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  1. Trip of a life time

    hmmm...where to start well the trip there was normal but on the way back having international flights and domestic flights back to back is a big mistake we missed our flights from getting into texas, U.S.A. and having to go through customs took forever and we missed our connecting flight back home.
    The trip was amazing our tour guide was the best guide i had ever had he was informative funny showed us the best places to hangout and visit. He was very nice and sweet when helping us with things we did not understand. He also inroduced us to a few locals who shared their knowledge, stories of how when they we're young they remembe soo much of the things that we're happing in the times where there wasn't any big fancy hotels on the beach and such. They show their love for their city.
    The temples and and historic sites were unbelievable, amazing i learned soo much everytime we were taken to a new place of importance and how it played a role in history.
    The traditional mayan food is a must to have.
    Whatever you do dont ask for nachos, burritos, and watever else that is americanized, try the tradional food of that country you will love it.
    Our hotel rooms where very nice.
    If you dont plan on going on to any excursions i suggest walking around the town and enjoying the life. And if you have even more extra time there are great places that have ATV excursions 3-4 hours on ATV's and they take you to the beach( amazing views and photo moments), cenotes where your group only can swim in the waters with fish sepend aa much time as you want there( you will feel refreshed from driving in the heat ) Just Amazing!!
    Oh and when buying things remember you can always bargin the price down you dont always have to buy things from stores, there are also street vendors that are lined up by the historic temples with hand made crafts.
    You will love this tour one of my best!!
    leibee / Student traveler
    Los Angeles, California / Posted on September 13, 2010
  2. Trip of a Lifetime

    This trip was our 30th anniversary gift to each other and it could not have been a more thrilling experience. We enjoyed the culture, the food, and the people very much. Our guides were excellent. The memories we have will never fade.
    lynx / Adult traveler
    Horton, Kansas / Posted on July 31, 2010
  3. Great Time!!

    My daughter had a wonderful experience. Learned a lot about the culture and food. Loved the beach!! Had an incredible time with her friends and met some new friends!
    medic52 / Parent
    Olin, ia / Posted on July 26, 2010
  4. Viva Mexico!

    We took a group of 6 students to Mexico in March and it was a terrific experience. The students were able to use their limited Spanish-speaking skills to order food, ask for directions and when shopping. They were excited to learn so much about Mexico's Mayan history and culture. The hotels were very nice and accomodated the groups well when they wanted to just hang out and talk in the lobby. Their favorite parts were swimming in the cenotes and Xel-Ha. They loved snorkeling with the sea life!
    We felt it was an exceptional value for our 8 days. EF was extremely organized and the tour ran very smooth. I was impressed!
    Cristobol / Adult traveler
    Lee's Summit, MO / Posted on July 26, 2010
  5. Playa del Carmen was the BOMB!

    We traveled thruout the Yucatan, and the experience was spectacular! From Merida and its fantastic architecture to Mayan ruins and cenotes, we were treated to a vast array of Mexican history and culture at its best. For our tour group, our favorite portion of the trip were the days spent at the sparkling beaches of Tulum (with the beach-boy eye candy), water adventures at Xel-Ha, and the bargain hunting for gifts on the streets of Playa del Carmen. Our accomodations were beautiful, and the bus was comfortable and spacious as our transportation. We loved Cozumel and Playa so much that we are planning a girls only retreat there next spring break on our own so that we can spend even more time there. Our adventures really opened our eyes to Mexican culture, and we loved it. Can't wait to get back!
    The Idaho Hot Potatoes!!
    redy4sun / Adult traveler
    Grand View, ID / Posted on July 24, 2010
  6. Incredible Trip: Fun and Educational

    The tour was extremely fun! Not only did I expand my horizons on the Mayan Heritage, I also got to enjoy the excellent traditional Mexican food, beaches, and clubs. It is worth every penny and with fundraising is extremely reasonable for any budget!
    Iowan / Student traveler
    Olin, Iowa / Posted on July 24, 2010
  7. Yucatan Trip

    The trip was an excellent experience for my daughter. She not only had an educational trip, but she got experience traveling without her parents. She had a great time!
    LeadFoot / Parent
    Auburn, ME / Posted on July 23, 2010
  8. A Great Spring Break

    My daughter went to Mexico with her Spanish teacher, a bunch of classmates and their families. She enjoyed the site seeing and trying new food. She did a lot of hiking and shopping. She got to practice the spanish she had learned all year. It is a great way to reinforce those language skills.
    JoyousJ / Parent
    Boise, ID / Posted on July 23, 2010
  9. Good experience

    It was fun to be with my friends for a week. It made me realize how life was without my Mom and Dad. I learned to be independent and do things for myself.
    JJ09 / Student traveler
    Alamo, CA / Posted on July 23, 2010
  10. Awesome trip

    I have been on this tour twice and the second time was even better than the first. Getting out of the "touristy" areas and into the real culture of the Yucatan is an amazing experience. There is so much history to learn about and I am looking forward to my third trip next year. The Yucatan has become my favorite place to visit!
    Tweety / Adult traveler
    Boise, Idaho / Posted on July 23, 2010

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