• Reactive, Not Proactive

    The overall experience was wonderful because we were able to see London and Paris in 7 days, and we were able to see the most amazing places in each of those cities. However, there were so many issues with the organization of the trip. 1) We were not given the final itinerary until we arrived in London, 2) There were periods of time to explore, but with no real guidance of things to do or special places to visit, just go in groups of 3 or more and we'll see you back at designated time, 3) We were late for not only a show at the Royal Shakespeare Company's performance of "Romeo and Juliet" to only see Act 2, but we were not checked in on time for the Eurostar from London and Paris, and there were many disappointed people on our particular tour. Our tour guide seemed to be more reactive to the situations than proactive, in order to prevent these issues from happening. I am so glad to have had the experience to tour these cities, and our group of students were good sports to the issues. I think it could have been a better experience with stronger organization of the tour.
    Liselle / Adult traveler
    Fishers, IN / Posted on July 23, 2018
  • What time is the show?

    EF tours came highly recommended from other teachers who have used them. Unfortunately I will not be able to do the same. The tour guide was a pleasant chap but time was an issue for him. We did an add on to Stratford to see an RCS show but we missed the first 2 acts because the tour guide 1. didn't know when the show started and 2. started us out later than what was on the itinerary. I realize everyone makes mistakes so although disappointed we moved on. The next day we were to go to Paris for two days of sightseeing. Well once again the tour guide mixed things up and we missed the train to Paris, having to take a later train six hours later. once in Paris we almost had a group arrested because the tour guide did not tell us what stop to get off on and unfortunately some people missed the stopped and were picked up by staff and told they had to pay for the entire train trip or be put in jail. The tour guide was not very proactive, instead he was reactive which caused a lot of stress on the adults who were chaperoning. Ef did upgrade some of the events we did, but it didn't cover the stress or time we lost. I will probably look at different tour companies before I use EF again.
    10348 / Adult traveler
    Fishers, IN / Posted on July 21, 2018
  • very nice

    we had the best tour guide ever!! Will was amazing and helpful. Everything we wanted to do, he made happen. Our group had a wonderful and memorable experience!
    Pat123 / Adult traveler
    Michigan / Posted on July 12, 2018
  • Amazing

    It was the highlight of the summer. The EF tour guide was amazing. The journey through the UK was something I will remember for ever. Would have liked to do Paris one of the days. Would have preferred that we visited the O Theater and cut out the show. Standing for 2 1/2hrs after being out all day walking was a bit much but seeing WICKED two days before was the BEST!! My favorite was the Royal Observatory.
    JGBOO / Student traveler
    New Haven MI / Posted on July 06, 2018
  • London/Paris Disappointment

    My daughter worked to save and pay for this trip for one year. The trip was poorly organized by the local lead person in charge of this trip from day one. Many disappointments came from not seeing the historical attractions that were told she would visit. This was a very large investment for my daughter, that she paid for 100% on her own. My daughter was looking for the more cultural and historical experience and that just didn't happen.
    Sizzle / Parent
    Montrose, CO / Posted on June 16, 2018
  • Enlightening and Inspiring

    It would be hard to describe how positive this experience was. The schedule was arranged in a way that maximized the opportunities to visit and learn about the unique features of the setting, and the tour leader was a perfect balance of guide, companion, and teacher for our group of mostly high school students.

    Because of the manner and generosity with which the agency handled a last minute challenge in our group's scheduling, and the quality of the agency's representative who was with us (our tour leader), I would recommend enthusiastically a tour offered by this company and would request this tour leader if at all possible.
    Oldie / Adult traveler
    Stone Mountain, GA / Posted on April 08, 2018
  • it's okay

    For the most part it was okay. Unfortunate choices on the accommodations though. 4 kids to a room was a logistical nightmare. It should never be more than the beds in the room. And layovers between the domestic and international flights of nearly 3 hours was ridiculous. I'm sure these were cost cutting decisions but I'm sure your clients would spring for a few more dollars for better comfort.
    dman22 / Student traveler
    Northville, MI / Posted on April 08, 2018
  • London

    Great time!
    London311 / Adult traveler
    Posted on March 27, 2018
  • Outstanding Trip

    The architecture of the buildings amazed me. How many years they have survived and some even had to be rebuilt after the war.
    Rosebud / Adult traveler
    Eclectic, Al / Posted on March 25, 2018
  • Greatest tour guide ever

    Dionne was awesome! She was extremely well prepared, kind, and willing to help any and all of us have the best possible experience.
    I learned so much and I’m an adult! I can’t wait until the next tour!
    AJSexton / Adult traveler
    Eclectic, Alabama / Posted on March 24, 2018