• The trip of a lifetime

    This trip was just incredible. I enjoyed where we visited and toured. All the places we went to were thoroughly beautiful and full of great history. I have no complaints for this tour except for some of the museum tour guides. Some of them were dry and moved quite quick considering i would've loved to enjoy the works of art. But other than that, it was thoroughly enjoyable and am so happy I went on this trip.
    / Student traveler
    Warwick, Rhode Island / Posted on July 29, 2015
  • Scariest time of life

    After Being left behind at a bathroom stall by the group for over 30 minutes, my child experienced the most scariest moment in her life. A total stranger had to find the group. Instead of telling me how great experience this trip was instead she told me about the nightmare. How she sat contemplated life and cried til a waitress and her son helped her. And to top the situation the person in charge response to me when I asked for explanation was" she is almost eighteen hold her to responsibility and we assumed everyone was out of the bathrooms. This is unacceptable. Anything could have happened to my child. Never again will I use or suggest anyone to use this method of traveling. Someone should be held accountable. I worry for students who will take this trip again
    Supermadmom / Parent
    Lowell, Mass / Posted on April 29, 2015
  • Spain Trip April 2015

    My daughter had a wonderful time traveling around Madrid with her school group through EF Tours. These tours are a great way for students to travel and see the world. I would highly recommend these trips for any students.
    Chelle62 / Student traveler
    Lowell, MA / Posted on April 29, 2015
  • amazing

    my son can not wait to go on his next trip with EF tours.
    / Student traveler
    potomac, maryland / Posted on April 13, 2015
  • Wonderful Opportunity

    My son felt like he got so much out of the tour. From the tours to the flamenco dancing to the cooking, he found the experience to be meaningful and fun. I felt like it was a good investment of money; although, for 5 days of touring and 2 days of travel, it was expensive.
    Bananaz / Parent
    Potomac, MD / Posted on April 12, 2015
  • :D

    The sites were really great! I had a really great experience. Our tour guide was really excellent and I would like to have him again.
    Bananaz / Student traveler
    Potomac, MD / Posted on April 12, 2015
  • Great way to see a lot in a little bit of time!

    The overall quality of the experience was good. It was a great way to see a lot in a short time but bordered on being too much. We took the Royal Madrid Tour and I thought the day trips to Toledo and Segovia were good choices but I felt rushed. I would have preferred just spending the balance of the day in those locations. The accommodations were good. The food was good. The tour director was knowledgable and helpful. My biggest complaint is on the flight selection. My group departed from a metro area yet we had 2 connections which made for a very long trip. I understand this was likely more economical for EF but not in the best interest of the group. While in route there was a delay at one of the layovers which caused us to miss our next connection. We were completely on our own to work that out. I would have expected EF to be a resource to help re-book our group.....instead of us standing in line to try to rebook 25 people. All said the experience was good.
    Lala84 / Adult traveler
    Indianapolis, IN / Posted on April 09, 2015
  • Royal Madrid tour

    The tour was packed full and very educational. All the tour guides were wonderful and knowledgeable. The hotels were very nice. Small, because that's the European way, but very nice. Breakfasts were lovely. Dinner was very delicious.. a mix of Spanish and American choices. Just a great experience.
    / Adult traveler
    Indianapolis, In / Posted on April 09, 2015
  • Wonderful Tour Guides across the board

    All of the tour guides we encountered were wonderful, smart, extremely well equipped for the job. It was a wonderful trip and I would highly recommend it. The hotels we stayed in were lovely. Small, yes, but that is the European way. Just lovely.
    / Adult traveler
    Indianapolis, In / Posted on April 07, 2015
  • Real Madrid & beautiful Barça

    Great experience traveling along with my son and his classmates, teachers and parents.
    Our guide Jeffery was wonderful and a priceless resource on the tour
    JRM62 / Adult traveler
    Indianapolis, IN / Posted on April 07, 2015