that was it, which was extremely disappointing. Overall, it was a great experience and had a ton of fun with my friends.
    Parisian / Student traveler
    Lockport, NY / Posted on April 03, 2015
  • Wonderful

    Left on Thursday, returned early Friday morning. Great trip and an experience that I and the students will not forget.
    Traveller3 / Adult traveler
    Oregon / Posted on March 29, 2015
  • Amazing Experience

    My son enjoyed every single second of his tour to Paris. Apart from some complains regarding the dinner establishments, he had nothing but wonderful things to say about the entire experience.
    Looking forward to the next school trip with EFTours!
    / Student traveler
    Miami, FL / Posted on March 27, 2015
  • Beautiful city

    Overall was an amazing trip. The hotel was not the one given before departure, so the families at home had the wrong information. Since we were an small group we were paired with another, we had to wait on several occasions for then which delayed some of the arrivals and therefore the time we stayed at the locations visited. On one occasion our group was split and two of the 3 adults had to go into Versailles with another group. So one adult had to do the tour with all the kids. The tour guide was wonderful, she was helpful and even offer to do extra things when we had time left. We loved all the places we went to see. To bad the time was so short.
    / Adult traveler
    Miami, Fl / Posted on March 27, 2015