• Enriching experience!!

    It was an amazing trip. The students learned so much.
    Christy74 / Group leader
    Man, WV / Posted on July 24, 2017
  • Okay

    Most of the time was spent on the bus traveling to different cities; wasn't as immersing as I had hoped. Though, it fit a lot of interesting sites that I wouldn't have thought to go to if I was traveling on my own.
    TRose / Student traveler
    Missouri / Posted on July 21, 2017
  • Ireland, England, Paris

    As a chaperone, I had amazing time. The trip had a good balance of touring and free time to explore. The history and beauty of the region, city and countryside aspects were also neat. It was a excellent way to explore the countries.

    My students sometimes had to sleep on cots or hide a bed couches. I feel that the money that they paid , everyone should have a real bed. If you had to split them up and give someone a single room then do so.

    I loved most of the food, but an effort should be made that some veggie is served at every dinner.
    We had a meal of frozen chicken nuggets and french fries, which was very disappointing.

    The specialized tour guides were a great surprise. They added a lot to our tour of their cities. They all had a fun sense of humor and were a delight.

    Overall, I had an excellent time and learned a lot about these countries. Our tour guide was a blessing and help us when problems arose. She really made the trip very personal.
    Cadillac / Adult traveler
    Hope Mills, NC / Posted on July 19, 2017
  • Enriching and Memorable Experiences

    Such a secure experience without being restrictive. Experienced aspects of these countries I could not possibly have found or done on my own. The history and social commentaries gave context to our explorations. "Free" exploration time was well planned and discussed in advance so we felt prepared for the adventure and could appropriate our time well. Transport was good.
    LoneStarPB / Adult traveler
    Lewisville, TX / Posted on July 16, 2017
  • Learning Trip

    Tour director kept knowledge and information important during the trip. I learned how other countries and cultures are similar and different my culture. Learning the names of places and the significance was great and I learned a lot.
    Raee / Group leader
    Crownpoint, NM / Posted on July 10, 2017
  • Good experience

    At initial tour presentation, we were shown a slideshow of everything we would be doing. You will do this, you will do that, you will see this, you will see that. However we didn't do or see many things. One ex: Proper English tea could have been coordinated anywhere. Dinner w/ group watching Irish dancers/learning to dance, etc. didn't happen. These missed events were not related to safety.

    Felt pressured to add the optional Windsor tour. "everyone else is going but you guys."

    Because our leader was our teacher, we felt like we were being treated like kids/students, rather than paying travelers/customers.

    Daily activities were coordinated well, buses nice, hotels/rooms were o.k. First hotel was in bad shape, toilets didn't flush, run down, too bad we stayed 2 nights in that place. Awful. Rest of hotels were very good.

    The tour was EIW...but we only had 4 hrs in Wales. Kind of misleading. Where's Wales???

    Rushed at Blarney stone...we traveled thousands of miles for a once in a lifetime event, and they couldn't give me 30 seconds to take a picture of my travelling companion?

    Value was "fair" as we slept many to a room, we were forced to tip people a lot, in advance, when we didn't even know whether they would provide good service.

    Scenery was beautiful, but this is a frank review of the tour, not the landscape.
    mycj / Student traveler
    melbourne florida / Posted on July 09, 2017
  • So much to see, so little, very little time

    Looking back at the countless pictures we took, I remembered the tour with joy. The places we visited were well chosen; beautiful and a couple of them, breathtaking.

    The London tour guide was absolutely amazing! Knowledgeable, clear on his instructions, witty and patient. The France tour guide focused so much on the shopping and commercial sites, rather than the history of the places we visited. Our general guide, Ireland and Wales, took us from A to B, but offered little to no information about the places we were visiting. He was, however, respectful and patient.

    I absolutely loved staying in a college dorm. Kudos! But totally hated staying at a hotel surrounded by warehouses and a highway. Nowhere to walk, nothing to see; or to stay at a hotel that was so far from the city, that precious time was spent inside a train back and forth. Loved the site of the hotel in Killarney and Paris, and of course the University dorm ☺.

    Food was decent, except for the day that we got such a small plate, we thought it was the first course and more was coming. Nope! Or the two morning we were not allowed to have a hot breakfast. In front of other patrons, we were told not to get near the hot breakfast and stay within the boundaries of the cereals and coffee. Embarrassing. Felt like a second class citizen.

    Perhaps doing 4 countries in 8 days, is way too much. We were constantly running from place to place with very limited time to truly enjoy the beauty of it all. But, oh beauty everywhere. Thank you! I would hope to suggest to change the time to visit Trinity College to the afternoon, rather than the morning. It was so crowded, that it was almost impossible to appreciate the artifacts. It was in and out. In the afternoon, while we had some free time and we were getting back to the meeting point, we saw that there was no line to enter the museum, very few people around. We wonder, why oh why we did it in the morning!

    The pace was fast...too fast for comfort. So much to see, so little time. However, at the end of the day, and when we look back at all the pictures we took, we are grateful we decided to take the plunge and venture on a tour for young students. I will go back to Ireland and Wales, perhaps London. Definitely not Paris, maybe the south of France. Sadly, probably not with EF Tours.

    Thank you for the opportunity though. Being able to pay little by little for two years and have the entire trip paid off by the time of the tour, was the best feature of EF tours.

    Loved Ireland and Wales!!

    LoveIrelandandWales / Adult traveler
    Port Orange, FL / Posted on July 07, 2017
  • So much Fun!!

    I have to say for the first time out of the country I had a blast!!! Great people, wonderful Hotels, and beautiful sights! Our guide for the trip was fantastic!!!!!!!!!! I am very tired and sore from all the things we did BUT well forth it!! I am looking to do another trip in the next 2 years!
    LALALA / Adult traveler
    Mohnton, PA / Posted on July 05, 2017
  • Surprising and eye-opening!

    The cold temps and untouched beauty of Ireland greatly contrasted the scenes in London and France!
    The Irish people were so kind, welcoming and appreciative of us as American tourists. It was surprising that the sheep outnumber the people! Rugged, green terrain everywhere and no fast food (yay!). It was an eye-opening experience to travel via the "Chunnel", the London Tubes, and the Paris Metro. A highlight for me was definitely the jaunting Cart ride in Killarney. I would have given this tour 5 stars if the food had been better. There was never enough time to seek out great local cuisine AND see the sights... it was one or the other during our allotted lunch times; and the dinners (which were included in the tour price) were nothing special. I was really hoping for some traditional fare from each of our travel destinations.
    HoldTheBus / Adult traveler
    Tucson, AZ / Posted on July 05, 2017
  • Disappointing

    This was my third experience with EF Tours I was so disappointed. The first complaint I have is with our flight to Europe. We left our home destination and had 2 layovers. Due to a weather issue, we got delayed at our first layover causing us to miss our connecting flight therefore causing us to spend the entire night at the airport while our group leader, not an EF Tours representative, booked us another flight. I realize EF has no control over the weather. However, with every connecting flight the chance for a missed flight goes up, and there should have been no reason for a second layover. That issue would have been the worse thing about this trip, and I feel like it all worked out ok. However, our tour director made the whole experience less than enjoyable on more than one occasion, not only for me, but for others in the group as well. For the sake of saving space, I will only list a couple of examples here. The first thing was the total inappropriate use of language to the students on one of our evening coach rides back to the hotel with the use of the "F" word as well as the use of "GD". This wasn't language that was overheard by someone, but language he used while addressing us as a group. The other incident I felt was major occurred when we went to visit the Notre Dame Cathedral. Our tour guide neglected to inform us that there is a dress code that must be adhered to in order to enter the Cathedral. I was fortunate that I happened to wear a dress that day but my shoulders were not covered. Luckily someone in the group loaned me a jacket. This was one of the highlights of the trip and half of our group did not get to enter because our tour guide did not inform us of the dress code! As far as I'm concerned, these two incidents are inexcusable as well as completely unprofessional and well below EF standards. I could give more examples, and I will if you want to contact me. We saw some amazing things and had we had a more professional tour guide, this tour would have gotten a five star rating from me. Just not up to the standards of the previous two EF tours I have been part of.
    Paris17 / Adult traveler
    huntington, wv / Posted on July 05, 2017