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  1. The Mediteranean Trip

    I had a fantastic time. I really enjoyed my students, I loved meeting all the other teachers from other parts of the United States, I got to practice my Italian, inspire my students to speak more Spanish. My tour director was very loving and open to all my students. She was patient with all our craziness.
    Julieta / Group leader
    austin, tx / Posted on June 26, 2017
  2. Once in a lifetime!

    This was truly an experience that I'll never forget and also an opportunity that came once. I spent a little over a week with my best friends and in turn also made new friends at the same time. Many people can say they've been to Europe but not many people can say they've been to Europe and made the same memories as I did. Our tour director was amazing and I hope that I can meet him again. I hope everyone can take this tour.
    Moana / Student traveler
    San Diego, California / Posted on April 11, 2017
  3. Italy and Spain

    My students raved about the wonderful experiences that they were able to be a part of. They were amazed at all of the sites that they were able to see and learn about. We as a group had no issues and felt very safe and secure while on the trip. It was fun and exciting to hear from my students how they felt that they could travel alone now and enjoy other cultures from this experience with EFTours.
    / Group leader
    Salt Lake City, Utah / Posted on April 02, 2017
  4. Unforgettable experience

    My students loved this trip! Our tour guide was great! He related with the students and it was really hard to say goodbye. Our EF tour coordinator was always available to make suggestions to help make this trip a great experience. The hotels in Rome, Florence and especially Barcelona were perfect. I choose the more centrally located hotels, for a small price increase, and it was definitely worth it. Be prepared for the Ferry Boat trip to Barcelona. We left Cittavecchia and it took 26 hours to reach Barcelona!! Over all, this trip was an experience of a life time for my students!!
    lcw1 / Group leader
    Buffalo, New York / Posted on March 24, 2017
  5. Amazing Experience!

    I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to travel to the other side of the world at such a young age. Our tour director was amazing and we all fell in love with her. She definitely made our trip the most amazing and memorable experience ever.
    Makayla000 / Student traveler
    California / Posted on August 23, 2018
  6. Ef Tour Mediterranean-Paris

    Everything was fab. But I wish we had 4 days in Rome rather that 3 to 4 in Barcelona. Also, skip the boat ride. Hop a plan to Italy for more time in the city. Boat ride was a lot of wasted time and highly unorganized. Many people were complaining.
    Other than that, tours were awesome and so was the experience!!!
    AuntieB / Adult traveler
    Paris, Kentucky / Posted on July 08, 2018
  7. Spain and Italy

    We absolutely loved our tour! It was a wonderful experience with our family. We will treasure these memories forever! We loved learning so much about the cultures and our tour guide was amazing!
    MakingMemories / Adult traveler
    Richmond, Kentucky / Posted on July 08, 2018
  8. An experience to remember

    Our entire family of four went on this trip because it was so much less expensive than if we'd attempted it on our own, and what an experience it was! We loved the cities and sites we visited, and learning more about the culture and history in each. Being in countries where Spanish and Italian were primarily spoken was part of the adventure for us, too. We had a large group, and it was fun for the kids and for the adults who went--like taking a vacation with your friends! Our guides were also friendly and knowledgeable, making the experience the best it could be. What kept our experience from being 5-star was the group meals (they were either tiny in portions or fair in quality compared to the meals we purchased on our own) and some travel/lodging arrangements (the ferry across the Mediterranean Sea had little for the kids to do except watch TV with the adults at the bar--even the filled pool was closed for reasons unknown; also, some hotel rooms in Spain and Italy resembled run-down, spartan youth hostels--not at all what the websites promised). Overall though, I'm glad our family went on this trip, and I've already signed some of us up for another next year.
    Jen13 / Adult traveler
    Paris, KY / Posted on July 07, 2018
  9. Fantastic Trip of a Lifetime

    As a first time traveler to Europe this was a great experience for me. EF Tours was able to take all the stress of scheduling off of us and they did a great job of packing a lot of things into such a short time. Our guide was great and kept us on schedule and even managed to squeeze in a couple extras for us. Highly recommend EF Tours and hope to make a return trip soon.
    GandD / Adult traveler
    Columbia SC / Posted on June 25, 2018
  10. Experience of a Lifetime

    First and foremost, this was an amazing experience. I was privileged to go on this tour with my 13 year old daughter and I wouldn't trade that for anything. I do understand that this is supposed to be an educational experience and that the kids are supposed to see a lot in the time that they are given but on the reality end of the experience, it was simply too much. There was too much packed into nine days and more often than not the kids were too exhausted to enjoy where they were. We were all rushed from one thing to next throughout each day. I would recommend to scale it back a bit and give the kids more free time to explore on their own.
    KAL2011 / Adult traveler
    Columbia, SC / Posted on June 25, 2018

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