• An amazing, engaging experience!

    We were immersed within the culture. All activities/events were packed full of educational experiences!
    doks / Adult traveler
    Appleton, WI / Posted on June 28, 2017
  • Once in a lifetime experience!

    I loved our tour guide! Loved the busy itinerary and adventurous activities!
    fdkfdkj / Adult traveler
    Canton, Texas / Posted on June 26, 2017
  • Room for Improvement

    I enjoyed my time in Costa Rica and the students also had a good time... but there were numerous opportunities for improvement. My pre-trip experience with EF was poor. On several occasions I spoke with someone from EF (after I was actually able to get someone to return my call...) who could not answer my questions. The trip itinerary was vague at best and the packing list provided was generic and did very little towards helping me prepare for the trip. I got my best information using Google.
    Whereas I understand that the itinerary is always just a guide for this type of travel it was disappointing to skip sites that we drove past / reduce the time spent at sites... only to get back to our hotel at 4:00pm. We drove past the Arenal Volcano National Park several times but never stopped (it was on the itinerary). The worse example was that of the kayaking trip, La Fortuna waterfall, and visit to the hot springs. Our itinerary listed these on three separate days but we did all three in a single day (ate a box lunch on the bus= worse meal of the trip). The students would have enjoyed more time than we were given.
    I have been traveling with students for many years and this was my first experience with EF... I was NOT impressed.
    / Adult traveler
    Saint Peters, Missouri / Posted on June 26, 2017
  • Great experience

    We did Discover Costa Rica. It included several physical excursions as well as informational tours. It was non stop and had very little "down time". The food was great, the hotels were ok. We learned about coffee, chocolate, and pineapples. We zip lined, white water rafted, snorkeled, and many other excursions.
    KLCF / Adult traveler
    Houston, TX / Posted on June 25, 2017
  • Great tour

    Overall it was a great trip. The kids had a blast and I really enjoyed the experience. At some locations, the food was sub par, but that was the worst of the experience.
    TheTraveller / Adult traveler
    Hartsville, SC / Posted on June 24, 2017
  • An incredible time!

    The trip to Costa Rica was absolutely amazing. With each and every tour, we got to experience the culture, learn about the agriculture and products, indulge in nature, and experience the country for what it is. Our tour guide met with us nearly every evening to make sure that we knew what time to get up, what time to meet for breakfast, and to make sure that we weren't confused about the next day's activities. No matter what, he made sure that we were experiencing Costa Rica (for example, a volcano we were supposed to visit was too active, so he brought us to a pineapple farm instead), and always gave us a heads-up on what we were supposed to bring for an activity (i.e. close-toed shoes, a bathing suit), and on the way to each activity, let us know what we were to expect. He made sure that we were safe and having fun, and every day was another incredible memory to be made. Not one day did I find myself not having fun or miserable.
    Whenever we had time in between activities, he brought us to different places to help us learn the culture and interact with the locals. We played soccer with some of the children, we went shopping in different villages, and always made sure that we were getting the best out of our tour. He set down the rules and made sure they were enforced, but was also very fun.
    Overall, the trip was incredible, and EF provided me and my tour group an experience that I couldn't get anywhere else.
    noorangepolicy / Student traveler
    Hartsville, SC / Posted on June 24, 2017
  • Was expecting more

    My experience in Costa Rica would have been better had we changed tour guides. Ours didn't fulfill our expectations like we were hoping. We were told one thing but then it never happened. He was also very flirty and lazy. I wish we could have done more water activities like swimming. That I really enjoyed. The waterfall was amazing! White water rafting was also fun. Also, I know it is the custom but the rice and beans was overkill. Thank goodness there was a McDonald's nearby! I feel like it could have been more enjoyable under different circumstances but was not really impressed. I would not have chosen to go during the rainy season. Next time I will save my money for something else!
    MinnieSota / Student traveler
    Minnesota / Posted on June 24, 2017
  • Fun thrilling Eperience

    I would Highly recommend EF tours to a friend that has never been out of the country.
    The8thGrader / Student traveler
    Houston,Texas / Posted on June 19, 2017
  • Fantastic overview of Costa Rica

    What a great way to see so many different parts of the country. A great way to introduce kids to adventure travel since there are so many activities. Also a great destination for first time travelers. Lots of educational info in science and sustainability!
    Dewint / Group leader
    Cache, Oklahoma / Posted on June 19, 2017
  • Beyond Expectation!

    This was the most amazing vacation experience I have ever had! The days were full of activities, learning and inspirational moments from people who reside in the communities. The tour guide was knowledgeable and helpful to the group at all times. The experience was life changing! My appreciation for they way I live and the opportunities I have received makes me very grateful. So happy my child had the opportunity to experience this too.
    pinkpanther67 / Adult traveler
    Bluffdale, Utah / Posted on June 16, 2017